Friday, Feb 26 2021

1/2 day Mix....

A nice 1/2 day mix with the Barlow team for their second trip of the week. I had just done treatment Tuesday, but was feeling good enough to get a 1/2 day trip in. We did a little bit of rock hopping inshore and then jigged up a couple trout. A fun momring, caught a few fish and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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A nice day inshore with the Barlow team and it was great to see these guys; it's been over a year. We started out on the beginning of the incoming tide and jigged up a pretty quick limit of quality trout on DOA and MirrOlure soft plastics. Only one short fish, as the others were all keepers. Next up, we made our run to the mangroves and had an absolutely awesome redfish day. The guys totaled over 20 slot red fish and we called it a day. I'm doing treatment tomorrow, so I'll be off the water until probably next week. I thank you both and great job... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Feb 17 2021

Chilly Sheep's....

A chilly day offshore a bit with the Keeler family and sheepshead was requested for their trip. I took the team out to about 15ft of water and we did just fine. Steady action on a couple different spots produced a nice catch of sheepshead and they'll be eating good tonight. I thank you all and great job... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Feb 12 2021

Crystal River Sheepshead....

A great day on the sheepshead and that was the request for the Robert's couple. We set up on a couple different ledges and sent down the shrimp. The bite was great on the last of the out going tide and slack tide; but soon as it turned it became a challenge. The inshore rushing water slowed the bite as we only picked up a couple, but numerous gags kept us busy in-between sheepshead. I made a quick stop for a red fish on the way home and I thank you both for the fun day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Feb 11 2021

Inshore Perfection...

What a day!!! It was as good as it gets on the inshore scene with Ted and John and these guys had a day. From dropping down on the sheepshead, jigging some trout and finishing up on a pair of red fish, the day couldn't have been better; other than a bit of sea fog. A triple limit and that was a catch to remember. You both did a tremendous job and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Feb 10 2021

More Fog and good Mix...

More fun offshore and pretty much the same conditions as yesterday. A dense sea fog was brutal for the ride offshore and it was slow going. However, we reached or spot and the rods stayed bent. All the offshore species kept us busy and a lot of hog fish today. Most were under sized, but a couple keepers made their way home. A great ride home as the fog cleared and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Feb 09 2021

Foggy Mix....

Super foggy out on the big pond today folks, but the bite was great. We pushed offshore to the 30ft range and had non stop action with grunts, gags, hog fish, snapper, etc.... Live shrimp on knocker rigs was our technique to get the bites and Dan, Lauren and Joe stayed busy. Joe caught big sheepshead of the season with it close to 13lbs and we took a couple pictures and watched her swim away. You guys were great and I thank you all.... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jan 29 2021

1/2 day Sheep's..

Another frosty morning, so we did a late take off and left at 10am for today's trip. I had the Paff team on board and we spent a 1/2 day, targeting some sheepshead. The full moon is upon us and it really kicked in the sheepshead bite. Live shrimp on knocker rigs were the deal and we had plenty of action. A great day and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 26 2021

Trout & Sheeps....

A fun day with Chris and Gerald as we caught some trout and sheepshead. The day started out running offshore a bit dropping on some sheepshead spots and we caught a few; but it really was a slow bite and a couple pulled off on their way to the top. The tide was coming in good, so we changed gears, ran shallow and caught some nice trout on DOA jerk baits.  A nice day, good little mix and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jan 21 2021

Offshore Goodies....

What a gorgeous day to go offshore and Mark and Craig had an awesome trip. I pushed on out to 40ft of water today and the snapper bite was great. The team secured a beautiful limit of keeper mangos, plus some hefty sheepshead as well. We used close to 300 shrimp and it was a busy day of catching. I thank you both and terrific job... Capt. Dan

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