Saturday, Dec 16 2017

Family Grouper...

The Messer family joined me today for some grouper action and we did well. The chilly gulf is still keeping the best bite later in the day, but if you can hang in there - it can be worth the wait. We had lots of short grouper for most of the day and it was fun with all them bending the rod. Just after 2pm though, the big boys were ready and we found some nice gags. A great time with you all and enjoy the grouper Christmas dinners... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Dec 14 2017

Good Weather Gags...

FINALLY!!! A decent weather day and the conditions were much improved. It's been pretty tough to get out lately with the recent fronts, but today it was back on track. Scotty and Tim were on board for the day and we did quite well. The guys bottom fished some real big gags, plus sight fished a beautiful triple tail on a crab buoy. The gulf water temp is still in the 50's, so patience is needed for the grouper, as the bite was much later in the day. Great to be back out there and fine job team... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Dec 07 2017

Girls day Out...

Not the best weather today, but we caught some fine groupers. Chrissy, Lauren and Patty were my guests and we had a really fun time. The wind and sea's were up a bit, so we stayed shallow to find our grouper. The team did a combination of bait fishing and plug casting to get them going today. This was their first time shallow water grouper digging and they did fantastic. Great job everybody!!! Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Dec 06 2017

Offshore Gags & Hogfish...

The last of the long stretch of great weather we've had and Shane and Doug were on board to experience it. A major cold front will be coming in a couple day and things are about to change. For today though, we went offshore a bit to 28ft of water and had a really good trip. The gags were feeding on the tide change and the hog fish too. The hog fish bite was exceptional on live shrimp, with 16 being caught on hook and line. It was also Shane's birth day and he had a great one. Thank you guys and we'll do it again next year... Capt. Dan

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A fine day offshore as we eased our way to the 30ft range with Gil and Tom on board. I poked out a bit deeper as the conditions were quite nice and fished some bottom I haven't yet this season. Well, it was a good choice and the guys did very well. We bottom fished with live pinfish and the gags were slow, but a slow steady. We found our four keepers and hit an outer point for a couple red fish to top off the day. A fun time and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Dec 04 2017

4th Quarter Day...

A 4th quarter day with seconds on the clock kind of day for us, but we got'em. I had the pleasure of have the Waller party on board and the morning hours were quite slow, with just a handful of short grouper coming on the hook. It was a tide game and once it finally slowed from the big moon were having, it was fantastic. I anchored on a ledge and between casting plugs and live bait - we limited in less than 20 minutes. I was in "awe" myself and what a great job the team did. We'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Dec 02 2017

Brothers on Grouper...

Another beautiful day and the Workman brothers were my guest. I took the guys to about 12ft of water and they had a great time. We did a combination of both bait fishing and casting plugs. As we eased around, we filled our quota of nice keeper gags, with a fine day on the big pond in the books. I thank you both and let's do it again next year... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Dec 01 2017

Calm, Clear, Gags...

Absolutely beautiful calm conditions and today I took John, William and Casey offshore. I was anxious to get to the 30ft range, but once we arrived, the conditions were challenging. Crystal clear water, glass calm and no tide... We picked up a couple keepers and actually saw the groupers come out under the rocks to eat the bait. It was just to slow for me though, so we headed back inshore to the shallower bottom and did well. A great time with you guys and enjoy the grouper dinners... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Nov 30 2017

Casting Plugs...

Jezzy and Pete were back on board with me today after not seeing them for a while, and we had a ball. I took the guys to the shallow stuff and we cast plugs for the majority of the day. Well, the plan worked out good and we hooked some whoppers that got the best of us. Some fish ripped the hooks out the plugs and hopefully we'll get to see what they look like in the future. Great job fellas and enjoy the grouper dinners.... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Nov 28 2017

Settin' The Hook...

What a day with the ladies from the Settin' The Hook team and we tackled some nice gags. Ann, Ashley and Ashley were on board with me for the day and we left the bait behind and cast plugs for the grouper. I loaded the rods with Rapala F18's and the girls did absolutely awesome. We fished the shallow stuff in the 8ft to 10ft range and by 11:30am, we had 6 beautiful grouper on ice. A picture perfect day and fantastic job to you all... Capt. Dan

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