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April 28th, 2009

Hello everyone, it has been a busy spring in the Crystal River/Homosassa area and the fishing has been fantastic. Although, the wind has been blowing for most of the month it hasn't slowed me down at all. The trout fishing has been some of the best we have seen in years. Numerous fish in the 20" range have been taken and a few have made it to the "Gator" trout size of 24" and up. The "foul area" or bombing range off Ozello in the 6 to 10 ft range has been the hot spot. Try using D.O.A. Cal shad tail jigs in the glow color with a 1/8oz chartruse jig head. Another tip for when the water is dirty, especially in that area, is to tip your jig with a small piece of shrimp. The added scent helps the fish key in on your jig and can really help your odds of putting a few more fish in the boat. There are also numerous by catches when fishing this area. Along with the trout you can expect to catch bluefish, ladyfish, black sea bass, flounder, grouper, mackerel and the list goes on....

Cobia have made an appearance, and in the the last week we have caught several while targeting trout and grouper. Having a live pinfish rod rigged and ready to go will usually ensure a strike when one of the beasts come cruising by the boat. These fish can grow to 50lbs or more so don't be under gunned with a rod with 10lb test line. Have a rod capable of holding 30lb line or more to land one of these hard fighting fish.

The grouper bite has been good on the few days we can make it a couple miles offshore. The persistant 15mph winds have made it tough to target these fish consistently. However, trolling plugs have produced several nice keeper gags along with casting plugs in the 6 to 8ft depths. Purple Rapala CD14 has been the magic color. On a recent trip we boated over 50 grouper in 8ft of water. Needless to say my clients were worn out and couldn't believe the strength of those fish. Everyone needs to experience this type of fishing at least once in there life.

The redfishing has been a little off due to the strong East winds. The East wind causes the water to leave the creeks making it difficult to reach the the redfish spots. When the winds do swap around out of the West to Southwest, with a good incoming tide the redfishing has been excellent. A fresh piece of cut pinfish has been the go to bait.

As you can see there is a lot of great fishing going on right now and will continue to do so until the summer heat kicks in. If you have any questions about the area or are interested in booking a charter, feel free to drop me a line. Good Fishin'.....

Good Fishin' Capt. Dan Clymer
Racin Mullet Charters

March 25th, 2009

Hello everyone, spring has finally made it here in Citrus County and the fish are hungry. Since March 1st the trout bite has been on fire and bringing in our limit hasn't been a problem. I have been fishing from 2ft of water on out to 8ft of water to find good numbers of trout. The DOA glow jerk bait, nose hooked on a 3/o live bait hook , is the ideal bait when fishing the shallow hard bottom areas between Crystal River and Homosassa. I prefer the incoming tide. Start a hundred yards or so off the mangrove islands and drift in with the tide to cover as much water as possible. The trout I have been catching in the deeper water have been taken on the DOA CAL shad tails in the glow color on a 1/8oz jig head. For the deeper fish locate grass patches and jig slowly and keep your line tight to feel the strike.

Along with the trout the spanish mackerel have made an appearance. Chumming over rock piles and free lining live shrimp is a sure fire way to produce some of these drag burning speedsters. These fish will continue to migrate along our coast through the next couple of months.

Grouper season is just a couple days away and the conditions are perfect. I had the pleasure of Fishing Captains Dave Lear and Keith Grimes this week of Saltwater Sportsman Magazine. We were doing a shallow water grouper story for an upcoming issue; keep a look out, it should be a good one . With the grouper season being closed for two months I haven't been targeting them, but we needed pictures so I went out to see if anybody was home. Well, I'll Just say we had our limit of six fish in less than 30 minutes. We released them all unharmed and I'll be ready to go get them April 1st. Trolling plugs in 12ft of water produced all the fish.

The trout and grouper fishing is going to be as good as it gets in the coming weeks. Red fishing is getting better each week with the spring tides and the warming water. If your interested in booking a charter or have any questions about the area feel free to drop me a line. Also a special thank you to all my clients for a very busy and special March... Good Fishin'

Good Fishin' Capt. Dan Clymer
Racin Mullet Charters

February 5th, 2009

Hello everyone, and sorry for the delay in the fishing reports! The last several months have been great. However, it's February and probably the least favorite month for fishing but fish can be caught if your willing to adjust to mother nature. Trout and Grouper season is closed and the negative low winter tides make it tough to find Redfish unless you get an incoming tide and a south west wind helping to push water into the creeks.  This has been a rare occasion lately but on days when this does occur the Redfish have been very cooperative and shrimp on a jig head is a best bet.

So, you ask what's left to target; Snapper and Sheephead!

I have been on the water quite a bit and the fishing has been typical for February. What I mean by typical is cold ,windy and some good catches considering the time of year. Since November the mangrove snapper fishing has been spectacular. I have limited out on just about every trip with several in the 12" to 17" range. They are close trip from the boat ramp and one on the top favorites as far as eating fish go.

The Sheephead, another good table fair, require a longer boat ride to the near shore rock piles which are located a couple miles offshore. However, once we arrive I have over 300 different honey holes that will produce some quality fish for you to take home. Shrimp is the preferred bait and we boated over 15 keepers on my last two trips. These fish are spawning right now so I ask just take a few for a meal or two to ensure a few for tomorrow.

Any question or if I can put you on a memorable day on the water please feel free to drop me a " line ".

Good Fishin' Capt. Dan Clymer
Racin Mullet Charters

July 15, 2008

Hello everyone, it's the middle of July and I just wanted to give an update of what's been going on.  First off, the scallops are in season and they are as good as it gets.  Areas west of Mangrove point in 3 to 10 feet of water are producing limits.  The jellyfish have been a nuisance so keep a bottle of vinegar handy or an aerosol can of Right Guard just in case you get stung.  Trout are still deep and I've had no trouble getting my limit on DOA Glow Shad Tail Jigs on the spotty bottom in 10 feet on water. I haven't been Redfishing, but the hot bait has been cut Mullet from what my fellow guides have been telling me. Keep on the outside points in " clean " water and fish the moving tide.  On a fun note I've been spearfishing the shallow rocks on out to 40ft of water and doing really well on Grouper, Mangrove Snapper, and Hogfish. Also, the Goliath Grouper population is in no shortage in our area. I've consistently seen 1 to 15 on EVERY given structure.  If your up to the task, lets wrestle one of those big boys. They make a great picture.  Well good fishing and well see you in a couple weeks...

Good Fishin' Capt. Dan Clymer
Racin Mullet Charters

June 22, 2008

Captain Dan here with the Racin’ Mullet Charters Fishing Report.  It’s the end of June and boy it’s hot. We’re in summer time fishing patterns right now and the fish seem to be following that as well. The Trout are being found consistently in 8 to 12 feet of water. The area that I like to target for the next couple of months is just west of the foul area, off St. Martin’s Keys is known as "the bombing range". D.O.A. Shad Tail Jigs and D.O.A. Terrorize in root beer and glow colors are producing really well. Also, if live bait is your thing nothing beats a cut pinfish tail under a popping cork with four feet of leader to get the job done. Cut the bait in half, use the tail end and off you go. This is a great area to fish this time of year because numerous species can be caught on a single trip. Trout, Bluefish, Black Sea Bass, Grouper, Cobia, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, you name it, it’s all a possibility. The Redfish are on the keys and rocky point bottoms just as usual. Fish the tide accordingly and you will do well. Shrimp, pinfish, artificials like spoons, and walk the dog plugs will put fish in the boat. Also our resident Snook and Tarpon populations are biting well in the rivers. D.O.A. Bait Busters and plugs that resemble Mullet can produce great evening strikes on out going tides. Drop me a line for any other questions and if I’m unable to accommodate you the other members of the Homosassa Guides Association with make sure you have a great day on the water.

Good Fishin' Capt. Dan Clymer
Racin Mullet Charters

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