And the beautiful weather continues... Today's Crystal River charter was Dan, Lauren and Joe from the Villages and we had a great day. The weather was identical to yesterdays trip, but the larger sheepshead were a bit more aggressive and came out to play. I made a quick trout stop this morning on the way out, as we had a bit more tide than I've seen in a while, and did OK. The guys brought in some fine trout before we started the sheepshead plan and about 8 trout started our day. The sheepshead bite was much like it has been, and we had to move around for them. We hit one spot that had some hefty ones, and finished the day off with a couple more trout. Another beautiful January day and I thank you all for the great time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 18 2017

Crystal River Sheepshead...

The Sugarmill gang on board today with Bill, Jerry and Roland and it's always a fun day with them. Sheepshead were are target for this trip and we did well. We moved around little by little catching a couple on each stop and today was mostly the smaller male fish. I thought that was interesting and I attribute that to the warmer weather we're having and they are usually more aggressive. The fellas put fifteen fine sheepshead on ice and we added a couple trout to wrap up our day. I thank you all and I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 17 2017

January Trout & Sheep's...

A beautiful January day with a great team on board. Ray, Tony and Rusty were my guests today out of Crystal River and we had fun. The trout bite started off our day and we had a nice bakers dozen for just an hour or so of fishing. With the last of the tide running out, we anchored on some sheepshead bottom and caught a couple good ones. The bite slowed for a bit until the tide changed as to be expected, but it eventually got right again. A great day and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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What a great day to spend my birthday! Ian, Michelle and Jeff were my guests and we hit it out of the park. The sheepshead were very cooperative and sending down some live shrimp got them going. The team put fifteen nice sheepshead on ice and we filled out the afternoon targeting trout. Bourbon colored Lil' Johns were the ticket and I can't thank you all enough for the great day... Capt. Dan

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An absolute great final day with the Sumner team out of Crystal River and after four great days of fishing; these guys are in good shape with lots of tasty fillets. Larry and the guys have been fishing with myself and Capt. Clay Shidler and loading up on some trout and sheepshead. On today's Saturday's trip, was the same and we did very well on both species. Steady action bottom fishing for sheepshead and happy inshore trout filled out our day. I can't thank you all enough for the fun fishing, great dinner and I hope to do it again next year... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jan 13 2017


The man of Clemson on board today. Mr. Pat Fitzpatrick had an awesome day and he's a Clemson alumni. He and I always have a blast and he had a fine day on the sheepshead and trout. Pat is a great friend of mine and having several scheduled trips throughout the year, he gets to sample everything Crystal River has to offer. Well, today was one of them and we did great. We dropped on some fine sheepshead bottom and did great on the incoming tide; plus some great trout on the inside. A picture perfect day and thank you my man for the fun day... Go Clemson............ Capt. Dan

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A fantastic trip with the Sumner party out of the Plantation on Crystal River and these gentlemen did great. Sheepshead fishing was the first order of business and the action was great. We dropped down on a couple hard bottom areas and caught a couple nice keepers on each stop. The tide was running in hard and trout was are next target. We eased along the rock bars, with MirrO'Lure Lil Johns and did well. The guys had a wonderful day and congratulations on the fine catch... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 11 2017

Crystal River Trips and Sheep...

Another beautiful January day off Crystal River with Judy, Greg and Chris on board and the Citrus fishing club team did fantastic. Sheepshead was the theme for us today and we delivered. The gulf water temperature is just right and the action is pretty good right now. You have to play the tides a bit, but when it gets right; the bite is on. We had a fine catch of sheepshead on a couple stops and we added a couple bonus triple tail to the mix for the day. I thank you all so much for the great day and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 10 2017

Triple Tail Surprise...

How about that last cold front folks... It was a chilly one for sure and today, the weather was back on track and it was a great one. I had the Riley team on board and Joe, Rich and Deanna did absolutely fantastic. We did some sheepshead fishing and caught a few, but the big "surprise" was the triple tail action. I truly believe the big front moved them around and we were lucky enough to find the school. We eased along and presented live shrimp and they gobbled them up. It was a special sight to see and I thank you all so much for the fun day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jan 05 2017

Winter Time Special....

My favorite winter time special - trout and sheepshead and my crew of Dan, Lauren and Bob had an awesome one both inshore and offshore. The sheepshead bite started our day and it was a good as you could have hoped for. The sheepshead action was steady, plus the grunts, grouper sea bass, etc... was exciting too. The team did fantastic and then we ran back inshore to tackle some trout. The trout were much more cooperative than yesterday, and we worked for a fine limit to wrap up the day. I thank you guys and I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan

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