Saturday, May 25 2019

Wild Day...

A day to remember with my long time client Mishel on board. Her and I had a blast today and we saw some really exciting fishing. We made a couple stops this morning to grab some live baits and we then ran offshore to bend the rod. I set up and we immediately hook up on a cobia who greeted us right under the boat. As we're fighting this cobia, we see a huge offshore snook come below him as I quickly rig up and actually hook that fish. Unfortunately though, my live pinfish double hooked itself and he escaped to be caught next time. We release the cobia, send down the next bait and hook up on a hefty gag grouper in the 14lb range. As the grouper comes up, he gets eaten by a huge jewfish well over 300lbs and the battle is on. We play the tug of war game and he eventually spits out the grouper and we bring him boat side for a picture. The grouper was beaten up pretty bad and we released him on his way. Now, moments later as the grouper is unfortunately drifting belly up down tide from us; a massive bull shark comes and eats the grouper in one bite - it must have been over 8ft long. A wild string of events for us and we sure will remember this day for a long time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 15 2018

Offshore Weather...

A decent weather day to finally go outside a bit and Danny, Bart and Shane did very well. I did fish yesterday, but the morning storms delayed the trip during the prime time of the tide and we had a late take off. We caught a couple trout, several bluefish and jacks; but the weather hurt us. Today though was great with some decent grouper action on the ledges with live pin fish, plus a few mangrove snapper and grunts with live shrimp. The big catch was Danny bringing up a several hundred pound Goliath grouper we fed a live jack crevalle to, and it was a great battle. We brought it boat-side, took some pics and watched her swim away. A great time and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jun 27 2016

Ed Battles Goliath...

What a day with Dr. Ed on board!!! Ed and I have been trying for years to target Goliath grouper, but the weather has always put us down. It was looking that way again this morning, but the storms eventually cleared and it was smooth sailing by mid morning. As we waited on the weather, I was catching live jacks for Goliath bait and Ed hooks into a 38" snook - "nice bonus". We eventually made our way to some nice bottom structures and WHAM, we hooked up. Ed went 2 for 5 on Goliath's, while bringing one boat side well over 300lbs. A very good accomplishment and congratulations on a great tug of war... Capt. Dan

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It was quite the day before the rain chased us in and the fish were in a " happy" mood. I had Brad, Greg and John on board for the day and we hit it just right. I stuck with what's been working lately and we trolled our way from spot to spot picking up a keeper gag on each location. Bunker colored Rapala x-rap 20's were the baits today and we even landed a 100lb Goliath grouper on one. It's not to common to pick up a Goliath grouper trolling, but when the rod goes off - you think you have king grouper I can assure you. The guys put their sixth fish on ice just as the rain was approaching and we headed back to the marina. A really good day and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jun 18 2014

Team Maine Going "BIG"...

Day three with Rich and Matt and for today's trip, they requested trying to tackle a Goliath grouper as well as some tarpon fishing. I said "oh yea, we can do that" and I loaded up the big rod. To be honest, I haven't caught on in a while and I was just as excited as they were. Goliath grouper love live jacks for bait , so we got out the plugs and caught a couple to put in the live well. With a couple frisky jacks ready to go, we ran offshore and dropped on some rock piles and ledges. The first couple of stops didn't produce, but dropping on one of my favorite under cut ledges was the spot. We sent down the jack and "wham"..... The guys were in the battle of their first Goliath grouper and with a hard tug of war, brought it boat side. I took some great pictures and with another jack in the live well, I said "lets do it again". In just a matter of minutes the rod doubled over and the battle was on. This fish was considerably larger and the first fish was well over 200lbs. Into the fight, the rod breaks and I had to hand line in a 300lb Goliath grouper - it was quite a sight. Two really large fish and some great memories of a hard fight. I can't thank you both enough for a fun couple of days and I look forward to seeing you next year to do it again... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Sep 02 2012

Crystal River Offshore...

A great run today offshore with Tony, Donna and Chris on board for some grouper action. We left from Pete's Pier Marina at 8am and our first stop was loading up on a live well full of pin fish. The pin fish trap was full today, so there wasn't any extra time needed to hook and line some more. We were offshore bound with pleasant seas and reaching the 30ft depth range, we caught some nice gag grouper. The full moon that's upon us usually isn't the best time to target grouper, but big live baits will usually get them to cooperate. An awesome end of the day bonus was trolling up a 70lb Goliath grouper on 30lb line to give Tony and Donna a great tug of war. I thank you all for the fun day and here's today's crew with their catch... Capt. Dan
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