Sometimes you have to stick with the them to get them going and today we had to do just that. Sam and Sam Jr. were my guests once again and we made a day of casting jigs around the spotty bottom areas and near shore rocks. We stayed in the 6ft to 8ft depth range and did fine with a little mix in variety. DOA 1/8thoz jig heads loaded with cal shad tails and bourbon Lil' Johns were the baits today. Plenty of lady fish kept us busy as well as several under sized trout to keep our rods bent. A beautiful spring day and I thank you guys for the fun time. Here's the guys with today's catch... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Apr 10 2014

Crystal River Trout.

A picture perfect day on the Nature Coast and what an excellent day. I had the pleasure of having LouAnne, Royce and Bob on board and we did excellent on the trout. We began the day using DOA glow jerk baits on the shallow flats off the keys and put several nice keepers in the cooler on our first drift. The tide slowed a bit and so did the wind, so we headed west and worked the 8ft depth range and got back on the trout. Bourbon colored Lil' Johns did the trick and the team finished off their limit. I thank you all for the great day and I look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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Sunday, Apr 06 2014

Homosassa Macks....

A really fun morning with the Smith party again out of Homosassa and my crew today, ran a bit offshore and chummed up some macks. Since yesterdays was such an unbelievable inshore trip, I thought we would mix it up and run offshore to fish some drag screaming mackerel. I anchored up on one of my favorite ledges in 10ft of water, began chumming and free lined some live shrimp. The macks soon followed and we did great. Spanish mackerel, grouper, blue fish and a couple hefty sharks kept us busy for our morning hours before our afternoon shore lunch. Our Homosassa traditional shore lunch was great and another excellent day was in the books. Here's CJ with one of today's mackerel... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Apr 05 2014

Homosassa at its Best!!!!

What an unbelievable day at the Homosassa Fishing Club fishing the Smith party and myself and fellow Captains Mark Zorn, Rick Spratt, Jim Long, Jody Johnson and William Toney filled the boxes. Excellent trout action on the flats just off the keys and Glow DOA jerk baits across the board were the baits for the teams today. I had Matt, Robinson and Bill and my crew had a fine catch of sixteen trout and a red fish for the days total. Some other mixed species were brought in as well and what a beautiful spring day in Homosassa. Here's the entire father and son team group with an outstanding catch... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Mar 31 2014

Offshore Trout...

It's just about that time, when you can run offshore a couple miles and find a mixed bag of fish. I had the Blood family on board and we did just that. I ran the guys out to about 6ft to 8ft of water and made some long drifts. The actions wasn't fast, but we found some trout, sea bass, blue fish and mackerel to kept us busy. MirrOlure Lil' Johns in the bourbon and root beer colors were the baits today. We left the outside and made our way inside to find some red fish. Only shorts again for us, but fun all the same. I thank you all for the fun time and look forward to see you again... Capt. Dan
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A special treat for me today and I had my first charter with some over seas clients on board. I met the group at the Plantation on Crystal River and we made our way to the flats. (The guys introduced their names, but please excuse me, I can't remember)..... Well, I kept it simple for fishing, anchored up on a couple rock piles and chummed in some macks. The tide was pretty weak going out, but we had a nice variety of mackerel, grouper, sea bass, lady fish and sharks. The gang enjoyed every minute and I made some great memories for them. I thank you all for the wonderful time and I hope to fish with you in the years to come... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Mar 22 2014

Homosassa Day Two...

Day two for the Homosassa Fishing Club Jaboree and Nancy and Uhon were my guests. I had originally planned on going offshore to chum up some macks, but the pretty steady SW wind pushed in a little bit of tide and I was anxious to hit the keys for some trout. I set up a good drift on some hard "yellow" bottom and with glow DOA jerk baits on hand, the bite was great. In just a couple drifts, the team had their limit and even added a couple mackerel to the catch. A great couple days for this yearly event ( especially the oyster shore lunch today ) and I always look forward to seeing you all... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Mar 21 2014

Homosassa Trout......

Today was day one of the annual Homosassa Fishing Club Jaboree and what a fun day. I had the pleasure of having the husband and wife team of Ryland and Carol on board. Ryland and Carol worked the shallow rock bars and troughs out side the Little Homosassa River and found the trout. The Jaboree is an annual event with the club members and it's husband and wife teams. This was an eight boat party and some fine trout, mackerel, pompano and sea bass were caught. Myself and Capt. Rick Spratt tied for top boat honors with nine keepers before our afternoon shore lunch. The shore lunch was fantastic and what a great day on the Homosassa river. I thank all the club members and my good fellow Homosassa guides for the great time... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Mar 20 2014

Crystal River Steady Action...

A pretty incredible day offshore Crystal River and Sharon, Bill and Pam got to experience it. I picked up the gang at Pete's Pier Marina a little after 8am and headed West. The forecast was calling for very favorable conditions, but the winds picked up a bit and it was choppy with a good swell mixed in. We toughed out the ride, anchored on one break and it was ON! Evey drop produced a sheepshead, grunt or grouper and I was a busy boy. The team had to bring a bunch of fish in to feed the big family in town and I think they did just that. With a box full, we called it a day and even picked up a bonus triple tail on a buoy to top off the trip. I thank you all for the excellent day and congratulations on an outstanding catch... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Mar 11 2014

Crystal River at its Best....

What a day!!! An excellent group trip today with some of my best friends Capt's. Mark Zorn and Rick Spratt and we fished the Killebrew party. My team was Brad, Bob and Tim and we ran offshore for the day. Excellent sheepshead action, with the big fish of the year being caught weighing over 10lbs. The grouper were active as we landed several for catch and release photos and some bonus species. Brad caught a huge black drum and Bob landed a very cool trigger fish. The other boats did fantastic on trout, macks and a pompano. A really fun day and I thank you all for the great time. Here's the end of the day total, and the group is going to have one heck of a fish fry... Capt. Dan
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