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Monday, Sep 28 2020

Fast Gags...

Chris was my solo guest today and he put down a quick limit of gags. Chris actually holds the record for largest gag on my boat and he and I always have a blast. We pulled the bait traps and ran to one of my favorite little rocks in 10ft of water. We set up, two baits hit the water and done! A pair of hefty gags came on board. There was a pretty bad storm offshore so we soon headed East, caught a quick snook to wrap up the day and beat the weather home. I thank you buddy and great job... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Sep 27 2020

On the Water....

So good to be back on the water and Becky and I were able to tackle some gags for a couple hours. I have a little break in my medical schedule right now and I'm feeling good enough to spend a few hours on the water. Today we loaded the rods with Rapala F-18 plugs and we cast to some rocks, for about 10 gags or so. We had a couple keepers, kept one for dinner and really had a nice time. I'll see you on the water soon... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Sep 11 2020

Checking In...

Hi everyone, I just wanted to check in and say hello. I'm still undergoing treatment right now and still not quite up to fishing yet. I've had some rough times here lately, but hanging in there and staying strong. Soon as I can, I'll be out there tackling those grouper with you all.... Capt. Dan

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