We did it all today out of Crystal River and my two wonderful lady clients, Debbie and Shelley had a great time. We left from the Plantation Resort this morning and started the day on the outgoing tide gathering our limit of scallops on just two locations. The weekend crowds were out there, but we got away from the pack and had them all to our selves. Just before 11am we had our 6 gallon limit and made our run offshore to the 12ft range and targeted the mixed variety on the rock piles. Grouper, grunts, mangrover snapper, flounder, etc... kept us busy and a simple live shrimp on a 1/8oz Hank Brown jig head was the bait of choice. I thank you both for the fun time and here's my lady anglers with a cooler full of goodies... Capt. Dan
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The cobia did what they can sometimes do best, and that's make an angler go crazy. I had my great friends and clients Bill and Karen on board and they wanted to experience a drag pulling cobia. We left from Pete's Pier Marina this morning, caught a couple dozen pin fish and ran to a near shore wreck to find a cobia. There was another boat in the area and we patiently waited for them to move, before we anchored up and gave it our best. In a short time, we had a couple cobia surfacing next to the boat, but they had lock jaw today. Refusal after refusal was what we experienced, so we pulled anchor and saved the day with a nice catch of trout and a bonus flounder to end the day. Thank you both as always for the wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Apr 11 2012

Crystal River 1/2 Day...

A very nice group on board today out of Crystal River for a 1/2 day charter and Stan, Harry and Sherry requested a couple fish for tonight's dinner. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina, we spent the morning working MirrOlure Lil' John jigs in 6ft of water over scattered spotty bottom areas and caught a few trout. The bite was very sporadic and the the old saying "the big one got away" well, it happened to us today. Unfortunately, we did lose a couple hefty trout boat side, but we did get a good look at them to savor the moment. Stan picked up a nice bonus flounder to finish up our morning and the trip was a success. Thank you all for the fun time and enjoy the fresh fish... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Jan 06 2012

Crystal River Sampler

What a picture perfect day to be on the Gulf of Mexico! I had my long time Maine guide friend Jim on board, for a full day of some offshore and inshore fishing. We began the morning to foggy conditions and stayed in the river catching trout and lady fish until the fog cleared, to safely make our run offshore. A little after 9am the fog cleared and we were offshore bound. Targeting some rock piles in the 17ft range, we loaded up on a great mixed catch. Large sheepshead, black drum, flounder, grunts, and grouper gave us an awesome show off the different structures we fished, to make for a busy day. Keeping just enough for dinner and releasing close to 20 keeper sheepshead, we ran back inshore and finished the day with four beautiful back country red fish. I was so pleased to be able to put Jim on such a variety of species, after he has done such a great job guiding me on some fantasttic Maine brook trout and salmon over the years. Thank you Jim for the fun time and hope to see you soon... Capt. Dan
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