Monday, Jun 07 2021

Jim's Grouper....

Another good day on the shallow gags with Jim on board and grouper turned out to be our plan B. We had hoped in finding a tarpon, but the stiff SE wind didn't allow us to make it happen. I made the run to a couple shallow rocks and ledges again and it worked out for us. Jim turned some real nice fish and secured and fine limit of Crystal River grouper. Live pin fish did the trick and I thank you.... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 06 2021

Shallow Gags....

Always a fun day on the water when Bob from Pennsylvania is in town and we did well today. We had hopes in finding a tarpon, but it was just to rough. So, for my plan B we stayed shallow and bait fished a couple different rock piles and ledges for a fine catch of gags. Bob did great and secured a fine couple of grouper dinners.... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jun 03 2021

Crystal River Gags....

A quick break in the tarpon action and I had Jason on board, as he requested tackling some grouper. I had a great Memorial Day weekend on the tarpon as we boated 2 real nice fish and jumped 5 on the fly; but for today we changed it up. I took Jason to a couple different ledges and we brought in a fine limit of gag grouper and a 35" cobia for the day. We used both live bait and we also casted Rapala F-18 plugs on the shallow rocks piles in 6ft of water. A fun day for a change of pace and were back on the tarpon flats tomorrow.... Capt. Dan

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A super fun day with Mishel and Earl and we did something a bit different. We did some trolling and checked on the grouper population for the start of our trip. Well, I assure you they are there and we caught several before we ran inshore and tackled some snook. Rapala F18 plugs did the trick on the gags. The afternoon snook action was good as well, and we released about a dozen for the afternoon hours. I thank you both and I'll see you again during grouper season... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Dec 23 2020

Hot Zone...

I made the run to the 30ft hot zone with John, Bob and Nelson as the team, and they did great. Pretty much one stop shopping and they secured a really nice catch of grouper. Lots of action with undersized gags as well, filled out the day. We released few others and it sure was a pretty day. We have a couple days left of the season, but a bitter cold front is just a day away. This may make it tough for the last of the season, but we'll just have to see..... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Dec 22 2020

Inside Gags...

We stayed on the inside for todays trip with Melissa and Geoff on board and did ok. The bite wasn't hot and heavy, but steady enough to keep us interested. Dropping down on a couple different rocks and ledges did the trick and by 1pm we had a nice limit. You both did great and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Wow... Some big dogs on today's trip with the Swain team and once again we pushed offshore quite a bit. The seas were a bit bumpy, but doable with a good ground swell that made you have your sea legs. Jim and Jimmy did a really nice job turning some big ones and a whopper at around 20lbs topped off our day. Just dropping down pin fish did the trick and a couple mangos were added as well. I thank you both and I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Dec 12 2020

Offshore Mix...

It's definitely a deeper game right now and we made the 20 mile ride to 30ft today. Marilyn and David were my team again and they sure did great. Marilyn had the hot rod for the gags and she whipped them in to shape; while bringing some real nice ones on board. David was the snapper man with some quality mangos coming on board. Great job to you both and I thank you. Some cold fronts arrive this week, with Tuesday being the only chance to make it out it looks like, but we'll have to see. I'll see you all soon... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Dec 11 2020

Homosassa Gags....

We made the ride offshore Homosassa today to the deeper stuff and it was awesome. I had the Millennium Metals team on board and they turned some fine gags. I pulled my bait traps and then parked it in about 35ft of water. One stop shopping and the team had a limit of real nice quality grouper on live pin fish. A pretty day, good fishing and I thank you all.... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Dec 10 2020

Crystal River Grouper...

A great day offshore with Rick and Greg. We're still having to push offshore a bit due to the cold water temperatures, but if you're up for a ride; the gags are there. We stayed in the 30ft range and did awesome. Several nice grouper came on board and smiles were had. I thank you both and great job Greg on the bonus tripletail..... Capt. Dan

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