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Friday, Jan 19 2018

48 Degree Sheep's...

Cold, Cold, Cold... That sums up the gulf right now and even though it's at 48 degree's which is extreme for us; we still caught a few fish. Tony and the boys were with me for the day and we gave it our all. I jumped around to various rocks and ledges, but its really tough out there folks until it warms up a bit. A couple sheepshead cooperated for us and secured a few fillets for dinner. The upcoming forecast is looking better, as warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Thank you guys and I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 17 2018

In the Weeds...

A special fun trip for me today as I was able to join good friends JC and Brandon, in JC's go-devil boat and we went for a magic carpet ride. For those of you that don't know, the go-devil boat is the closest ride to an air boat and they can go just about ANYWHERE. For today, we hit the holes way back in Ozello on a very chilly ride and found quite a few trout and red fish. Golden bream colored MirrOlure Lil John's were the flavor of the day on a 1/8thoz jig head. A very fun time and I thank you both... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Jan 16 2018

Cold Sheep...

A decent weather day to venture offshore and poke around on the sheepshead grounds. The Coleman team was with me today and we were greeted to a chilly gulf temperature at 50 degrees. It's still been tough to get trips in with the weather as it is, and I'm sure I'll be repeating this statement in the coming days as tonight's forecast is projected to be in the 20's. Today though we caught some fine sheepshead, but the bites were slow and I had to move around here and there to get what we caught. Live shrimp on a knocker rig was our baits and be ready to bring in the brass monkey, as its getting cold tonight. Here's Mr. Clell with a fine winter Crystal River sheepshead... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jan 11 2018

Sheepshead Opener...

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for the lack in posts; but with the cold gulf temperature there hasn't been any bait available for my sheepshead charters. Today though, the shrimpers were able to catch some decent shrimp numbers last night and I was able to go to sheepshead land. I had Chris, Mike and Steve on board and we did well. The water temperature is still just above 50 degrees, so the bites are slow. We fished a couple different structures and did OK for the conditions. Some more trying weather is in the forecast, but soon as it breaks; we'll be out there back on the sheep's... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jan 06 2018

Homosassa Springs...

Day two with the Beeson party and we had the same game plan. The bite was quite a bit slower then yesterday, as there was much more boat traffic on the river and makes it a bit congested. The team and I still caught a few small snook and a fine trout using jigs along the shorelines. The darker colors seem to work a little better for the snook as using anything "flashy", will guarantee a lady fish on the end of your line. A fun, but very cold couple days and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jan 05 2018

Icy Snook....

A quick update before today's report.. Well folks, it looks like a major snook kill for our area from the Withlacoochee area to Chassahowitzka. I've seen lots of pictures of dead snook of all sizes and even though we still have several thousand that are safe in the rivers, the "outside" population took the hit. We'll still have fish to catch, but like the 2010 freeze; it will take some time to recuperate... However though, I did have a great first charter to start 2018 with the Beeson party in Homosassa. Myself and Capt's. Mark Zorn, William Toney, Rick Spratt and John Hamilton all had ice on board our boats and we made something happen in the cold conditions. The gang and I stayed in the river and had some luck with a mixed bag around the springs. Snook, red fish, jacks, large mouth bass, trout and we even jumped a tarpon, filled out our day. It's a small area, but we did OK, as the gulf will be slow for quite a few days. Here's Phil with one of the larger snook of the day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jan 04 2018

Old Man Winter...

Hello everybody, what a start to 2018! Winter has set in for the first week of the new year and it's down right COLD. Not to much to report fishing wise as myself and no one has really been out. The tide has been extremely low and it would have been just about impossible to launch your boat, especially on Tuesday. The gulf water temperature from what I've seen, is in the upper 40's to 50 degrees. A little bit of bad news to report - with a couple dead snook reports from the back country, but not nearly extensive as 2010. A couple hundred fish have perished, but I'm hoping the majority have made their way in to the spring fed rivers for warmth. Looking to get back on the water soon and stay tuned to see what happening... Capt. Dan

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Happy New Year Everyone!!! I wish you all a very prosperous new year and many great days on the water. As 2017and grouper season came to a close, my wife Becky and I finished up the fantastic grouper season, good as it gets. This particular grouper year started out slow as it usually does, but as September came around; the grouper action heated up. It has taken a couple years for the new 24" size change to come into effect, but now I'm seeing the results of much larger fish. Also, the two fish per person limit, along with the six month closure are truly keeping the fishery healthy. I'm constantly learning, trying, experimenting etc... new techniques and tactics and this year; we had a good grasp on what the fish were doing. I thank you all that have fished with me throughout the 2017 year and I look forward to another fantastic year. God Bless and we'll see you on the water soon... Capt. Dan

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