Friday, Oct 10 2014

Homosassa Offshore....

My team and I made the 20 plus mile trek offshore Homosassa today and we found the red and gag grouper. David, Charlie and Tom were with me for the day and since the shallow water grouper bite has slowed some, I was ready to hit my offshore hot spots. Our first stop was in 32ft of water and "wow," the red grouper were on fire. I beleive we caught 12 keepers that had to be released and not one gag grouper came aboard. I was a bit worried, but our next stop south; produced our limit of gags. Great grouper action and fast and furious action with grunts, sea bass and a bonus trigger fish made the day. I thank you all for the fun time and congratulations on the fine catch... Capt. Dan

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Follow the birds and you'll find the fish. Well, that's an old saying and it couldn't be more true off Crystal River right now. I had Bill and Karen on board for the day and even tough the grouper didn't want to play today, we had some fun action with jacks, bonito, grunts and mangrove snapper. The inshore grouper locations are tough to fish with the recent "dirty" water and the floating grass is back again; which makes trolling impossible. To make up for the slow grouper bite, we had steady action on the rocks with grunts and mango snapper and for drag screaming fun - the jacks and bonito are hard to beat. Always a great day with you both and look forward to seeing you next time. Here's Bill with a hard fighting Jack crevalle that posed for a quick picture... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Oct 08 2014

Holy Mackerel!!!

Hardly a ripple of the gulf today and we had the weather to go offshore. Buck, Norm and Larry were with me for the day and we were offshore bound. I haven't been to the 30ft range in a while, so that was where we targeted the grouper. We sent down the plugs and Norm hooked up with a smoker king fish to get the day going. The grouper turned on for about an hour, as was to be expected before the tide started hauling in. We caught six fine gags, anchored up and added some grunts to the mix then called it a day. Calm seas, beautiful weather and great fishing - it was an awesome day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Sep 25 2014

Covering Ground...

Not a super hot bite today, but today's team did well and we covered some ground. Mike and Bob joined me for the day and they are new to the area and while we did some fishing; I pointed out some locations and techniques to get them catching fish on their own. We fished from the shallow kelp beds off the channel for trout, the rocks for grunts and snapper and topped off the trip trolling up a keeper gag. The wind and weather haven't been the best the last couple of days and I've canceled some trips; but today was a big improvement. Fall was definitely in the air today and it's going to be a great fall season. I thank you both for a fun day and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Sep 15 2014

Seafood Platter....

A fine mixed bag today and a great family to enjoy it. Hunter, Patrick and Phillip joined me today out of the Plantation on Crystal River for a day of bending the rod. I had a nice "much needed" weekend off to rest up for another long stretch and today, I was ready to go get them. Targeting some red fish on the outer keys on the outgoing tide started our day and the young boys each caught a keeper before the water dropped out - and then headed offshore. The shallow rocks were on fire with plenty of snapper, grunts, small gags and four nice keeper flounder kept us busy through out the day. A fun time and I thank you all for the great trip. Here's Hunter with one of our beautiful Crystal River flounder.. Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Sep 11 2014

Crystal River Good Day....

A fine day on the water off Crystal River today with Bill and Kerry. These gentlemen did very well landing some fine shallow water grouper fishing the 10ft range, and there were some really quality sized gags. While in between the grouper bites, the snapper and grunts kept us busy as well with non stop action. Live shrimp on Hank Brown jig heads were the baits of choice. To wrap up the day, the guys had a fine catch of trout drifting the spotty bottom in the 7ft depth range. A great day and I thank you both for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Sep 10 2014

Back on the Trout....

A very fun day with some great friends and clients of mine, Bill and Nell. This was Bill's birthday trip and he did fantastic. Today's Crystal River charter began on the shallow ledges catching mangrove snapper, small gags and grunts. The husband and wife team put a fine eating catch in the cooler and Bill asked about giving trout a try. I said the trout bite hasn't been all that good from what I've heard, but we'll give it a try. Well, as luck would have it, we made a drift in the 7ft range and caught some fine keeper trout. Watermelon/red flake colored Lil' John's were the baits of choice and they were working fantastic. To finish up the day, the tide was just turning afternoon and we had just enough water to squeeze out a keeper red fish to end the charter. A really good day and I thank you both as always for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Sep 03 2014

Crystal River Fun Day...

It's not to often I get a cancellation, but I did for today's charter and I had the chance to fish with some good friends and do some grouper digging. You would think I would have a bunch of fish in the freezer being a full time guide, but believe it or not - I was down to two fillets. So, for a fun day, I was able to do a grocery run with my great long time friends Randy and Gary and catch some goodies. For today's trip, we fished some shallow rocks for mangrove snapper and also ran to the 30ft range for the grouper. Both locations fished very well and we did encounter many more short red grouper today, but still several nice keepers to go along with them. It was a fun day with some good laughs and bent rods - I thank you both again for the great day... Capt. Dan

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Excellent grouper action just a ways offshore and once again, I had the weather to head West. Bob, Nancy, Bill and David joined me for the day and after a quick stop to catch a red fish, we ran offshore. The mangrove snapper and grunts started our day and the bite was quite good with some fine snapper bending the rods. Live shrimp on Hank Brown jig heads were the baits of choice and they always produce well. The seas were calming and we headed to some low profile rocks I haven't been to in a while and did great. The bite started out slow, but as the tide picked up the gags lit up. The team caught a fine catch of grouper and what a great day. I thank you all for the fun time and look forward to seeing you next time... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Aug 29 2014

Gags, Grunts & Mangos....

A little bumpy out there today on the big pond, but we made a good day of it and had a fine catch. William, John and Cooter were on board with me for the day and we were set to tackle some gag grouper. The winds were up for the morning and after a bait stop on the flats, we hit one of my favorite ledges. The gags were on the feed with the out going tide and we turned one real nice keeper - but a handful of break offs got the best of us on that spot. The rest of the shallow water grouper day was a bit slow with short gags coming aboard and the big ones just didn't want play. The team did catch a nice box full of mangrove snapper and grunts to ensure a fine fish fry for the evening. I thank you guys for the fun time as always and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan

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