Saturday, Oct 20 2018

Homosassa Gags..

It's been a while since I've fished out of Homosassa and it was great to be at the Fishing Club again. This weekend was the club jamboree and Lee and Allen were my guests. We did a little bit of everything on this trip to mix it up. We drifted the flats for trout and caught a handful on cork rigs, stopped on a point for a keeper red fish and ended the trip with a limit of gags. The guys really enjoyed the grouper fishing and both of them caught their first keeper groupers. It was great to see you all and fantastic job. Here's Jeff with the first one down... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Oct 19 2018

Grouper Chop!!!

A bit bumpy today and just about on the verge on being to rough for what I like to fish in. However, we call it the grouper chop and with all the extra oxygen in the water and rolling seas, it makes the grouper very happy. Shane and Lee were the team and oh my, did these guys do great. We had our grouper in short order and even released a couple others, with one being a whopper of a good one. Live baits were the ticket once again and here's Lee with a great Crystal River grouper... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Oct 18 2018

Way South Grouper...

I took Lee and Ed way South to some bottom I have and we were almost West of Bay port. The sea's were nice and made for a smooth 20 mile ride. The water down there was beautiful and crystal clear. We set up shop on a couple rocks in the 15ft range and in a matter of minutes, we had our four beautiful grouper on ice. After such a great catch, we took it easy and searched for some new structures. Well, I found a couple new ones and whoever is going to be on board the day I fish them, will be very pleased. I thank you both and great job.... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Oct 17 2018

The Barlows Groupers...

Another fine day to poke offshore a bit with the Barlow family and once again, they did terrific. I actually eased out to 30ft of water and the bite was quite good. The first two baits down were keepers, but then had to weed through some shorts on a couple stops to get the last two good ones. I'm still live bating the grouper, but hopefully soon I'll be able to drag some plugs behind the boat... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Oct 16 2018

Lady Anglers..

Wow!!!! That pretty much sums up today's charter as it was awesome. Ann, Venny and Ashley were my lady angler guests from Settin' the Hook gear and oh my did they catch some beautiful grouper. I ran offshore a bit farther that I have been and the team sent down the pin fish. Some hefty gags kept us busy and one was just shy of the 20lb mark. The conditions were perfect and we even found a new spot where we caught and released several fine gags. A great time and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Oct 15 2018

Grouper before Flight....

A really quick morning trip with Phil for his last day and he had to catch an early afternoon flight back home. Him and I left the dock just after 7am and I went to one of my little spots I keep in my back pocket and he quickly caught his pair of gags. Two baits, two grouper and we headed back to the dock. A great couple of days buddy and I look forward to seeing you next time... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Oct 14 2018

Day Two Phil's...

Day two with the Phil's and they did outstanding. We ran down South today and the bite was great. I made two stops for a beautiful limit of gags and we then bent the rod with some tasty grunts to add to the mix. Our hint of fall was short lived as it got right up there pretty hot today, but hopefully in the coming weeks it will begin steadily cooling off. Great job guys and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Oct 13 2018

The Phil's...

It's the second week of October and it's time for Phil to be in town. This year he brought his son Phil jr. down and the guys had a great first day. Our area was so blessed with the recent hurricane passing and only minor flooding, was what we experienced. Thoughts and prayers to the families in the panhandle region. As the guys geared up for this trip and storm passing, grouper was on the menu. Well, for the first day they caught a bunch of gags. I truly believe we totaled 40 for the day with lots of under sized fish, but securing a limit of keepers as well. Live baits were the deal for us and the little hint of fall in the air sure felt great... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Oct 06 2018

Grouper Ball...

It was day two with Mishel on board and her husband Earl joined us for this Saturday's trip. We left a little bit later today to avoid the morning chop and let the winds calm down a bit. We had our bait wells filled a little before 10am and we headed West. Our first dropped produced some good grouper and Mishel caught a beauty of a king fish that gave her a good ride. I moved around little by little, but on the last stop as we hooked up, a ball of grouper followed up our hooked fish and there must have been close to 30 gags in that school " very impressive". Awesome job to you both and here's the big one of the day... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Oct 05 2018

Great Grouper Friday...

Great gags today on this Friday's trip with Mishel and good family friend Jason. The team was ready and they did awesome. I pulled my pin fish traps and we ran out to about 21ft of water since the conditions were so nice. Well, it was a good call and four beauty's came on board, and smiles were on our faces for the rest of the day. Great job to you both and I'll see you tomorrow... Capt. Dan

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