A great day on the big pond with Gary, Jim and Kristi for a full day Crystal River charter. We left from Pete's Pier Marina just before 8am and made our track south off the keys. The tide was quite low and there wasn't much happening after a couple drifts for the first hour. The tide was about to turn around 10am and the breeze was calming, so we made a run to the 10ft range and did some jigging on the early summer time locations. Well, the trout are there and we also picked up a couple flounder and sea bass to add to the mix. Bourbon colored Lil Johns and motor oil DOA jerk baits were the flavor of the day. We wrapped it up just after 2pm and called it a day. I thank you all for the fun time and hope to see you soon... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Mar 28 2013

Crystal River Big Red Bonus!!!

Another fun group trip today with good friend Capt. Zorn and we had the pleasure of fishing the Zimmerman party. It's been tough to make it out over the last week and today's pleasant weather was a welcomed surprise.  I had Jeremy and Jim on board and targeting trout was the days theme. The action for us was a little slow, but we had some action and a mixed catch including trout, mackerel, flounder and blue fish. Capt. Z's team did great with a limit of quality trout to make some happy faces. Today's big catch for my team was Jeremy hooking in to and landing a red fish of a life time. While jigging for trout, we lucked in to this beautiful fish and it was quite a battle on 10lb test. He played the fish beautifully, took some memorable pictures and watched her swim away. I thank the entire group for a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you all again. Here's Jeremy with his prized catch... Capt. Dan
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A little different condition's than yesterdays trip and we had the NE wind to contend with. Jim and Fred were my guests today and I had plans on running offshore to catch the last of the Sheepshead season, but we stayed inshore and covered some ground. The trout bite for us today was slow with only a couple keepers and a few shorts to fill out the day. We basically covered the entire North Shore area and only saw a couple fish over some hard bottom areas. The few trout we did catch came on DOA jerk baits and MirrOlure Lil' John's, but we worked hard for them. I thank you guys for all your effort and enjoy the fresh fish... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Feb 22 2013

Catching A Few...

A little breezy on the big pond today, but we caught a few to ensure a great day. Clell, Sam and Butch were my guest today out of Crystal River and the guys met me at 9am at Pete's Pier Marina. Targeting offshore sheepshead was going to be my original plan, but the winds would not allow us to do so. For a back up plan, it was going to be an inshore day trying to hide from the wind and tackle some trout. We covered a lot of ground from the North to the South and had the best action in the creeks mouths. DOA deadly combos and glow jerk baits were the baits of choice.  We had some good action, but most of the trout were just under the keeper size with a couple keepers sprinkled in. I thank you guys for great time and look forward to seeing you again.... Capt. Dan
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Well, today's header pretty much sums up the weather conditions for the day. Ice on the boat in the morning, a cold 15mph NE wind and a much warmer afternoon. Phil was my guest today from Pennsylvania and after having to cancel the last two days from this last cold front, it's always great to be back on the water. The morning for us was quite slow and did I mention "cold" - and really, the fishing didn't get going until after noon. The conditions were improving through out the afternoon and allowed us to made a run offshore. The sheepshead action was very good and we caught some beautiful sheepshead and other mixed species. To finish up the afternoon, we targeted some shallow oyster bars and caught some hefty trout on DOA glow colored jerk baits. I thank you Phil for the great time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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If you're a local, you would agree with me and think it was spring right now. We have been so blessed this last week with very mild temperatures and we reached the mid 80's today. Bud, Brad and Ken joined me out of Pete's Pier for a full day Crystal River charter chasing down some sheepshead. We fished together a month ago and did outstanding on the trout and the group was ready to try their luck on some sheepies. The conditions couldn't have been better and the gulf was truly as smooth as it could be. Running offshore to the 20ft range, we fished a variety of rocks and ledges and found some hefty sheepshead, grouper, grunts and other assorted species. The action was a little slow for the morning, but picked up as the day went on. Live shrimp on a knocker rig was or bait and tackle of choice and these guys did outstanding once again. There's so many great pictures to share and if you can, please check out my Crystal River Fishing facebook page so you can see the great shots. I thank you all for a wonderful time and congratulations on a superb catch... Capt. Dan
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I can hardly believe were in December with this beautiful weather were having. We're so blessed, and the fishing is truly fantastic. Today's Crystal River Charter was a great one and I had the pleasure of having Hazel and Bill on board for the day. These couple requested plenty of action and I delivered. We had an outstanding day targeting a mixed bag of species. Trout, grouper, sea bass, flounder, mackerel and other odds and ends kept the rods bent during the day. The abundance of Spanish Mackerel right now was surprising and we caught our fair share and lost many, many jigs to them today. The gulf has warmed to 66 degrees offshore and the action should remain great until a cold front comes through. I really enjoyed today with you both and congratulations on a fine day out of Crystal River... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Nov 08 2012

Homosassa "Long John's"...

I had to dig deep in the closet to find the long John's this morning, but I'm glad I had them on. A cold 45 degree morning was what myself and Homosassa Fishing Club anglers John, Brent and Scott experienced heading out today. I had intentions of doing some catch and release grouper action, but the brisk North wind and murky gulf waters changed our plans. Instead, we did a mixture of trout and near shore fishing to salvage the day. It was cold and we had to work for our bites, but the guys did great and had a fine mixed catch. We have a shore lunch on order tomorrow and today's catch is going to be a treat. Thank you all for the fun day and we'll see you tomorrow. Here's Brent with a beautiful gulf flounder... Capt. Dan
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Choppy and rough conditions today off Crystal River and did I ever earn today's catch. Scott and Clay were on board for the day and the morning grouper bite started off great. The first couple passes trolling produced a few grouper, but they were all just under the 22" minimum. The rest of the morning got tough and the conditions were very challenging. I'll put it this way - we didn't have a fish in the cooler until 12:30pm. Finally the grouper turned on for a few minutes and the guys put three real nice 10lbers on ice. The fourth one just wasn't meant for us today, so we anchored up on a rock pile and added a few more groceries to the cooler. I thank you both for the hard efforts and you guys did great with the less than favorable conditions. Enjoy all the fish... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Aug 06 2012

Scallops and Rocks...

Myself and Capt. Rick Spratt had wonderful time with the Crymes family today and we loaded up on the scallops and caught a nice mixed bag on the rock piles. We met the group at Pete's Pier Marina and began the day just off the keys gathering our 8 gallon limit of scallops. Crystal clear water and perfect tides made it "easy" pickin's and our crew did outstanding. Just before noon we had our limit, cleaned our catch and then made our run offshore to spend the afternoon. Anchoring in the 8ft range, we caught a nice mix of grouper, grunts, sea bass, jacks, mackerel, etc.... and the action was very good. Live shrimp on a 1/8th oz Hank Brown jig head was our bait of choice for our success. I thank you all for the great time and look forward to seeing you again next time. Here's Colt with a handsome bag of scallops... Capt. Dan
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