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Friday, Nov 30 2018

Getting Better...

Much better conditions today and even though the bite was still slow, the Villages team of Larry, Dean and Big Fish Bob did great. I took the guys to the North country and we trolled and dropped on some rocks in that area. Both techniques produced, but the bottom fishing was for sure a bit more productive. Dean had big fish honors with a good one at almost 20lbs and you all did terrific. I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Nov 29 2018

Cold Front Gags...

A good one today with Scuba Steve and the boys and I needed it after putting up a goose egg yesterday. The gulf has dropped over 12 degrees in just a day or so and for a couple of days; one needs to run deep for some action. This is a pretty drastic cold front we just experienced. So, for today we had the weather to run deep and we went to close to 30ft of water. Well, it was a good call and the team caught some really nice gags despite a 25 mile run offshore which I generally do not like to do. Live pig fish were our baits to save the day and great job team... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Nov 24 2018

Grouper Dinners...

A great Saturday on the water with Marilyn and David after a couple days off from the Thanksgiving feast. I took the team to around the 10ft of water range and they had a good one. We jumped around spot to spot catching gags on every stop. Lots of little guys for most of the day, but enough keepers were on to fill out our limit of four nice ones. You both did great and enjoy the goodies... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Nov 22 2018

Happy Thanksgiving...

I want to wish you all and your families a Happy Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for with everything I've been through this year. Many of you helped me get though some tough times and I thank you all. Have a great holiday with your family and friends... I'll see you on the big pond soon... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Nov 21 2018

Father & Son Team...

A really fun day with the Worthington father and son team and wow, did they catch some nice ones. The bite was really slow compared to yesterday, however the bites we had were big fish. It was a fish a spot kind of day, so I had to move around quite a bit. We got them though and big fish was a beauty at 19lbs. You guys did great and I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Nov 20 2018

Birthday Gags...

Happy birthday to great long time friend and client Joe and for his birthday, he and his wife Joanne had quite the day. A little cold front was approaching us for the weather forecast and it had the grouper fired up. We kept a nice easy pace and moved around spot to spot catching some real nice quality grouper. Live baits were the ticket and plenty of grouper sandwiches are on the upcoming menu I'm sure. I thank you both and an outstanding season with you... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Nov 19 2018

Gags & King...

A great start to the week with Bill and Tim on board and the gentlemen did terrific. I took the team offshore a bit to just about 30ft of water and the bite was on. Lots of short gags for the first stop or two, but then the big guys fired up. On one drop Tim lucked in to a bonus king fish, as they are always a fun fight and a drag screamer. A beautiful day and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Nov 18 2018

The Boz team Day 2...

Yes folks it was a good one today and the magical day three mark, after a could front. Always a couple days after a big front passes is generally good and even though yesterday was good, today was great! It was day two with the Bosworth team and we ran on out to 30ft of water for the day. It was a great decision and some of the nicest gags of the year came on board. Most of them came on Rapala x-rap plugs and Bill had big fish honors with one at 21lbs. A couple great days of fishing and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Nov 17 2018

After the Front Gags...

A couple days of rest and a motor service since Wednesday's trip, but it was much needed and the Bosworth team was in town ready to go to war. I always enjoy this grouper of guys and it was grouper on the menu for them. I loaded up with bait and had to run almost 20 miles south to find some clean water to start fishing sine the cold front turned up the bottom off Crystal River. I finally arrived at some some shallow structures and we did well on just three stops. The team secured a fine limit of gags on bait and plugs, and I thank you all so much for the fun time. I'll see you all tomorrow for day two... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Nov 14 2018

Emory's Day...

A great day with Emory on board and this was his yearly grouper trip. Emory's daughter always buys him a grouper trip for Christmas and he comes from Pennsylvania and it's his day of fun. Well, we did fantastic catching close to 30 grouper with a couple being some real nice ones and on the way in, we even picked up a keeper cobia that was on a channel marker. Live pinfish were our baits of the day and with the approaching cold front, it looks like I'll be off the water until Saturday. Great job Mr. Emory and enjoy all the fillets... Capt. Dan

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