Tuesday, Mar 04 2014

Crystal River Mix...

A great mix catch today with Rick, Joe and Mike on board and with the variety of species - these guys are going to eat great. We met at Pete's Pier Marina just after 8am and began our Crystal River Charter on the rocks. We targeted sheepshead and though the bite wasn't fast and furious; we caught a nice variety. Grunts, Spanish mackerel, grouper, sheepshead and sea bass kept our rods bent until the tide was right to run inshore and find some trout. The trout action was excellent in the creeks and using DOA jerk baits in the creeks - we quickly put a fine catch of trout in the box. A great day and nice variety, I thank you all for the great time... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Mar 03 2014

Crystal River Variety,,,,

A fine day out of Crystal River, but it was definitely a windy one. Aaron and Scott were my guest and with the forecast calling for a windy afternoon, we made our sheepshead run for the first part of the day. I had to stay shallow due to the conditions, but we caught a couple keepers and some shorts to get the day going. The tide turned and began rushing in, so we switched gears and targeted trout. From the shallow rock bars to the spoil islands, the guys caught some real quality trout. To end the trip on the flood tide. I hit made our way back in Ozello and a couple red fish ended our trip. Scott caught a 30' beauty and I thank you both for the great time... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Feb 20 2014

Flat Calm Sheeps...

If you had a pair of water skies, you could have used them today for sure. Beautiful calm conditions offshore Crystal River and hungry sheepshead; Gary, Amel and Marv had a ball. I picked the guys up at Pete's Pier Marina just before 8am and made our way offshore. I did pretty much the same pattern as I have been and fishing various ledges, isolated rocks and the sheepshead are still going strong. Live shrimp on a knocker rig is all that's needed for success. A couple early Spanish mackerel came aboard and a fun day was had by all. Thanks again for the great time and I look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Feb 14 2014

Afternoon Trout...

A late afternoon trip with my great client Phil from Pennsylvania and we got on the trout. Phil met me at 1pm at Pete's Pier and we caught the incoming tide just right to find some trout. We were loaded with DOA cal shad tails and MirrOlure Lil' Johns and jigged the rock bars. The tide was absolutely perfect, and in less than an hour; we had our limit. I made a run to a ledge to add some sheepshead, but the water was like chocolate milk and we didn't have any takers. A beautiful afternoon and I thank you bud for the fun time. Here's Phil with the big trout of the day... Capt. Dan
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Quite the variety today on the rocks and we kept the rods bent. Pat and Oscar were my clients for the day and what a Crystal River Charter they had. With winter time upon us, I like to really concentrate on the sheephsead fishing for my winter charters. The sheepshead migrate inshore for spawning and congregate around various structures, usually until about mid March. That was today's plan and the guys had a fantastic mixed bag. Live shrimp on the rocks was the bait of choice for the sheeps, grunts and floiunder and we ended our trip jigging up a couple trout to end the day. A beautiful, cool day offshore, and I thank you both for the great time... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Dec 07 2013

Crystal River Early Sheeps....

I took a gamble today and made a run quite a ways offshore to see if the sheepshead are making there way inshore. Well, I'll just say this and yes they are..... I saw quite a few yesterday on some shallow locations which gave me the incentive to head West. So, for today's charter, Will and Trent were my guest visiting from the panhandle and wanted some fillets to take home. I knew I could load up on grunts and if the sheepshead were there, it would be a great bonus. Both plans came together awesome and it was truly a fish after fish day - with some catch and release grouper as well. With plenty of fish for the guys to take home, we worked up a couple trout and macks to add to the mix and what a day. I thank you both for the outstanding charter and look forward to next time... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Dec 05 2013

Crystal River Jigging Trout...

A beautiful day out of Crystal River with Pat and Laura Lou on board and this husband and wife team did great catching some trout. I picked them up at their home on the river and headed West. We jigged some of the outer islands and though the bite wasn't fast and furious, the MirrOlure Lil' Johns and DOA soft plastics put a limit of 10 keeper trout in the box. Laura Lou had the big fish honors with a hefty trout over 20". A couple Spanish mackerel and a sheepshead were added to our day and I thank you both for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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Hey Folks, we hit another one out of the park today and it was definitely quite the day. Pete, Chris and Ed were my guests and these guys were a blast. Today's Crystal River Charter began trolling up a fine catch of quality gag grouper. We trolled a couple ledges and it was on. Bunker and Hot Head Rapala's and Green Mackerel MirrOlures were "the" plugs. I hated to leave the grouper action, but I don't catch and release grouper, so we ran back inshore and tackled some trout. The trout bite was fantastic on MirrOlure Lil' Johns and the guys had a mixed bag of trout, pompano, red fish and Spanish mackerel. The day was beautiful on the outside, but back inshore; we got poured on. This was another one to remember and I can't thank you all enough for such a great day... Capt. Dan
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Today was it..... Probably the biggest catch I've had on board and such a variety of species. Judge O'Kelly and Bill were my guest and we brought the Homosassa Fishing Club up to crystal River. The action in Homosassa has been a bit off, so we changed it up and brought the gang North. Myself and Captains Mark Zorn and Jonathan Hamilton were also on the trip and it was truly a banner day. Trout limits across the board and my team did exceptionally well. We had fantastic trout action with a few snook mixed in. A couple Spanish mackerel and a bonus pompano were also added while targeting our trout. My crew reached their limit and we trolled and cast a quick limit of beautiful gag grouper. To ensure an inshore slam, I made a stop in the Salt River and a 1/2 dozen small red fish ended our day. What a day to remember and I can't thank you all enough for such a great day... Capt. Dan
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A beautiful day offshore Crystal River and what an excellent charter. Skip, Chuck and David were back for their annual fall grouper trip and the grouper were in the mood for Rapala x-raps. The guys trolled up a quick limit of grouper and by 11am, we were heading to the rocks to catch a bunch of grunts for their church fish fry. The action was non-stop with grunts, snapper and a bonus pompano to add to their catch. With a cooler full of fish, we called it a day; but not before we picked up a hefty triple-tail on a crab buoy to end our trip. A fantastic day and I can't thank you all enough. Here's the gang with a fine mixed catch... Capt. Dan
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