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Tuesday, Mar 31 2020

Windy in the Back Country....

It's been a while, but today I had just had Rick on board so we took my little skiff and hit the back country. Rick is an accomplished angler, so we hit the creeks and points for a really good day. Loaded with DOA jerkbaits, we totaled over 20 snook for the day and 5 red fish. The bite was really good and always fun in the back woods. The Wind was whipping ahead of the late cold front we just had, which "may affect the fishing for a couple days", but the fish were really wound up and had a terrific day... Capt. Dan

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Mark and Craig were the team today and it was trout and snook on the menu. We spent the morning jigging up some trout, but the bite was really slow as the wind was calm and the tide was trickling out. The guys grabbed a few keepers, but were eager to get a jump on the snook as was I. So we headed inshore, and got on the action. We totaled 16 snook for the day with a fine limit and released several other. A great day and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Mar 29 2020

Family Snook....

A fun Sunday with my bride and I don't get to do this very often, but it sure is fun when I do. I spent this Sunday with Becky tackling some snook. Since the action is so good right now, I really wanted her to experience the hot bite and she did. We totaled about a dozen nice fish and we released them all to fight another day. She did awesome and the day was absolutely beautiful.... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Mar 27 2020

Crystal River Mango's....

The Hill family was on board with me today and we sure had the weather to go offshore. I loaded the box with 300 shrimp and we headed West. I pulled up to one of the pieces of bottom that was holding fish a couple weeks ago and it was one stop shopping. The team just about put a limit of 30 mango's on ice, plus lots of action with grouper, grunts and hogfish. The kids were great and I thank you all for the super day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Mar 26 2020

Crystal River Slam....

Such a fun day with Jim, Rich and Deanna on board. We were fortunate to tackle the big three with a fine catch of offshore trout and some other goodies on the inside. Rootbeer colored MirrOlure Lil' Jons were the trout flavor today and it sure was a beautiful day - I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Mar 25 2020

Flats Class, Pod Cast....

Today I had the pleasure of working with C.a. Richardson with Flats Class t.v. and did a pod cast for his waypoints radio program. We did the show at Sodium in Crystal River and it turned out great. I talked about my background, fishing and health issues I've had to deal with. I think you all will enjoy it. It will be episode #40 and I thank you all for checking it out.... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 24 2020

Good Snookin'....

Some really good snook fishing with Pat on board today and it sure was a bast. We began the day drifting for trout and he picked up a nice limit using MirrOlure Lil' Jons in 7ft of water. Bourbon was the hot color today. The tide was turning, so it was time to head inshore for the snook. Well, the bite was on and we totaled 22 snook for the day and I think I wore Pat out. He let me pull on a few too and we soon called it a day. I thank you and great job today... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Mar 23 2020

Crystal River Inshore....

Some more fun inshore today with Tom and Willie on board. We stayed on the inside and began targeting trout. Well, the trout bite was very, very, slooooowwwww and not just for us, but across the board for everyone. The team and I worked hard for the keepers we got, but did really well on snook to finish up the day. You guys were awesome and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Mar 22 2020

Spain Family...

A really fun day with the Spain family and we did a little bit of everything. The day started on the rock piles catching some groceries for the family with some sheepshead, grunts and Spanish mackerel. Scott the dad had never caught a grouper and mentioned the night before we fished, if he could catch one. Well, that was no problem at all, as I pulled up to a shallow rock and we made six cast and produced six gags all of keeper size to be released. The day ended with a couple snook and I thank you all for the fun day... Capt. Dan

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The Sandh team was on board today and it sure was a beautiful day. We had a blast trout jigging and really had some hot action. There was over an hour stretch where we had three on at a time and it's great to see so many fish out there. The tide came in and we finished up the day working the points catching some quality snook. I thank you all and I always look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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