Saturday, Mar 25 2017

Girls Team....

The wind swapped today and it sure turned the fish on. Kathy, Stefanie, and Riley were my team and they did awesome. I got on the late season sheepshead for the start of the day and they secured a fine catch. The sheepshead bite is about over, as it should as we end March. I did find a couple triple tail, but they sure didn't want to cooperate. We left the triple tail and made quite the run to red fish land and ended the day with a beautiful limit of red fish. You all were so great and I hope to do it again soon... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 21 2017

New Record...

What an incredible day with Joe and Joanne on board and it was amazing. The sheepshead bite was fantastic as we ran to a couple different area's and the bite was on. We kept plenty for dinner, plus released numerous others to be caught again. Next up, we made a long run towards Homosassa for triple tail and did very well. The team caught some good one's, plus Joe had a sea monster at 18lbs. He raised the bar for the boat and I thank you both for a wonderful day... Capt. Dan

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Always a fun time with the Worthington family and the guys did fantastic. An offshore run started our day and the sheepshead cooperated nicely. On two stops, we put a nice batch of sheepshead on ice; and then we went triple tail looking. We found three fine triple tail and a free lined live shrimp did the trick. A couple trout were added to the mix and a mack, to finish up the day. A beautiful day and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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A beautiful day and a fun crew with Michelle and Michelle on board and we caught some fine triple tail. The trip began dropping down on some late season sheepshead and with the passing cold front, the action continues to be quite good. The ladies brought in a beautiful catch of sheepshead and released several gags grouper as well. Next though we went looking for triple tail and we found some beauty's. Live free lined shrimp worked very well and a couple were approaching 10lbs. A great day and I look forward to seeing you all again... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Mar 09 2017

Spring's on the Way....

A fine catch offshore today with Bill, John and Wayne out of Crystal River. The guys and I headed West and we fished the 30ft range since the conditions were so favorable. We anchored up and it was sheepshead insanity. We caught some hefty sheep's and released numerous other ones as well. With an awesome catch offshore, I ran inshore a bit and found the early spring mackerel. Wow!!!! The mackerel bite was awesome and the action was fantastic using MirrOlure Lil' John's. We had to go to heavy 40lb leader to help with the cutoff's, but we brought in a fine catch. A wonderful day and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 07 2017

Crystal River Awesome Day...

Today was the day folks and Phil hit it out of the park. The tides were right, the wind was right and the bite was on. We began in the shallows jerk baiting some trout and the DOA glow jerk baits worked outstanding for us. We landed a fine trout limit and next, surprisingly - we also used the jerk baits for a pair of upper slot red fish in hopes of finding a snook. No snook today, but a welcomed red fish catch for sure. To end the trip, another quick run for some sheepshead and Phil ended his vacation with a bang. I always enjoy our trips and thank you as always for everything... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Mar 06 2017

Better Weather...

Still pretty rough out there for us today for the majority of the day, but the conditions improved greatly late in the day. Phil was with me for day three and it was another hard earned trout limit for the windy conditions. We tucked behind some islands and found some trout using Lil' Johns once again. The good news was, the forecast was right; and about 2pm the winds calmed enough for a little ride offshore. A couple drops on a inside sheepshead spot produced for us and it made for a great day... Capt. Dan

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Always a fun day with the Kennedy team and Mike, Brian and Mike had a ball. The day began on a run to the sheepshead grounds as we anchored up, and did well. I moved around to a couple of spots and the team boated some tasty sheepshead, plus releasing numerous gag grouper. Around noon, we secured a fine catch of sheepshead; so we ran back inshore and jerk baited some real quality trout in the shallow water of the keys. In just over an hour, we had a limit of trout and we headed back to the Plantation on Crystal River to call it a day. Thank you guys and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Feb 28 2017

Sheepshead on the Menue...

A sheepshead request for today's Crystal River charter and the Barlow team did outstanding. The guys and I made the run offshore and the action was steady. Grunts, sheepshead, grouper and porgies filled out our day using live shrimp on knocker rigs. We moved around little by little catching a couple on each spot and the day was secured with a fine catch. I thank you all for the fun time, good laughs and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Feb 24 2017

Trout & Sheep's...

A very pleasant day for us out of Crystal River and Steve and Chris had a fun one. The guys had a blast this morning both jigging and jerk baiting, some fine inshore trout. We kept our angler limit of 10 fish and we wrapped up our day dropping down on some sheepshead, to add to the mix. A beautiful day and I'm sure glad the wind backed off for us... Capt. Dan

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