Friday, Aug 11 2017

Scallop Day...

Hello everyone, well today I did my annual one day scallop trip and I had the pleasure of having the West family on board. I generally like to fish, but it was a fun day with Tom and Laura getting in the water and finding a fine 6 gallon limit of scallops. We snorkeled in the 6ft of water range and the scallops were plentiful. We did pick up a nice slot red fish on the way in and I thank you both for the great time... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jul 25 2014

Homosassa Scallops....

A great day at the Homosassa Fishing Club with my good friends Capt. Zorn, Spratt and Toney and we had the Stribling party on board. Today was a scallop charter and it was a nice change to get it the water and cool off. We all ran south and worked over the grass flats off "Chazz" and did well. The water was a bit deeper than we usually go, but the scallops are there in excellent numbers. The storms gave us a bit of a late take off and the afternoon was perfect. Here's my crew with a fine catch of Nature Coast scallops... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 21 2013

Crystal River Scallops & Gags...

Crystal River scallops and grouper were on the menue today and Jason sr. & jr. did great. I picked up the father and son team at the Plantation on Crystal river and we made our way to the scallop grounds. A low morning outgoing tide were the conditions, so I suggested scalloping on the low tide and it worked out great. The guys had a good bag of scallops by 11am and while they were scalloping, I was filling the live well with pin fish. We iced down the scallops and made our way to the shallow ledges and found a couple grouper. A few shorts, a keeper and a couple big dog break offs got the best of us while we finished out the afternoon and the approching storms encouraged us to call it a day. Thank you both for a fun time and I'll look forward to seeing you next time. Here's Jason jr. with his first keeper grouper... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Aug 06 2013

Filling the Cooler....

A picture perfect day on the scallop grounds with the Mason family again and another cooler full of scallops. We loaded up from the Planataion on Crystal River and we ran a little further South than yesterdays trip. The water is still a little bit dirty to the North off Gomez Rocks, so a couple mile run South towards Homosassa Point is a good plan if scalloping is in your future. For todays trip, we basically made one stop, worked the area throughly and had close to 8 gallons in just two hours. A very fun couple days and I really look forward to seeing you again. Here's the Mason family with a cooler full of scallops... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Aug 05 2013

Family Scallops....

A wonderful family on board today out of the Plantation on Crystal River and we found the scallops. The scalloping continues to be outstanding and the Mason family proved it once again. We ran south of Crystal River and snorkeled the shallow grass flats off St. Martins Keys. The water was a little off color to start, but eventually the tide started moving and the conditions improved greatly. A fun family experience and I thank you all for the great day.... Capt. Dan
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I must say, this year is definitly a banner year for scalloping. I generally stay pretty busy with fishing charters, but I do schedule a few scallop trips and today was my first trip of the year. I had Scott, Jerry and David on board out of the Homosassa Fishing Club and we loaded up and hit the scallop grounds. Perfect condtions with clear water and an all morning out going tide - the guys loaded up. We had our 8 gallon limit quite easy and even had to realese several others. Capts. Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt and William Toney were on the trip as well and everyone had their limits across the board. We spent a couple hours in the afternoon on the shallow rock piles catching a few mangrove snapper and grunts, but the water was extremmely dirty and made getiing in position a little challenging. A fun day on the gulf and great to be back in the salt water game. Here's Jerry with one of his bag full of scallops... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Sep 01 2012

Crystal River "Easy Pickens"...

The 2012 scalloping year continues to shine and it's truly been a banner year. I had the pleasure of having the annual Platz family and friends on board, and the group did great. We took our time going out the river from the busy holiday weekend weekend traffic, and made our way to the scallop grounds. Calm conditions, clear water and excellent swimmers, this crew made it look easy. On just two stops we had our full limit and we even made it back to the dock in time for the Gator game. I thank you all as always and here's Piper and Josh with two hefty bags of scallops... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Aug 11 2012

Crystal River Scallops...

A picture perfect Saturday out of Crystal River and I had the pleasure of having the Michele couple on board. We left the dock from Pete's Pier Marina at 8am, ran the back way of the Salt River and poked out just North of St. Martins Keys. We arrived at our destination in 5ft of water and it was scalloping at its finest. In just a couple hours, we had our six gallon limit and we were just enough South to avoid the big crowds. We cleaned the scallps and called it a day arouind 1pm. Thank you both for the great day and enjoy tonights meal... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Aug 06 2012

Scallops and Rocks...

Myself and Capt. Rick Spratt had wonderful time with the Crymes family today and we loaded up on the scallops and caught a nice mixed bag on the rock piles. We met the group at Pete's Pier Marina and began the day just off the keys gathering our 8 gallon limit of scallops. Crystal clear water and perfect tides made it "easy" pickin's and our crew did outstanding. Just before noon we had our limit, cleaned our catch and then made our run offshore to spend the afternoon. Anchoring in the 8ft range, we caught a nice mix of grouper, grunts, sea bass, jacks, mackerel, etc.... and the action was very good. Live shrimp on a 1/8th oz Hank Brown jig head was our bait of choice for our success. I thank you all for the great time and look forward to seeing you again next time. Here's Colt with a handsome bag of scallops... Capt. Dan
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We did it all today out of Crystal River and my two wonderful lady clients, Debbie and Shelley had a great time. We left from the Plantation Resort this morning and started the day on the outgoing tide gathering our limit of scallops on just two locations. The weekend crowds were out there, but we got away from the pack and had them all to our selves. Just before 11am we had our 6 gallon limit and made our run offshore to the 12ft range and targeted the mixed variety on the rock piles. Grouper, grunts, mangrover snapper, flounder, etc... kept us busy and a simple live shrimp on a 1/8oz Hank Brown jig head was the bait of choice. I thank you both for the fun time and here's my lady anglers with a cooler full of goodies... Capt. Dan
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