Friday, Mar 20 2015

Homosassa at its Best...

What a day at the Homosassa Fishing Club fishing the O'Kelly party and the day couldn't have been better. Myself and my good fellow Captains Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt and William Toney had quite the day on the trout, red fish and some mackerel. My crew did outstanding jerk baiting some skinny water trout around "Chazz," once the tide came in. We fished around the rock bars and in three short drifts, we had 15 beautiful trout in the box. The entire group did outstanding and I thank everyone for the wonderful day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Mar 19 2015

Macks are Back...

You know Spring has sprung, when the Spanish mackerel are here and it was good today. I had Joe, Rich and Larry on board for the day and we had a nice mix. We began the day using cork rigs off the bars in Crystal Bay and did good. The guys caught a dozen nice trout on DOA deadly combos, before we anchored up and chummed in the macks. The macks were our next stop and they were on. Free lined shrimp in the chum slick did the trick and a couple other surprises bent the rod as well. I really enjoyed the day with you all and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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An awesome day with my brother and friends and its been close to five years since we fished together. So for today, we made the run offshore and had a great mixed bag. From trout, grouper, hog fish, Spanish mackerel, etc... we had over 10 different species. The best part of the day was the catch and release gag grouper action and we caught some fine sized gags we took pictures of; before we sent them home. A truly picture perfect day offshore and I thank all you guys for the great day... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 10 2015

Sheep's Winding Down...

Another beautiful day offshore Crystal River with Clell and Richard and we tackled some more sheepshead as the season slows. I met the guys at 9am and we ran down the river with foggy conditions. We caught a couple trout to get the day going as the fog lifted and put a nice keeper in the box, before we headed West. We anchored up on a couple different ledges and caught some fine sized sheepshead and the first Spanish Mackerel of the season. The gulfs warming every day and soon the inshore action will be excellent. Thank you both for the good time and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Aug 18 2014

Homosassa Offshore....

An unbelievable day at the Homosassa Fishing Club with some huge catches back at the dock. Myself and fellow Captains Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt, William Toney, Jim Long and Jonathan Hamilton had the pleasure of having the Smith party and the group loaded up. Ed and Von were with me for the day and we had an excellent catch. Limits of Gag and Red grouper, several grunts and snapper, Spanish mackerel and a couple trout topped off our big haul. The other boats had some excellent catches as well and this team is definitely taking back home for fine fillets. I thank you all for the excellent day and here's my team with today's excellent catch... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jul 02 2014

Shallow Rocks.....

A really good day on the shallow rock piles with Bill, Gary and Jerry and the guys loaded up. The gulf is quite warm with water temperatures in the mid 80's and for sure fire action, we hit the rocks to catch some groceries. I anchored up tide of the rocks, sent down some live shrimp on Hank Brown jig heads and the bite was on. Great action of snapper, grunts, grouper and a Spanish mackerel filled out our morning before it got to hot. A box full of fine eating fish and we called it a day. I thank you all as always for the fun time and I look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Apr 26 2014

West Party, Day Three....

The last day with the West party in town and today's charter was a morning of fishing and an afternoon shore lunch. I had Herbert, Bert and David on board and my team jigged up a couple offshore trout, macks and finished up back inside with some red fish. The lady fish invasion is in full swing and when your not getting a trout strike, you can bet a lady fish is soon to follow. The action is always fun out there this time of year and you never know what that next cast will bring. We had some tide to work with to find a red fish before we met at the island, but all the ones we encountered were on the short side. A fine shore lunch was in the books and I really enjoyed these couple days with you all. Here's David with a beauty of a Homosassa Spanish Mackerel... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Apr 25 2014

Chazz "Gator"...

It was day two with the West party and we picked up the gang at the Homosassa Fishing Club and made our way to the Homosassa flats. I had Lee, Jerry and Tommy for the day and we began our day making our way South of "Chazz" pt. We fished the shallow rocky flats and found a couple hefty trout to start our day. The first trout of the day was the big one and definitely got our day started right. With a couple big fish on board, we ran offshore to the shallow rocks to keep the rods bent steadily. We reached the 7ft range and did great with plenty of trout, mackerel, sea bass and numerous lady fish fro the afternoon. We had top boat honors with thirteen keeper trout to end the day and I thank you guys for the great time. Here's Jerry with a beautiful Chazz "Gator" trout.... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Apr 24 2014

Crystal River Nice Haul....

A great time with the West party out of Crystal River and myself and Capts. Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt, Clay Shidler and William Toney had a blast. We picked up the group a little after 8am and made our way out. Some of the guides went North and some went South. The trout action was good from the outer spoil islands, the deeper spotty areas and inshore creeks. A fine mixed bag of species were brought to the dock and we all had a great time.... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Apr 12 2014

Bonito Surprise....

Kind of a slow one for keepers today, but we had a bit of action with a little variety. Myself and Capt. Randy Hodges had the pleasure of having the Norton family for a fun day out of Crystal River. We ran offshore to the 8ft depth range and jigged up an assortment of species. Trout, sea bass, lady fish, Spanish mackerel and a bonus bonito filled out our day. Only a couple keepers though, while most of the trout were on the short side. Still, we had a fun time and I thank you all for the great day. Here's Steve with a drag screaming Crystal River Bonito... Capt. Dan
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