Saturday, Dec 31 2011

Year End Fun

What a great way to end the year by taking some fantastic young anglers fishing. I had Robert, Mack and Will on board from California today out of Crystal River, for a half day charter and just some fishing fun. It was a catch and release day and we caught an awesome variety of species. While fishing the river, the guys caught mangrove snapper, trout, red fish and lady fish. It was an extremely foggy morning and it took most of the morning for the fog to burn off, but when it cleared, we made a quick run to a couple rock piles for some steady action. The sea bass and grouper gave a good pull on the lines for several stops, but the highlight of the day was seeing a 200lb Goliath grouper swim under the boat in 6ft of water for an unbelievable surprise. The boys counted over 30 fish and it was the best fishing day they have experienced. I thank you all for a great time and ending the year on a perfect day. Here's Mack and Will with a double header sea bass catch... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Dec 28 2011

Crystal River Cold Front

I'm sure you've heard the expression "We went fishing, not catching" and as a fishing guide, sometimes even the best of us have a tough day. Well, today was one for me. I had some of my great regular clients on board, Gene and Linda and we gave it our best after the last nights frigid cold front. Having to stay in the safety of the river due to the high winds, we only managed short trout and red fish for our afternoon charter. It seemed to be the same story with the other anglers and guides I talked to, but these type of days make us appreciate the good ones. I thank you both for all the hard efforts today and we'll get them next time. Here's Linda with her first red fish, just under the 18" mark'; congratulations... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Dec 21 2011

Mrs. Crystal River Redfish

Today was a fun day I don't get to do very often. The wife and I went exploring and we found some new places and several red fish deep in the back country. We planned today's trip around the incoming tide and with a steady south west wind, we had plenty of water to do so. Cruising the shorelines and using MirrOlure Lil' Johns, we boated 11 red fish and all were released to fight another day. Today was one of those days when the artifical lures outfished the live shrimp (we actually didn't have a bite on the shrimp). I really enjoyed today and was very proud of the Mrs.'s with all her fish. Here's Becky with one of the larger red fish from today... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Dec 14 2011

Good Weather-Great Fishing

Finally a break in the weather and we actually had sunshine today. The east winds were still quite gusty, but it was a beautiful day and the fish were in a very cooperative feeding mood. I did have a charter yesterday, but it was a tough one and all we could do is catch short trout, red fish and seabass. It was a fun day, but nothing to bring home for dinner. However, today's trout bite out of Crystal River was outstanding. I had Bobby and Ed on board and these gentlemen did great working jigs along the oyster bars and quickly caught their limit of trout, plus released several others. Using Mirrolure Lil' John's in the root beer color was today's top bait. Leaving the trout, we made our way to the rock piles and found the usual mixed bag of species for a fun fish catching afternoon. I thank you guys for the memorable day and enjoy the fresh fish... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Nov 23 2011

Double Digit Reds

Wow, what a red fish day! I had Ross and Mindy on board again for their second day Crystal River Charter and the bite was on. We left from Pete's Pier Marina, began the day catching several trout on the DOA deadly combos and waited for the tide to get right for red fishing. After a great trout day on Monday, I wanted to target red fish for the afternoon tide and the conditions were shaping up perfect. We hit the creeks just after noon and the red fish were on the feed. We boated 27 red fish and it was fish on for almost an hour. Using free lined live shrimp was the bait of choice and presenting the shrimp in with the mullet schools, was our technique. We picked up a couple more trout for the afternoon and called it a day. I thank you both for a great couple days and really enjoyed the exceptional day today. Have a safe trip back to Minnesota and look forward to your next visit... Capt. Dan
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I had a last minute call from one of my regular clients; Dan from New York was in town and wanted to squeeze in a 1/2 day charter. I had the morning open and Dan along with his friend Bell, spent the morning with me doing some river red fishing. It was blowing pretty hard out of the NE, so we just targeted the rock piles in the river and had a great morning. We boated 13 red fish, along with our limit of three keepers around the 23" mark and released all the others unharmed. We tried our luck at finding some trout and we caught quite a few, but mostly all shorts before the wind chased us in. It was a perfect morning just to be on the water and I thank you both for the fun time. Here's Dan with the first red fish of the morning... Capt. Dan
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