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Monday, Jun 25 2018


Hello everyone and I hope all is going well. I'm moving along the recovery process "thank goodness the chemotherapy is over," and surgery is slated for July 3rd. This will be the big step in my journey and I should be on the mend soon after. On the big pond, the red snapper action offshore continues to be absolutely outstanding and limits are being caught in minutes - or in just a couple drops. Some nice gags are being caught as well, but mostly from the deeper locations; live pin fish have been the bait of choice. Not to much I've heard in the trout world, as to be expected for this time of year. If I was to try for them though, I would suggest deep jigging the spotty bottom in 10-12ft of water with MirrOlure Lil Johns in a dark root beer or bourbon color. The red fishing is still quite good with cut bait being a good producer on the incoming tide, on the outer points. Good luck out there fishing and thank you all that continue to contact me, send prayers and show your support. It means so much... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jun 11 2018

Best of the Best...

Wow!!! What an honor to win the Citrus County Chronicles - Best of the Best 2018 Fishing Guide category. I've been so fortunate and blessed to win the award, and this now makes 5 years in a row. I work with so many great guides and friends and this wouldn't be possible with out all of our teamwork. I know I can't charter right now with my situation, but soon as I can - I'll be out there rearing to go. Once again I thank you all who took the time to vote and I'll check in soon... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 03 2018

Huge Turnout!!!

I'm overwhelmed and so blessed with all the support from family, friends and the community; from the Sodium Fishing Gear benefit yesterday. It was absolutely non stop traffic with people coming from all over to be a part of it. They estimated over 800 people there and I was able to attend for a couple hours and show my appreciation to many. I'm doing OK overall and one more chemotherapy treatment June 12th to get over the hump. Fishing wise, grouper and red snapper "red snapper only for charter vessels" season has opened and the first couple of days have been terrific. Recreational Red Snapper season opens June 11th. Nice quality gags are coming from offshore as well as red snapper, being mostly targeted in the 60ft range. Red fishing continues to be the best bet inshore and probably will remain so, as summer progresses and the gulf water continues to heat up. All the best out there and I'll check in when I can... Capt. Dan

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