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Saturday, Aug 31 2019

Waiting the Storm Out...

To be safe and fighting the hassle of trying to get fuel, bait, etc... from hurricane Dorian, I probably will not be on the water until the very end of next week. I hope eveyone on the east coast is safe and I'll be back on the water soon as I can.... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Aug 30 2019

Crystal River ROUGH....

We put our seat belts on today and "oh my" was it ever rough out there. Val and John were game to give it a try and to be honest, I was just about to say lets give it a try some other time. I had my bait and with it being gusty out of the NE, we ran with it south. I bounced around on lots of different structures in the 10ft range and had some luck with small gags, but no keepers. I kept going and going and eased out to 16ft of water where we picked up a pair of keepers, but it was also almost a 4ft ground swell. "The ride back was not fun". We made it back inshore and made one stop on a little crack in the bottom in 5ft of water and we caught a real nice gag to end the day. These grouper in the super shallow fight harder than any where else, and it's a true tug-o-war. Great job to you both and enjoy the grouper dinners... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 29 2019

Crystal River Surprise's....

A mix of surprises on the trip today! Pat and Laura Lou were on board with me today and we did some bottom dropping on some ledges. One thing I love about my job is everyday is different - and today was no exception. I pulled my pin fish traps and we ran offshore a ways. I set up in about 18ft of water and here came the variety. Snook, cobia, grouper, jacks and even a tarpon bent the rods for us. It was a sight to see all the different species and on the same location. Always a fun day with you both and we'll remember this one for a long time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 28 2019

Morning Reds & Afternoon Gags...

Not a super hot bite today and the big change in wind direction is to blame. The steady SW to W wind we've had lately change to the N to NW today and it changed the tide and fish activity. It was blowing pretty good, so first stop grouper was not an option, so we hit the outer points and caught a couple red fish. Shane, Danny and Nathan were my team and they caught a couple slot reds and numerous little guys for the first part of the trip. There was little to no mullet activity and this was a huge indication the day was going to be a bit tough. Around 11ish, the winds backed off enough to make a grouper run, but I stayed shallow and fished the 8ft depth of water range. We turned a couple keepers and some shorts for the afternoon. A good time with you all and here's Danny with his big gag of the day... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Aug 27 2019

Fun Time....

Always a super fun time with Alyse, Amanda and Tom. The father and daughter team did a terrific job catching some nice reds on the outer keys and knocking down some grouper before the rain storms. The reds were in a small school and actually myself and Capt, Mario Costello worked as a team, bouncing the red fish in between us. We made a couple quick stops on a couple ledges and turned three really nice grouper to wrap up our day. I thank you all and always look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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What a morning with Travis and Tabitha. I made a two stop shopping trip on a couple ledges and we did terrific. The tide was just turning out, we sent down the pinfish and wham. In short order the couple turned a couple really nice gags and Travis got a surprise bite by a real nice cobia. We beat the heat and called it a day by noon. I thank you both and a terrific job... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 22 2019

Good Gags & Reds...

Some more fun on the red fish and grouper and Shane was my solo guest today out of Crystal River. Not to much to report in change from the last three days. We experienced some great red fishing on the falling tide and hot grouper action on some ledges. I will say for today, the gags were wound up and they were hitting as hard as I've seen them. It was like it was November with them being so aggressive. Shane did great turning them and I always enjoy the day with you.... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 21 2019

Reds &Gags...

Another great day with Brian and Bobby and this father and son team had a great day. For this Crystal River charter, it was an absolute identical trip as to yesterdays trip. Great red fishing in the morning and some nice gag grouper fishing to wrap up the day. I used live pin fish for both trips and you guys were a blast to have on board. I thank you both and great job... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Aug 20 2019

Crystal River Reds & Gags....

A really great day with Dan, Lauren and Big Fish Bob and the guys had quiet the day. We started the trip on a terrific red fish bite and the guys took turns catching some really nice fish. All the reds were released and we changed gears and went after some gags. I made a run way south and started in 15ft of water and we began turning some nice grouper. A couple nice keepers made their way on board and we topped off the grouper limit in 25ft with some real nice fish. A wonderful day with you all and I thank you.... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Aug 19 2019

Good to be Out....

Finally a break in the weather and it sure was good to get back out. I've had to cancel all the trips since Thursday as we've had close to 7" of rain here at our house. I did fish Wednesday with the Lent party and we were doing great with the snapper and sheepshead on a little ledge I have, but soon enough got chased it by the weather. So for today with a good forecast the Binns guys were ready to go. I pushed offshore to about 20ft of water and was greeted to very dirty water from the rain and a gumbo algae bloom. YUK.... it made bait fishing very difficult, but we pushed through and caught a couple nice grouper. I'm hoping to go south tomorrow to see if the water condition's improve and I thank you all for the fun time today... Capt. Dan

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