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Tuesday, Jan 31 2017

"Sporty" Sheeps...

A little "sporty" out there today and it was a pretty rough day. The seas were still quite up a bit, but we hung in there and Dan, Lauren and Bob had a fun time. The gulf water continues to be extremely dirty and this is making the trout action off Crystal River almost non existent. I do see it improving in the coming days and the sheepshead are still being cooperative and keeping the rods bent. Thank you guys as always and I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jan 29 2017

Sunday Sheep's...

It sure felt good to come out of retirement!!! I had Joe and Casey scheduled today and I was on the fence about going with the rain we were having this morning. I'm glad we gave it a try though, as the skies cleared after 9am and we had a fine mid day trip. I made the trip to some sheepshead bottom in 22ft of water and did well. The gulf is still extremely dirty, but small pieces of shrimp put some scent in the water and the bite was good. The team had a fine catch and they are so looking forward to some good eating. I thank you both and I'm ready for next time... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jan 28 2017

Waiting on the Weather...

Hello everyone, not to much to report the last couple of days. High winds have kept me off the water and the few reports I've heard, have been slim pick-ins with mostly a couple back country red fish being caught. I believe we'll be back on track this coming week and I thank you all that I've had to cancel for your patience... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 25 2017

Tough as it Gets....

Not a good report today folks!!! This past front has kept me off the water and sure did shake things up - it actually looks like a chocolate milk shake offshore. I had Dave and Danny with me today and we gave it our all. Just a couple sheeepshead bites and trash fish on our sheepshead drop, and the wind soon chased us back inshore. On the inside, we saw a couple red fish, but only had one bite. They just didn't want to play for us today. We gave it our best and we'll get'em next time. Thank you guys... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jan 21 2017

Catch & Release Reds....

The wind was howling today for us on today's Crystal River charter, but Mishel and Earl were game and we had a good day. Catch and Release red fishing was the name of the game and we had a double digit day. Live shrimp along the rocky points with the mullet schools did the trick. The wind finally picked up so much that it just wasn't enjoyable, so we called it a day. I thank you both as always and I always look forward to our days on the water... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jan 20 2017

South Wind Variety....

A big weather change for us today with a gusty south wind and the Coleman team did great. The little bit of tide we had from the South wind allowed us to red fish some and we found a couple nice keepers. The water was dumping out fast though, so we immediately jumped in to some shallow water trout fishing. The guys were loaded with DOA jerk baits and they worked beautifully. In a couple drifts, we had a nice catch of trout and we finished up the day on the sheepshead. I thank you all for the great day and hanging in there for the choppy conditions... Capt. Dan

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And the beautiful weather continues... Today's Crystal River charter was Dan, Lauren and Joe from the Villages and we had a great day. The weather was identical to yesterdays trip, but the larger sheepshead were a bit more aggressive and came out to play. I made a quick trout stop this morning on the way out, as we had a bit more tide than I've seen in a while, and did OK. The guys brought in some fine trout before we started the sheepshead plan and about 8 trout started our day. The sheepshead bite was much like it has been, and we had to move around for them. We hit one spot that had some hefty ones, and finished the day off with a couple more trout. Another beautiful January day and I thank you all for the great time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 18 2017

Crystal River Sheepshead...

The Sugarmill gang on board today with Bill, Jerry and Roland and it's always a fun day with them. Sheepshead were are target for this trip and we did well. We moved around little by little catching a couple on each stop and today was mostly the smaller male fish. I thought that was interesting and I attribute that to the warmer weather we're having and they are usually more aggressive. The fellas put fifteen fine sheepshead on ice and we added a couple trout to wrap up our day. I thank you all and I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 17 2017

January Trout & Sheep's...

A beautiful January day with a great team on board. Ray, Tony and Rusty were my guests today out of Crystal River and we had fun. The trout bite started off our day and we had a nice bakers dozen for just an hour or so of fishing. With the last of the tide running out, we anchored on some sheepshead bottom and caught a couple good ones. The bite slowed for a bit until the tide changed as to be expected, but it eventually got right again. A great day and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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What a great day to spend my birthday! Ian, Michelle and Jeff were my guests and we hit it out of the park. The sheepshead were very cooperative and sending down some live shrimp got them going. The team put fifteen nice sheepshead on ice and we filled out the afternoon targeting trout. Bourbon colored Lil' Johns were the ticket and I can't thank you all enough for the great day... Capt. Dan

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