Saturday, Feb 13 2016

Choppy Sheeps...

Not to sound like a broken record but yes folks, the wind was up again today. I had Pat and Matt on board and we started the day off back in Salt River targeting red fish. I located a beautiful school of fish with all of them in access of 30", "really big fish". We staked out, let the fish calm down and present some free lined live shrimp to them perfectly. We hooked up on a pair, fought them for a minute or so, and both the hooks pulled out. I couldn't believe it, but it does happen. We were loosing tide, so I eased to some shallow rock piles and we picked up 8 nice sheepshead to fill out the afternoon. The wind started howling around 1:30pm and we took our time getting home. A good time and I look forward to next time. Here's Matt with one of today's sheepshead... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Feb 12 2016

Rough & Tough...

Definitely good to be back at the office, but a tough one for us today. The gulf water temp has dropped considerably and it was around the 52 degree mark for the near shore waters. Also, the recent winds have muddied up the water, which is an added challenge as well. I had Wes and JP on board for the day and we gave it a try. We picked up a couple sheepshead, a trout and a red fish for our efforts. It was just a slow bite, but we had a good time and caught a few fish. I thank you both for hanging in there and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Feb 03 2016

Crystal River Inshore...

A very fun day with Nick and Mary out of Crystal River and today's plan was staying inshore due to the wind being up a bit. The incoming tide was perfect this morning for both targeting trout and red fish and the action was good. DOA glow jerk baits over the rock bars produced the trout and free lined live shrimp in the mullet schools put us on the red fish. We kept ten trout and released all the slot red fish, just taking pictures of them. The wind eventually calmed enough to make it offshore some, but the big sheepshead did not want to play for us in the afternoon. However, the small gag grouper were on the feed and we caught plenty. A great day and I look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Feb 02 2016

Fantastic February...

The day of all days to be on the water and it was AWESOME... I had Lauren, Gary and Dan on board for the day and these gentlemen hit it out of the park. The fog was a bit of an issue for the morning hours, but soon lifted and it was gorgeous. We did a combination trip of inshore trout on the kelp grass patches and dropping down shrimp for sheepsehad. Both target species bit very well and I can't thank you all enough for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Just about a perfect day as one could ask for and the Gartman family was on board to experience it. I met the couple at the Plantation on Crystal River and we made our way to some kelp grass patches, where I thought there would be some trout. Well, the trout bite was really good and in just over an hour, the couple had a great catch of trout. Bourbon colored MirrOlure Lil Johns were the ticket and then we ran to sheepshead land. Flat calm conditions and a slow out going tide made it quite easy to anchor on the rocks today and we did very well on a couple locations dropping down for the sheep's. A beautiful day and a fantastic catch- I thank you both for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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What a gorgeous day to be offshore and Don and Cindy were on board to experience it. I met the couple at 9am at the Plantation on Crystal River and we made our way offshore. I targeted a couple different high profile rocks and ledges and we did well. The bite was a little slow for the start, but as the tide turned; it really picked up. Several grouper, grunts and sheepshead were our species and I thank you both for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jan 28 2016

Dense Fog Trout & Sheeps...

Hands down, probably the most dense fog I've ever experienced on the water today. I had the pleasure of having Tim and Steve on board and we knew going in to today there was a rain chance, but the severe dense fog was a big surprise. We cleared the mouth of the river and the fog was bad. I took extreme care moving around today, but the fishing was very good. The trout action was great on bourbon colored MirrOlure Lil' Johns, and shrimp on knocker rigs pulled in the sheepsheaded. It was a very stressful ride home in the fog and we eventually reached the mouth of the river safely and had a fantastic catch... Capt. Dan

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A different game plan today and I ran south of Homosassa and tried my way south numbers with Johnny and Lloyd on board. We made our trek to the 20ft range and wow, were the grouper ever on fire. Despite the 53 degree water temp, the gags were keeping us busy all day. We eventually caught some fine sheepshead, numerous grunts and I had hoped for some hog fish; but only one under sized one bent our rod today. We had a great time and I hope to do it again with you guys soon... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jan 25 2016

49 Degree Sheeps.....

Ice on the boat and a coooooold ride!!! I had Ron, Jim and Joe on board from the Villages fishing club today and with a gulf water surface temp at 49 degrees, I was a bit worried. Typically the trout won't bite when it's that cold, so thank goodness for sheepshead. The bite was extremely slow for the day and to be honest, I was getting worried with only having a handful for a couple hours of fishing. Eventually the fish got happy around 2pm and we had a nice catch to end the day. I thank you all for the fun time and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jan 21 2016

Crystal River Trout & Sheeps...

A fantastic day with the Goodwin family today out of the Plantation on Crystal River and we had a blast. I decided to give a trout a try on the incoming tide and even thought the gulf water temperature was in the low 50's; a slowly presented MirrOlure Lil John did the trick. The couple did a great job with 10 nice trout and we then ran to the sheepshead grounds and did well. We anchored on one hard bottom area and had a great catch of sheepshead for the last of the incoming tide. Our final stop, we added a nice slot sized red fish to the mix on the North side creeks and called it a day. I had a wonderful time with you both and I look forward to seeing you again... Capt. Dan

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