Sunday, Dec 04 2011

Crystal River Variety

Another fine mixed bag today out of Crystal River and Steve, Bob and Tommy were very pleased with their success. We began the day fishing the first couple hours of the outgoing tide and targeting trout. Using a mixture of DOA cals, Mirrolure Lil' Johns and Gulp shrimp,we jigged our way along the bars and had a nice catch of 11 keeper trout before we ran offshore. Our next stop were the scattered rock piles in 8ft to10ft of water and once again, the mixed bag of species kept us busy. Numerous grunts, sea bass, sheepshead, grouper and a mackerel filled out our afternoon before we called it a day. Thank you gentlemen for the great time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and if you were feeling like me, it was a little tough to get going this morning from eating such a great meal. However, a couple cups of coffee and rigging up the rods; I was ready for a great day with Matt, Mike and Tom out of Crystal River. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina, we ran out the river and we were welcomed to an "extremely low tide". I had to get creative on my fishing locations, but deciding on working the cuts between the oyster bars, we began catching several trout to start the day. The trout bite was pretty steady, but I wanted to gives the guys a little variety, so we ran offshore to the rock piles and found a mixed bag. Numerous grouper, sea bass, grunts, porgys, mackerel and sheepshead filled out our afternoon catch, before we ran back inshore to find a last minute red fish. Back in the creeks, with a minimal high tide, we caught a couple under slot red fish; while Matt had the hot rod and picked up a beautiful 24" keeper to end the day. Thanks guys for the great time and enjoy all the variety of species for your fish fry... Capt. Dan
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Unfortunately, today was the last day of the 2011 gag grouper season. To sum the season up in one word - Fantastic! The only down side to the short season was loosing several days to windy conditions and not being able to put all my great clients on a fresh grouper dinner. However, today we ended it with a bang. Ralph, Diana, Carol and Mike joined me out of Macrae's for a full day of trolling up some grouper. Leaving the Homosassa river to foggy conditions and running south to 22ft of water, we hit the mother-load of keeper sized gags. Today may just be one of the best grouper bites I've experienced and in less than 45 minutes, we had our eight fish limit. The water was crystal clear and we were watching several grouper follow each of the fish we were reeling in. Just after 11am we had our limit and we decided to take our time running in and call it a day. I want to thank you all for the unbeleivable experience today and enjoy tonight's grouper dinner... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Nov 15 2011

Yo-Zuri Gags. Nov. 14th 2011

Today was a fun day with my good friend George from Yo-Zuri lures. We did some research and development on some new upcoming plugs and I think you all will be impressed with the future products. With only a day left before the end of the extremely short grouper season, we had to catch a couple last minute gags. We trolled the 20ft depth range and we actually had a bit of a tough day. Slick seas, (surprisingly) dirty water and no wind made it difficult to get a bite going, but we did find a couple good ones. A great time, good stories and I look forward to using some of the new 2012 products. Here's George with a couple of today's grouper... Capt. Dan 
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With only a couple days left to go before the end of our 2011 grouper season, I was anxious to try a few of my other grouper locations. Sam, Mark and Jordan joined me today for a full day of running down some Crystal River gags. We left from Pete's Pier Marina, ran out to the intake canal area and put out the plugs. Trolling Rapala x-rap 20's in the bunker and fire tiger colors, the guys brought in some hefty gag grouper. We had a couple over 10lbs and Mark brought in one just under 20lbs to have have the big fish of the day honors. We had a couple on that were even larger, but we just couldn't turn them in time. It was about a beautiful day as it gets and great job guys on the big catch... Capt. Dan
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