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Wednesday, Aug 29 2018

Bumpy Gags...

Still a surprisingly good grouper bite going on and that's so great; as we wait for the tides to get better for red fishing next week. Tony and Tony were the team today and they did outstanding turning some beauty gags. Live pin fish continue to be the ticket as the floating grass is still pretty bad for trolling. I see the tropics are starting to heat up a bit and I hope there are no storms coming our way, as the hurricane season has been quiet. Great job fellas and I look forward to seeing you again in a couple weeks... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Aug 27 2018

Big Gags...

A fun day with Jason on board and he requested grouper for dinner. The tides are running late for red fishing now and since I still have 5 weeks of radiation treatments to complete in the afternoons; targeting a couple grouper was a good choice. We set up on a couple different structures and sent down the pin fish. Jason immediately turned a couple beauty's over 15lbs and the day was made. A super job buddy and I always look forward to fishing with you... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Aug 24 2018

Gags and Reds...

A perfect trip today with Bill, as he was my solo guest and we had a blast. I started the trip loading up the live well with pin fish and I soon after stopped on a grouper spot. The tide was just turning to come, I set up and fish on. We free lined the pin fish to the ledge and a pair of keeper gags made their way on board. For the rest of the day we red fished the mangrove islands and did very well also. A combination of live shrimp, plus live pin fish were what the red fish were caught on and we had an hour of really good action. A fun time Bill and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 22 2018

Fine Reds...

Some great looking red fish today with the Johnson party and they did outstanding. We hit the points with live pin fish under corks and that was the deal. The team and I found a nice school of red fish and we had pretty much non stop action for an hour. Some of the reds were over slot but most were upper slot fish. After the red fish action, I did make a stop on a shallow ledge and we turned a pair of keeper gags to wrap up the day. A super fun time and I thank you all. Here's Amanda with a beauty of a red fish... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Aug 21 2018

Crystal River Reds...

A great morning on the red fish with Terry and Sam on board. I took the guys down South a bit and began fishing the mullet schools on the points. We hooked up immediately on live shrimp, but only little rat reds were keeping the rods bent. I soon swapped over to live pin fish and that was the trick. The better quality red fish definitely preferred the live pin fish and we had a really good morning. I thank you both and hope to see you in the near future... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Aug 17 2018

Morning Gags...

Another surprisingly good grouper bite for us today and this really isn't typical for August."But I'll take it"... For today's trip Travis and Tabitha were my guests and they did fantastic. We sent down live baits on a couple different grouper structures and the husband and wife team turned them great. We had to chum them a bit to get them going, but when they turned on it was time to hold on. A great trip and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 16 2018

Shallow Gags...

A really good morning on the shallow water gags with Pat solo on board and he hit it out of the park. I pulled my pin fish traps first thing this morning, ran to a shallow ledge in 8ft of water and it was hold on time. We sent down some frisky pin fish on bottom rigs and also some free lined, and both techniques worked beautifully. Pat turned a pair of double digit grouper and we pretty much wrapped up the day. A super great day buddy and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 15 2018

Offshore Weather...

A decent weather day to finally go outside a bit and Danny, Bart and Shane did very well. I did fish yesterday, but the morning storms delayed the trip during the prime time of the tide and we had a late take off. We caught a couple trout, several bluefish and jacks; but the weather hurt us. Today though was great with some decent grouper action on the ledges with live pin fish, plus a few mangrove snapper and grunts with live shrimp. The big catch was Danny bringing up a several hundred pound Goliath grouper we fed a live jack crevalle to, and it was a great battle. We brought it boat-side, took some pics and watched her swim away. A great time and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Aug 13 2018

Shallow Mango's...

A fun morning trip with Bill and Roland as we did the best bet for action and hit the shallow rocks. I loaded the guys rods with live shrimp on hank brown jig heads and the rods stayed bent. The team brought in a fine limit of mangrove snapper and released well over 20 gag grouper, but they were all on the short side. We did make a stop for a trout or two, but not much was happening on their end. I thank you both and we'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 09 2018

Big Tide...

A whopper of a tide today and it was rolling in with the West wind we had. Jason and Mike were the team today and we pretty much had the same results as yesterday. A red fish here and there, but no concentrations of fish other than large mullet schools. Live pin fish under a cork were the ticket for the couple that we caught and once again I thank you both for the fun morning... Capt. Dan

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