Friday, Aug 17 2018

Morning Gags...

Another surprisingly good grouper bite for us today and this really isn't typical for August."But I'll take it"... For today's trip Travis and Tabitha were my guests and they did fantastic. We sent down live baits on a couple different grouper structures and the husband and wife team turned them great. We had to chum them a bit to get them going, but when they turned on it was time to hold on. A great trip and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 16 2018

Shallow Gags...

A really good morning on the shallow water gags with Pat solo on board and he hit it out of the park. I pulled my pin fish traps first thing this morning, ran to a shallow ledge in 8ft of water and it was hold on time. We sent down some frisky pin fish on bottom rigs and also some free lined, and both techniques worked beautifully. Pat turned a pair of double digit grouper and we pretty much wrapped up the day. A super great day buddy and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 15 2018

Offshore Weather...

A decent weather day to finally go outside a bit and Danny, Bart and Shane did very well. I did fish yesterday, but the morning storms delayed the trip during the prime time of the tide and we had a late take off. We caught a couple trout, several bluefish and jacks; but the weather hurt us. Today though was great with some decent grouper action on the ledges with live pin fish, plus a few mangrove snapper and grunts with live shrimp. The big catch was Danny bringing up a several hundred pound Goliath grouper we fed a live jack crevalle to, and it was a great battle. We brought it boat-side, took some pics and watched her swim away. A great time and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Happy New Year Everyone!!! I wish you all a very prosperous new year and many great days on the water. As 2017and grouper season came to a close, my wife Becky and I finished up the fantastic grouper season, good as it gets. This particular grouper year started out slow as it usually does, but as September came around; the grouper action heated up. It has taken a couple years for the new 24" size change to come into effect, but now I'm seeing the results of much larger fish. Also, the two fish per person limit, along with the six month closure are truly keeping the fishery healthy. I'm constantly learning, trying, experimenting etc... new techniques and tactics and this year; we had a good grasp on what the fish were doing. I thank you all that have fished with me throughout the 2017 year and I look forward to another fantastic year. God Bless and we'll see you on the water soon... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Dec 30 2017

Grocery Shopping Grouper...

What a fun day. I always take the last two days of grouper season off to fish with friends, family and have some goodies in the freezer for myself. Well today, it was my great friends Matt and Gail on board and we did very well. The seas calmed down considerably since yesterday and I was able to make it a ways offshore. Just two stops produced our grouper and we soon enough headed back to the dock. A special day and great job to the both of you... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Dec 29 2017

Tough Grouper...

Definitely not the best condition's today, but we sure got'em with the Novinger team on board. I had to get creative on the grouper drops on this trip, as it was quite gusty out of the North - ALL DAY... The wind never let up, so we jumped around and hit as many shallow places as I could. Well, the plan worked out nicely and the team secured a beautiful limit of hefty gags for the day. A great day and enjoy all the fine grouper dinners team... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Dec 28 2017

Windy, Chilly, Gags...

A cold, windy, chilly one today with the Gartman team on board, but we fished hard and found some fine gags. I was a bit worried with the choppy seas, but the couple was game and we pushed through it. I fished several rocks before the bite turned on, but when it did, it was great. Two of the fish were over 15lbs and some fine grouper dinner are on the way. I thank you both and Happy New Year... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Dec 27 2017

Choppy Grouper...

I hope everyone's Christmas was great as mine was and today, I was back on the big pond.... A bit choppy out there for us today when the wind swapped out of the NE, but the bite was on. On today's trip Larry, Dean and Jim joined me for their last trip of the 2017 grouper season and we did well. I ran offshore a bit to just under 30ft and sent down the baits. The team was ready and in a matter of minutes, we had 6 beautiful grouper on ice. I was actually shocked on how awesome the bite was and we also added a couple bonus hog fish to the mix as well. A really fun day and I'll see you guys after the first of the year... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Dec 24 2017

Christmas Eve Gags...

Merry Christmas Eve everyone and just a fun trip with my dear great friends Mishel and Earl. The husband and wife team love their grouper and once again that's what we did. The grouper bite was the best it has been all week today, and the big fish sure were fired up. We just hit a couple rock piles and in no time we all had smiles on our face. A truly great day and awesome job turning those big boys... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Dec 23 2017

South Gags...

I ran to the far South country today and Mishel, Earl and Jason turned some nice groupers. The fog was a huge issue for us, as it kept me from making the initial run South. We did pick up a couple keepers to the North, but when the fog cleared; I hammered down to the good stuff. The grouper turned on and for today, very little short grouper. Six fine gags came on board and great job team... Capt. Dan

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