Thursday, Nov 02 2017

Crystal River Offshore...

Calm seas and happy grouper! A great day offshore with the Villages team of Chris, Jim and Al. The fellas joined up and we headed offshore. I fished just inside the 30ft range and we bottom fished a fine catch of gags; plus some bonus hog fish. Live pin fish were the ticket for the grouper and live shrimp on knocker rigs caught us the hogs. A really nice day to be offshore and great job team... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Aug 30 2017

Crystal River Offshore...

A little choppy today, but a great day offshore with Tony, Todd and Tom. The guys were ready to play and they turned some fine gags. We fished the 20ft range and with only a couple break offs, the gags came on board. Turning these shallow water grouper makes the day and if you have the endurance to get them away from their structure, it can be very rewarding. The mangrove snapper, hog fish and macks kept us busy, while free lining live shrimp in between grouper bites. I thank you all and great job today team... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Aug 24 2017

Going Deep...

It's not to often I have the weather to go deep, but today was the day. The guys were back on board from yesterday and with calm seas, we went West. I fished some of my deeper grouper structures and caught a couple, but it was quite slow and actually disappointing in the bites. The grouper bite in general this year is quite tough from all the reports in the area and hopefully with the upcoming fall season, it gets better. The team however, had some great action on snapper and a couple bonus hog fish; which are always a welcomed surprise. The sea's were calm and though the grouper bite was slow, we had a great day.... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 04 2017

Crystal River Offshore...

I took a break from the tarpon skiff today and I had the pleasure of having Tim on board and we made our way offshore. Tim's tried several times to go out with me and the weather has always been not in our favor. Today though was fair and we made it happen. I fished the 28ft of water range and we caught a limit of gags, some mangrove snapper and a fine bonus hog fish. Everything was caught bottom fishing and we beat the offshore storm in, just in time. A fine day and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Sep 24 2016

Crystal River, Getting Good...

One of those special days out of Crystal River for the Nash family and these guys had a good one. The bite was really on for us and a quick stop inshore on the red fish, got our day going. In five cast, the team brought four nice slot red fish to the boat. Next up, we headed West to 30ft and had a fantastic offshore afternoon. The gags cooperated nicely; as well as the grunts, snapper, mackerel and a bonus hog fish. Quite the day guys and congratulations on the stellar trip... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Aug 20 2016


A deep run today out to close to 40ft with Brian, Brad and Robert and these gentlemen had a killer day. The gulf was absolutely flat calm and we hammered down offshore. Our first drop was very productive. Big mangrove snapper and a couple keeper gags greeted us right away, plus a couple mackerel too. We moved around a couple times, but no more keeper grouper - the big snapper kept us busy though. With a good catch, we ran inshore, stopped on a key and caught a fine red fish and snook to wrap up an outstanding day. Thank you all so much and I really look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Dec 12 2015

Crystal River Inside and Out...

A nice mix today on both some inshore and offshore fishing. I had some great friends from high school on board that I haven't seen in quite sometime and we had a blast. From jigging trout, to dropping knocker rigs on the rock piles; the bite was on today. The team had a great mix of trout, sheepshead, grouper, trigger fish, grunts and hog fish. A couple of the species we caught today, the seasons were closed; but we had a blast catching and releasing. I really enjoyed the day and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Nov 16 2015

Homosassa Hogs & Gags...

My final day ending a four great day fishing extravaganza with Phil and Matt. These last couple days have been quite memorable and the catches, have been fantastic. Today was another awesome trip out of Homosassa and my man Matt was on the hog fish. Matt had the hod rod and brought in six hog fish on hook and line, while Phil was the grouper man today. The weather was absolutely perfect for November and I can't thank you both enough for all the fun times. Here's the crew with a catch to be proud of... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Nov 12 2015

Beautiful Offshore....

Without a doubt, the most picture perfect beautiful day one could ask for and Clell and Lee were able to experience it. We left the Plantation on Crystal River to very foggy conditions, but once we reached the Mangrove Pt. area, it was smooth sailing offshore. The guys and I targeted the 28ft area today and with glass calm conditions, we had a awesome catch. A limit of gag grouper, a big king Mack, several grunt and a hog fish filled out the day. I bottomed fished today, as the grass was just to thick to drag plugs. On the way back inshore, I was reluctant to red fish as it was so slow yesterday; but we hit one little pocket and brought in four fine slot sized red fish to end the day. A perfect day and I thank you both as always for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Oct 29 2015

Offshore Crystal River...

A really nice day offshore Crystal River with Shane and Bart on board and in two stops; they had a great catch. I made a run to the South today in the 28ft range and did some bottom fishing. It was two grassy to troll, so bottom fishing was going to be the plan. The grouper were slamming both live and dead baits and in a short time, the team had their four gags. i changed over to live shrimp on knocker rigs and we began catching a nice variety. Mangrove snapper, hog fish, grunts and Spanish mackerel kept us busy for the afternoon and I thank you all for the great day... Capt. Dan

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