We covered  the whole spectrum today, from the inshore flats, to the near shore rock piles. John and Chuck were on board for the day and my only instructions were too keep the rods bent. Stating the day inshore on the trout was a little slow on keepers, but we found a few and lots of shorts to get the day going. I never really like the outgoing tide during the full moon, so I'll blame the slow morning keeper trout bite on that. The seas were favorable to make a run offshore, so we left the trout and loaded up on the mixed species. Keeper sized grouper, sea bass, grunts, mackerel, trout and a pompano made for a very exciting afternoon. The action was great and these guys had a fantastic catch. I thank you both for the fun day and look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Nov 27 2012

Crystal River Calm Seas...

You could have taken a canoe offshore Crystal River today. Rob and Keith we on board and these gentlemen had a great Crystal River fishing charter. We began the day jigging up some trout on the bars with new penny MirrOlure Lil' Johns and the trout bite was pretty good. As a pleasant surprise, we caught a hard fighting bonito to add some excitement to the mix. The gulf calmed to a mirror flat surface around noon, so we made our run offshore and caught the usual mixed bag of goodies. it was a picture perfect day and I thank you both for the fun time. Here's the guys with a fine mixed bag... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Nov 26 2012

Crystal River Rocks...

We changed it up today and had a great Crystal River charter targeting the shallow water rocks while catching a mixed bag. Nancy, Scott and Mike were on board and we let the sun come up a little, especially since there was ice on the boat this morning. Leaving the dock at 9am, we reached the gulf to a chilly 59 degree water temperature and continued our run offshore. We primarily stayed in the 10ft range and had some great action including sheepshead, grunts, sea bass and grouper. Live shrimp on a 1/8thoz Hank Brown jig head was our bait of choice and makes for fun easy fishing. After we had a cooler full of goodies, I just had to check on the grouper inventory to see how they were doing. We made a couple passes over some holes and caught some hefty gags. We took a few pictures, released them and called it a day.  I thank you all for the great day and here's Scott from Ohio with a beautiful Crystal River grouper... Capt. Dan
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Day three today at the Homosassa Fishing Club with the Spalding party and it was another great day on the water. I had Darren, Robbie and Ed on board and we had a slow start for the first part of the day. Lady fish, short trout and red fish was all we could luck into before our shore lunch, but we finished strong. After a great shore lunch, we headed back out to the flats and all the guides had a great catch of trout. My boat had a pleasant surprise of catching a keeper sized grouper in really shallow water to top off the afternoon. Thanks to the entire grouper for a great couple of days and look forward to your next visit... Capt. Dan
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I just finished filming an excellent upcoming episode of "One More Cast" with Shaw Grigsby. This was truly a milestone in my fishing career and to fish with such a legend in the fishing industry, was a dream come true. The show will air after the first of the year on the Sportsman's channel and will feature some beautiful Crystal River grouper... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Nov 03 2012

Crystal River Trout and Gags...

Finally, the gulf is back to normal. Although it is quite dirty,  the fish are back to feeding. The drastic 15 degree water temperature drop from earlier in the week put the fish in to shock and it took a couple days for them to get comfortable. Ryan and Chris joined me out of Pete's Pier today and the guys had a great morning jigging up some trout. The tide was running out and we targeted some grass patches around some rock bars with MirrOlure Lil' Johns in hand. It was fast action and in short order, they had their limit. Grouper season has recently closed (due to the unintelligent scientists at NOAA's Gulf Council) as of Nov. 1st, so we did some catch and release photographing. We trolled the usual good hard bottom areas in about 20ft of water and caught several grouper to finish our day. Today was another great one in the books and congratulations on your fine catch... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Nov 02 2012

Florida Sportsman Nov. 2012

I wanted to send a big thank you to David Brown one of the contributing editors for Florida Sportsman Magazine. David did an outstanding grouper trolling story in this months issue and featured "yours truly" as one of the captains. It's a great article and if you have a chance to read it, I know you'll enjoy it... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Oct 20 2012

Crystal River Bonus Snook...

The weatherman was right today with the 15mph NW winds and it definitely made today a little challenging. I had Mishel and Earl on board out of Pete's Pier Marina and we gave it our best to find a couple grouper. The water was quite dirty and the floating grass was an issue which made trolling difficult, but when we had a clean drag, we caught a couple keepers. The CD Rapala fire tiger 14's were the plugs of choice. For an extra bonus,  Mishel caught a beautiful snook while trolling for grouper to top off the day. A nice triple tail was added to the mix and a windy, but fun day out of Crystal River was had by all. I thank you both again and we'll see you soon... Capt. Dan
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My great regular clients and friends Mishel and Earl joined me today out of Homosassa for some grouper action. We left a little late today as we waited for an approaching cold from storm line to pass, but when the weather cleared; we were off to find some fish. With a little bit of the high tide left, we staked out on an outer key and caught a couple red fish to start the day. The water was running out fast, so our next plan was to troll up some grouper. The grouper cooperated nicely as we trolled a couple shallow areas and in a few hours, we had our limit of beautiful grouper. I always enjoy my trips with you both and I thank you for the great time... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Oct 18 2012

Homosassa Grouper Delight....

We hit it as good as it gets today out of Homosassa and Bill, Karen and Len had a fantastic day. I met the crew just after 8am at Macrae's and made our way offshore Homosassa and the grouper bite was on. We trolled our plugs over a couple different strucutres and had our limit of hefty gags. The grouper bite was great and our next plan was adding some tasty grunts to our catch. We anchored up over some shallower rocks and caught a variety of grouper, grunts and mackerel to keep us busy. To top off the day, we made a quick drift inshore, picked up a couple keeepr trout and called it a day. i can't thank you all enough for such a great time and congragulations on your outstanding day.. Capt. Dan
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