The weather broke for us today and WOW - was it ever beautiful out there. After two days of hard wind, the gulf was calm and the sheepshead were ready to go. Lauren and Jim were my guests for the day and we stayed in the 25ft range for the sheep's. The guys had a nice five fish per person catch, plus we jigged up a couple real quality trout on the way back home. A really nice day on the big pond and I thank you all for the great time... Capt. Dan

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Always a fun day with Bob and Nancy on board and the husband and wife team had a blast. We covered the whole range we could that today's conditions would allow form inshore to offshore. The trip began in trout land, jigging up a couple trout as we ventured towards some sheepshead structures. We anchored up and caught a little mix of gags, grunts and sheepshead to keep us busy. As the tide rolled in, I made a ride to the South as we eased along the points; and found a couple red fish to wrap up the day. I thank you both so much and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Feb 12 2017

Saturday Trout & Sheep's...

A big change in the weather for us and what a difference a day makes. The water cleared considerably and I had a great day with Val and John. I made the run to 23ft of water and we jumped around, picking up a couple sheepshead here and there. The husband and wife team put 10 sheepshead on ice and we jigged up a couple trout to end the day. Bourbon colored Lil' Johns were the flavor of the day for the trout rigged on 1/8th oz jig heads. A beautiful February day and I thank you all so much... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Feb 10 2017

Tough Sheep's...

Windy, rough and tough... This pretty much summed up the conditions for today's Crystal River charter. The recent cold front stirred up the gulf again and with a stiff NE wind, there was noooooo water at all. However, Chuck and Tim were game to give it a try and we were able to catch a couple sheepshead for the day. I couldn't go to far offshore, so we fished the 10ft range. The bites were very subtle for us, but we caught enough for a meal of two. I thank you guys and I'll be seeing you next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Feb 06 2017

Crystal River Mix...

The Inverness team on board today with Shane, Bart and Travis and the guys had a great one. Today's trip stated out jigging up some trout and on two drifts, we caught some fine keepers. Bourbon colored Lil' Johns were the flavor of the day. As the afternoon rolled on, we bottom fished some fine sheepshead, plus picked up a lone triple tail to wrap up our day. It sure was a beautiful day and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Feb 04 2017

Ladies of the Gulf...

What a great group trip today with some of my favorite people, the "ladies of the Gulf". Vicki, Daune and Marilyn were on my boat today and this was a 2 boat trip and I was joined by my good friend Capt. Clay Shidler. We had the orders for a sheepshead trip and we delivered. We both bottom fished some different structures with live shrimp on knocker rigs and the action was fantastic. The sea's were up a bit, but not to rough to keep us from going offshore. Both boats did great with the 5 fish a person limit of sheepshead we are implementing, and a couple trout topped off our day. I thank you all for the wonderful time and can't wait to do it again... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Feb 03 2017

February's Finest...

Another picture perfect day on the big pond and it was just about the finest day you could ask for. Stacy and Russell were my guests, and the husband and wife team did outstanding. The bottom fishing for sheepshead was great, plus the afternoon trout jigging was on par as well. The rods stayed bent most of the day, except the usual in-between tide change. I had a great time meeting you both and I look forward to our future trips... Capt. Dan

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From the weather, the water conditions and the fishing; it was as good as it gets today. For today's Crystal River charter, Jim and Ed were with me form the Villages and it was a fish on kind of day. The sheepshead bit really well, plus the water cleared and the trout action is back on track. Lots of grunts and grouper kept us busy too offshore and I thank you both for the outstanding day... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 31 2017

"Sporty" Sheeps...

A little "sporty" out there today and it was a pretty rough day. The seas were still quite up a bit, but we hung in there and Dan, Lauren and Bob had a fun time. The gulf water continues to be extremely dirty and this is making the trout action off Crystal River almost non existent. I do see it improving in the coming days and the sheepshead are still being cooperative and keeping the rods bent. Thank you guys as always and I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jan 29 2017

Sunday Sheep's...

It sure felt good to come out of retirement!!! I had Joe and Casey scheduled today and I was on the fence about going with the rain we were having this morning. I'm glad we gave it a try though, as the skies cleared after 9am and we had a fine mid day trip. I made the trip to some sheepshead bottom in 22ft of water and did well. The gulf is still extremely dirty, but small pieces of shrimp put some scent in the water and the bite was good. The team had a fine catch and they are so looking forward to some good eating. I thank you both and I'm ready for next time... Capt. Dan

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