Monday, Nov 23 2020

Grouper trolling...

Another annual trip for Mr. Emory on board and he brought his son along for the day. Well, we put the dogs in the water and trolled up a really nice limit of quality grouper. All the keepers were double digit fish with the largest topping in at 17lbs. No grass to contend with and it made trolling a breeze. A great day and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Nov 22 2020

Nice Ones....

Some nice ones today for the Surber team and they come every year around this time for their grouper goodies. Well today was on, and we picked up a couple trolling and on bait. It was a bit bumpy for the morning couple hours, but soon enough calmed right on down for a beautiful day. You both did a great job turning some quality gags and I'll see you next year... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Nov 20 2020

Breezy Gags....

Good to be out after the last three days of windy weather. It was still breezy, but the Tscairos family was ready to give it a try. I'm glad we did as it was bumpy, but the grouper were biting. We picked up a couple on plugs and live bait to secure their limit of Crystal River gags. I thank you both and great job...Capt. Dan

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A one man band with the one and only Tony Sans and he and I sure had a day. We started off before todays approaching front, grabbing some grouper and did so just in the Knick of time; before the seas got rough. Our first spot thankfully produced our limit and we slowly eased back inshore in the bumpy conditions. Next up, we drifted the shallow hard bottom off the outer keys and had an awesome trout bite. We caught well over 20 keepers and numerous shorts for our afternoon. Lots of action and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Nov 15 2020

Day Two....

Day two today with the Bosworth team from Tennessee and they had another great one. The grouper bite was just as fast as yesterday and we put five in the box in a matter of minutes. I said let's move around a bit for the last one, as I tried a couple other spots. The team and I were picky for the last one and we found a beauty around 14lbs to finish off the day. A great two days and I thank you all... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Nov 14 2020

Team Bosworth...

Some fast and I mean really fast grouper action today with the Bosworth team, and we had our grouper limit in less than 15 minutes. We had the tropical storm blow through two days prior and the gulf is churned up a bit, but the fish were ready to eat. The team did a terrific job securing a fine limit of grouper and a couple bonus trout filled out our afternoon. A great day and I thank you.... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Nov 01 2020

Pre Cold Front Gags...

We got out just before the cold front came today with the Keeler family and they did great. We stayed roughly in the 10ft range and found some quality gags on pin fish. Quite a few shorts kept us busy too. Four nice ones came home and I thank you both. This week doesn't look to good as the wind is supposed to blow pretty good. We'll just have to see what happens and hope to make it out soon... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Oct 28 2020

Fishing with Tony...

The wind was not our friend today, but I had Tony on board by himself and we gave it a go. It was a bit to rough to set up on the anchor, so we trolled for a bit and did well catching quite a few gags. Orange was the hot color and Tony just wanted one for dinner so we accomplished that. A couple red fish filled out the rest of the day and a few drag pulling sting rays. A great time and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Oct 27 2020

Crystal River Mix...

A great day with the Short family and they hit it out of the park. Good grouper trolling and in just a couple passes we were done. Next we just poked around inshore targeting trout with cork rigs and red fish in the mangroves. A good bite, good action and I thank you both.... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Oct 26 2020

Shallow Gags....

Pretty rough out there today and for the morning hours I stayed inside and hit the shallow stuff with Mike and Pat. I loaded up on bait and we set up on a couple ledges in 6ft of water. Well, the action was awesome as the first three baits produced three keepers. A couple more shorts and we finally found the fourth one and a flounder. I thank you both and great job.... Capt. Dan

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