Grouper, grouper, grouper!!! It was a fun catch and release day today with Lisa and Jay on board and they have always wanted to catch some big grouper. Unfortunaly the season is still closed, but that doesn't mean you can't go out and prove to the "Gulf Council" that there is not a shortage of gag grouper and take plenty of picutures. Well thats what we did and we caught some beautys. We trolled just a couple miles offshore in the 10ft range and in less than a hour, caught several keeper sized gags. It was a fish on every pass and the CD 14 fire tiger Rapala was the hot ticket. After taking some great pictures, we ran to some shallow rocks and jigged a variety of species to end the day. Trout, mackerel, sea bass and flounder finished the trip and I thank you both for the fun day. Here's the couple with a great together shot... Capt. Dan
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I can hardly believe were in December with this beautiful weather were having. We're so blessed, and the fishing is truly fantastic. Today's Crystal River Charter was a great one and I had the pleasure of having Hazel and Bill on board for the day. These couple requested plenty of action and I delivered. We had an outstanding day targeting a mixed bag of species. Trout, grouper, sea bass, flounder, mackerel and other odds and ends kept the rods bent during the day. The abundance of Spanish Mackerel right now was surprising and we caught our fair share and lost many, many jigs to them today. The gulf has warmed to 66 degrees offshore and the action should remain great until a cold front comes through. I really enjoyed today with you both and congratulations on a fine day out of Crystal River... Capt. Dan
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What a awesome surprise to start off today's Crystal River charter. Dan, Mallory and Ross were on board for the day and Ross got us going with a monster 40" snook. We left from Pete's Pier Marina this morning and tried our luck for trout with the little bit of out going tide we had to work with. The trout bite was slow, but the drag screaming snook made up for it. As a plan B, we ran back offshore to the rocks and loaded up on the sea bass, mackerel and released a couple grouper. The tide was turning to come in around noon, so we made our run back inshore and picked up a couple nice quality trout to end our day. I thank you all for the fun time and congratulations on a outstanding catch. Here's Ross with one heck of a snook to be proud of... Capt. Dan
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We covered  the whole spectrum today, from the inshore flats, to the near shore rock piles. John and Chuck were on board for the day and my only instructions were too keep the rods bent. Stating the day inshore on the trout was a little slow on keepers, but we found a few and lots of shorts to get the day going. I never really like the outgoing tide during the full moon, so I'll blame the slow morning keeper trout bite on that. The seas were favorable to make a run offshore, so we left the trout and loaded up on the mixed species. Keeper sized grouper, sea bass, grunts, mackerel, trout and a pompano made for a very exciting afternoon. The action was great and these guys had a fantastic catch. I thank you both for the fun day and look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Nov 27 2012

Crystal River Calm Seas...

You could have taken a canoe offshore Crystal River today. Rob and Keith we on board and these gentlemen had a great Crystal River fishing charter. We began the day jigging up some trout on the bars with new penny MirrOlure Lil' Johns and the trout bite was pretty good. As a pleasant surprise, we caught a hard fighting bonito to add some excitement to the mix. The gulf calmed to a mirror flat surface around noon, so we made our run offshore and caught the usual mixed bag of goodies. it was a picture perfect day and I thank you both for the fun time. Here's the guys with a fine mixed bag... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Nov 26 2012

Crystal River Rocks...

We changed it up today and had a great Crystal River charter targeting the shallow water rocks while catching a mixed bag. Nancy, Scott and Mike were on board and we let the sun come up a little, especially since there was ice on the boat this morning. Leaving the dock at 9am, we reached the gulf to a chilly 59 degree water temperature and continued our run offshore. We primarily stayed in the 10ft range and had some great action including sheepshead, grunts, sea bass and grouper. Live shrimp on a 1/8thoz Hank Brown jig head was our bait of choice and makes for fun easy fishing. After we had a cooler full of goodies, I just had to check on the grouper inventory to see how they were doing. We made a couple passes over some holes and caught some hefty gags. We took a few pictures, released them and called it a day.  I thank you all for the great day and here's Scott from Ohio with a beautiful Crystal River grouper... Capt. Dan
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Sunday, Nov 18 2012

Crystal River Family Fun...

A mixed bag day for our Crystal River 1/2 day charter and I had the pleasure of having the Hamrick family on board. We met at Pete's Pier this morning to cloudy, chilly conditions and began the morning targeting trout in the shallow kelp beds in Salt River. The trout action was pretty good, but we had to catch them quick, due to the rapid out going tide and avoid getting "stuck"!  We put a couple keepers in the cooler and released several others before we returned to the river. The skies finally cleared, the sun was shining and some more fish were brought aboard. Mangrove snapper, red fish and black drum filled out the rest our charter and I thank you all for the great day. Here's Tommy with a Crystal River red fish... Capt. Dan
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There's never really a bad day of fishing, but when you hit the bite as good as it was today; it's truly a phenomenal day. I had the pleasure of having the Keeler family on board and we bundled up and hit the flats. When we reached the mouth of the river, we were welcomed to another extreme low tide and it was LOW... To play it safe, we took our time reaching the the shallow kelp beds and made some drifts. It was a little slow for a while with a fish here and there with the forever outgoing tide, but when it turned; it was fish on. We made two drifts over the spotty bottom with the kelp grass and it was some fantastic action. It was cold with the overcast skies and NE wind, but it was definitely worth it. I thank you all for such a great day and congratulations on a outstanding catch... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Nov 13 2012

Crystal River Hot Trout....

It makes my job so much more enjoyable, when the weather is as nice as it has been. Clell and Lee joined me today out of Crystal River and once again, perfect tides, calm seas and hungry trout made for an absolute wonderful day. We targeted the outer bars and the MirrOlure Lil' Johns did their job. New penny, watermelon, and purple were today's flavors and all worked equally well. The tide was up enough for some early afternoon red fishing and we caught a few to end the day. I always enjoy our trips with you guys and great job today... Capt. Dan
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The gulf warmed to 66 degrees today and the slightly warmer temperature, turned the fish on. I had the pleasure of having the DeSart family on board and these gentlemen had it as good as it gets. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina, we made our run to some shallow bars and jigged up some trout. We used an assortment of MirrOlure Lil' John jigs ranging from glow, watermelon, root beer and chartreuse and all the above colors worked equally well. A mixed catch of mackerel, sea bass, pompano, red fish etc... filled out the day and I can't thank you all enough for the fun time. I look forward to fishing with you all again and congratulations on an outstanding catch... Capt. Dan
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