Saturday, Aug 22 2015

Homosassa Offshore...

The day of all days to go offshore Homosassa with Bill and Larry on board we headed West. The team and I did try our luck at some red fish for a couple quick stops, but only came up with shorts; so we hammered down to grouper land. We reached the 20ft range and the bite was on. Bill and Larry caught a beautiful mix of grouper, snapper, hog fish and grunts to show for the their efforts. Some fantastic action on the offshore rocks piles and I thank you both for the fun day... Capt. Dan

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A picture perfect day offshore Crystal River with Steve and Frank and all I can can say is "awesome". The bite was incredible in 20ft of water and one stop produced a limit of grouper, mangrove snapper, grunts and some bonus hog fish. The sea's were nice with a slight roll out of the South and it was a smooth ride to the grouper grounds. Live shrimp produced the snapper and live pin fish did the trick for the grouper. I thank you both for a great day and congratulations on your catch... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Aug 11 2015


Probably the nicest day of the grouper season so far to go offshore and Mike and Pat hit it out of the park. This was a fun trip I've been promising these guys and it worked out beautifully. Calm seas and a smooth ride out to the 20ft range. We sent down the live pin fish and it was on. Hefty gags, a keeper red grouper and a bonus hog fish was our catch. The day couldn't have been any better and I thank you both for the great day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 06 2015

Grouper Land...

Finally... Today was the day to go offshore and with almost a week of unfavorable conditions; I don't know who was more excited my clients or me. I had Clell and Bob on board for the day and it was awesome. We made the run to 25ft of water and in 15 minutes the team had their limit of beautiful Crystal River gags. Our next stop, I ran a quick mile to some live bottom and with live shrimp on knocker rigs; the guys had non stop action with mangrove snapper, more grouper and a bonus hog fish. It felt great to have the weather to go offshore and I can only hope it holds for the coming weeks.... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, May 13 2015

Offshore Crystal River...

The day of all days to go offshore and Bill, Henry and Steve hit it out of the park. I met the guys at 8am and we headed West. When I reached the mouth of the river it was like glass, so we made the run to 30ft. I anchored and the day was pretty much non stop action. Live shrimp on knocker rigs kept the rods bent and it was some fantastic fishing. We also caught some blue runners that we used as live bait and landed a 15lb gag grouper on one. It was one of those picture perfect days and I thank you all for the great day... Capt. Dan

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An awesome day with my brother and friends and its been close to five years since we fished together. So for today, we made the run offshore and had a great mixed bag. From trout, grouper, hog fish, Spanish mackerel, etc... we had over 10 different species. The best part of the day was the catch and release gag grouper action and we caught some fine sized gags we took pictures of; before we sent them home. A truly picture perfect day offshore and I thank all you guys for the great day... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Feb 08 2015

Grunt Land & Hogs...

Another beautiful day to go offshore and today's plan with Phil was to try to catch a hog fish and load up on some tasty grunts. We ran offshore to some live bottom in 25ft of water and the bite was on. Every single drop down with a shrimp produced a fish. We went through over 200 shrimp and the grunts were non stop action. When the grunts slowed some, the hog fish moved in and we put three nice hog fish on ice. The grouper action was excellent as well and we released many, many gags and a couple red grouper too. I thank you Phil for two great day of fishing and enjoy all the fish back home... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 21 2015

Flat Calm Offshore...

One of those days when you could have taken a canoe offshore. I had the pleasure of having the Bennett family on board for the day and we were on the sheepshead plan. We fished some of my favorite offshore spots in the 25ft range and did well. The hard running tide was a issue again, but we hung in there with the conditions. Live shrimp on knocker rigs were the baits of the day and we even added a surprise hog fish to the mix as well. The team had a great catch of sheepshead and several were in the 5lb range. A really pretty day and I thank you all for the great time... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Dec 28 2014

Homosassa Offshore Day 2.

Day two fishing the Smith party out of the Homosassa Fishing Club and we trekked it offshore once again. There was not a ripple on the big pond and the conditions couldn't have been more favorable. Lately, "as you can tell," on the days when I can; I'm trying to get a consistent pattern with the offshore hog fish. Hog fish are common fair for spear-fisherman, but not really known all to well to be caught on hook and line. Well, I'm putting my home work in and catching more and more each trip. They are, the absolute best eating fish in the gulf which makes them so sought after. For today's trip, we fished the 25ft range and had some great action. Three hog fish came aboard, along with lots of grunts, sheepshead and some catch and release gag and red grouper. We pulled anchor just afternoon, and finished up the day with a fine Homossassa shore lunch. I thank you all for the great couple of days and here's Geno with one of our beautiful hog fish... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Dec 27 2014

Homosassa Offshore...

What a day to go offshore. I was at the Homosassa Fishing Club fishing the Smith party with fellow Homosassa Guide Association Captains Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt, Johnathan Hamilton, Jody Johnson and Mike Baize. I had Matt, Robinson and Tom on board for the day and we headed West. I ran to some of my favorite high profile rocks in 12ft of water to check on the sheepshead. The sheepshead bite was excellent and we kept about a dozen on the first rock, before we ran to 22ft of water to add some other goodies to the mix. Once we anchored in 20ft of water, the action was awesome. Numerous grunts, keeper sized gags and a beautiful bonus hog fish filled out our afternoon. The guys had a blast and a box full of fish to show for it. I thank you all for the great day and here's Robinson with a beautiful Homosassa Hog Fish... Capt. Dan

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