It isn't very often I wish for wind, but we sure could have used a little today. Richard, Tommy and Adam were on board with me today out of Crystal River and we made our way back offshore. "NOT" a ripple on the big pond made it a bit tough to cover some water, but we moved around little by little and did well. Several trout, sea bass, grouper, flounder, sharks and lady fish filled out out drifts and we had plenty of action. Once again the root beer Lil' Johns did their job on 1/8th oz jig heads. We released another fine gag grouper and had a hefty cobia interested on a jerk bait, but wouldn't commit. I thank you all for the fun time and look forward to seeing you in the future... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Mar 10 2014


The bite is excellent for the convict fish. What an awesome day offshore with Terry, Ryan and Roy and did we ever keep the rods bent. I ran back offshore once again to the sheepshead grounds and the action was fantastic. We kept a good dozen of fine sheepshead and released well over twenty, with most of them over the 5lb range. Perfect conditions made for a smooth ride, but no triple tail today. The team added a trout and flounder to the mix and a great day is in the books. I thank you all for the fun time and I always look forward to fishing with you... Capt. Dan
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Quite the variety today on the rocks and we kept the rods bent. Pat and Oscar were my clients for the day and what a Crystal River Charter they had. With winter time upon us, I like to really concentrate on the sheephsead fishing for my winter charters. The sheepshead migrate inshore for spawning and congregate around various structures, usually until about mid March. That was today's plan and the guys had a fantastic mixed bag. Live shrimp on the rocks was the bait of choice for the sheeps, grunts and floiunder and we ended our trip jigging up a couple trout to end the day. A beautiful, cool day offshore, and I thank you both for the great time... Capt. Dan
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The sun finally came out today and it was a beautiful day. Mark and Mark Jr. were along with me for the day and we stayed on the shallow rocks and had a fine mixed catch. Grouper was our first order of business and we jumped rock to rock casting plugs and catching an outstanding limit of quality gag grouper. With plenty of time to kill, we took it easy and worked some more shallow rock piles and caught an assortment of species. There wasn't fast and furious action, but enough to keep the rods bent from time to time. A great day on the Nature Coast and I thank you guys for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Oct 11 2013

Homosassa Big Haul....

Quite the catch today out of Homosassa and myself and fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn, William Toney and Rick Spratt had a good one. My crew was Lyle, Tom and Chuck and these gentlemen had a fine mixed bag of grouper, trout, sea bass, grunts and Spanish Mackerel. Slick calm seas made for easy running and we were able to do a little bit of everything. The other guides did fantastic with big mixed bag catches too and Capt. Toney did outstanding bringing in his limit of trout. It's always a special day when the fishing is this good and I thank you all for the great time. Here's the Turman party with an impressive day on the water... Capt. Dan
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A special day with a special couple. I had Bill and Nell on board out of Pete's Pier today and we caught a little variety and celebrated Bill's 86th birthday. For sure fire action and to the keep the rods bent, I ran back a little ways offshore and fished the shallow rock piles. Steady action with snapper, grunts, jacks, lady fish and grouper made up the majority of the day. We had a little birthday lunch celebration and finished out the afternoon trying to tackle a red fish. We saw a couple, but no takers for the team today. i thank you both for a wonderful day and have a very special birthday Bill... Capt. Dan
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Yes folks, today was one of those days when the fish were on the feed. I had the Partain family on board and these guys hit it out of the park. I met the family at Pete's Pier Marina and we made our way offshore. Today's plan was to drop some live baits on some ledges, find a couple grouper and then hit the rocks with a mixed bag of species to keep the rods bent. Well, the grouper were hungry today and just about every stop we dropped on produced some quality gags. I was really surprised how aggressive the grouper were, and the gang turned all of them except one break off. With an outstanding limit of shallow water grouper, we ran to the snapper rocks and loaded up on mango's, grunts and a flounder. We hit it as good as it get's today and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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Sunday, Aug 11 2013

Crystal River Variety...

A fun day with Jen, Sam and Robert on board and they caught a little variety. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina at 8am, we had just enough tide to find a quick red fish. We pulled up to one of my favorite rocky points and immediately hooked up. The team did great right off the bat and free lining live shrimp, they caught red fish, flounder and snapper. The tide was getting low and for some sure fire action, we ran to the rocks and kept the rods bent. Grunts, numerous snapper, sea bass and grouper filled out the afternoon and everyone caught plenty of fish. A great time with a great family and I look forward to seeing you all again. Here's Jen with a fine gulf flounder... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, May 18 2013

Homosassa Variety...

An action packed day for sure out of the Homosassa Fishing Club and I joined my good friend Capt. Mark Zorn fishing the Hansen party. I had Richard and Jerry on board for the day and the guys had the hod rods. We made our quick run offshore to about 8ft of water and the trout bite was on. We had out limit of fifteen trout by 11am and even released a few others. With red fishing really not being all that fantastic at the time and the tide running out; we opted to go rock jumping. We jigged an assortment of different rocks and had a nice variety. Sea bass, keeper sized gags, cobia, flounder etc... were keeping us busy for the afternoon. It was a perfect day and I can't thank you both enough. Here's both teams with our catches for the day... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, May 11 2013

Crystal River Offshore...

I'm telling those grouper "watch out, only two months to go" before the season opens. David and Steve joined me today out of Crystal River and they wanted to experience some hard fighting fish. I suggested cobia and grouper and the guys said "great, lets do it". Cobia was going to be our first target and once we anchored on our structure, we caught three just under keeper sized cobia to start the day. Free lined live pin fish was the bait of choice for the cobia. With some great pictures and the guys ready for some grouper; we made a couple mile run, anchored and FISH ON. We caught and released eleven keeper sized gags to 16lbs and had our lines busted a couple times as well. We called it a day a little early and the guys couldn't have been more happier. Here's David with the big grouper of the day released, to be caught again in July... Capt. Dan
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