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Friday, Sep 30 2016

Homosassa Reds...

Always a great time with the Manriki family and once again, David and Terry had a blast. Our original plan was to target grouper and we tried for a couple hours, but it just wasn't happening today. So for plan B, we hit the outer keys on the incoming and did very well on the red fish. The team caught several, kept a few and we called it a day. I thank you both and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Sep 29 2016

Crystal River Red Fish...

My team and I stayed with the red fish theme today and it was a good choice. The seas and wind were up a bit, plus scattered showers - so we didn't grouper fish today. As an alternative, we stayed inshore and the "Settin the hook" team did great on the red fish. We had an incoming tide basically all day and jumping point to point free lining live shrimp; kept our rods bent with the reds. The ladies had a double digit day and I thank you all so much for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Trolling Gags...

A wonderful day with Mishel and Earl and we tried our luck at trolling up some gags. I kept it simple and we just jumped hole to hole and when there wasn't any floating grass, we basically hooked up. The grouper action was excellent and we caught 16 grouper on plugs. Most were on the short side, but we secured a grouper dinner and I always enjoy the days on the water with you both... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Sep 26 2016

Crystal River Gags...

Tom, Chris and Jim were my guys today and these gentlemen from the Villages did outstanding. Grouper was our species for the day and the bite was pretty good. We bottom fished the 30ft range and an assortment of baits got the job done. I will say though, that cut grunt heads did produce the bigger bites. The team did great and congratulations on turning some fine grouper... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Sep 24 2016

Crystal River, Getting Good...

One of those special days out of Crystal River for the Nash family and these guys had a good one. The bite was really on for us and a quick stop inshore on the red fish, got our day going. In five cast, the team brought four nice slot red fish to the boat. Next up, we headed West to 30ft and had a fantastic offshore afternoon. The gags cooperated nicely; as well as the grunts, snapper, mackerel and a bonus hog fish. Quite the day guys and congratulations on the stellar trip... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Sep 23 2016

Reds,Trout, Gags...

The bite's been off a little bit on the back side of this past full moon and the long outgoing tide all day, makes it challenging as well. However, we still had a fun day with Scott, Frank and Chris on board and caught a nice mix of red fish, trout and grouper. The red fish began the day on the start of the outgoing tide and we caught a nice limit of red fish on live shrimp. Next up, we trolled around a bit and caught a nice gag and some shorts, but the floating grass is still making it cumbersome to troll. It will get better, soon as we get a couple cold fronts coming through the area. To wrap up the trip, we picked up a pair of trout and called it a day. A great day with you all and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Sep 22 2016

Crystal River 1/2 Day...

A 1/2 day trip with the Coleman family and we did OK with the tough conditions. The red fish action was fair as to be expected on the outgoing tide and on a couple of points the team caught their limit; plus released several on the short side. The trout bite though, was challenging on the other hand. Glass calm conditions and the boat didn't cover much water; but we caught a couple keepers and numerous shorts before we had to call it a day just after noon. I thank you guys and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Sep 21 2016

Crystal River Mixing it Up...

A little mix of inshore & offshore with the Fitzpatrick family and there was no weather to contend with today. A beautiful day and on the morning outgoing tide, we caught a couple red fish and a bonus snook to start it off. The tide dropped out quickly, and we next caught a couple trout on cork rigs before we ran offshore. The sea's were calm and the grouper action was OK. We landed a nice keeper, several shorts and a few big dogs got the best of us before we wrapped up the day. A fun time with you both and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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So much for the 30% rain chance today! Soon as I picked up Tony and Donna at their beautiful home on the Homosassa river, there were rain showers greeting us in the gulf. We actually got chased back to the house, but the afternoon was pretty decent. Our afternoon consisted of using DOA deadly combos for the trout and we picked up a few nice ones. We only kept a couple for dinner and released the rest. I made a stop on a shallow ledge for some grouper and we caught a couple, but they were on the short side. The sky started turning dark again and thunder in the distance; so we called it a day. Always a fun time with you both and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Sep 17 2016

Plantation Redfish Classic...

Quite the day at the Plantation Red fish classic with one of my best friends and fellow Captain's, Clay Shidler. We covered all the basis and had a triple limit. A Good trout bite in the morning, mid day grouper action and finished up on the red fish. We took 1st place in grouper and trout, but our red fish didn't make the cut. This was a great event, as all the redfish were released alive and I look forward to fishing it next year... Capt. Dan

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