Sunday, Jun 27 2021

Tarpon Season Wrap Up...

A fun one today as I wrapped up my tarpon season and I was able to put my brother Jeff on his first tarpon. Jeff and I Don't get to spend to much time together and he's been asking me forever to experience a tarpon fight. Well, today was his day and he did great. He made a perfect presentation and soon enough launched one in the air. He had about a 40 minute fight and brought a real nice one boat side. A couple pictures and I finished the season strong. I may do some river tarpon fishing in August for them, but as of right now the migrating fish are just about gone. Now though, I'm preparing for my July vacation to Wyoming and really looking forward to it. I'll do some updates as I'm out there and I thank you all as always... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jun 23 2021

Chris's Tarpon...

Another successful day with the tarpon and Jim and I had our good friend Chris from down South join us for the day. We set up again and patiently waited for the fish to come through. Soon enough, we had a little window of activity and we were in fish. Chris was up and he did a terrific job feeding a whopper of a tarpon. He hooked up and about 40 minutes later, we had her boat side. A really nice fish around 120lbs and she put up a great battle. Some quick pictures and we revived her to fight another day. Great job!!! Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jun 22 2021

Happy Tarpon...

Jim and I found some happy tarpon today and we were blessed to bring one boatside. The fish were migrating through as we waited off a point and the DOA baitbuster got us the bite. Lead the fish by a couple feet and a slow roll usually will get a hook up. They don't always stay connected, but wen they do it sure is fun.... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jun 21 2021


Jim and I got a super early start today and we had some luck on some river tarpon at daylight. Him and I found some rolling fish and we each jumped one on fly and spin tackle. That was short lived though as the sun came up and we soon enough ran back in the creeks for some snook action. The snook were biting well and we had a double digit day on glow colored DOA jerk baits. A fun day but I wish this wind would go away... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 20 2021

Fun Size Tarpon....

A fun day with my buddy Jim as he's here for a few days and we're doing a little bit of everything. For today's adventure we found some fun size tarpon in some back creeks and were able to seal the deal on one. In my opinion other than the few permit we have here, small tarpon are a tough, tough game. This guy fell for a DOA bait buster and we had a fun little fight. Jim grabbed a quick picture as I revived it and watched it swim away... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jun 16 2021

Homosassa Woods...

Today was day three of our three day Homosassa Tarpon trip and unfortunately the weather just wasn't letting us make it happen. We tried to get to the flats, but soon as me made it out there we were taking waves over the bow. I had Tom along for this trip and I said lets get back in the woods to save the day and catch a few. Well, we did just that and him and I caught and released some nice red fish and snook on DOA jerkbaits. It saved the trip and I hope for sure we have better weather next time.... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jun 04 2021

Soc's Poon...

A great day on the tarpon flats and I was able to put my good friend Socrates on his first big tarpon on the fly. We worked a couple areas down South and he put the fly in a group of happy fish perfectly. A couple strips and he was hooked up. He fought the fish beautifully and she came boat side in less than 30 minutes. A couple pic's, we revived her and watch her swim away. A terrific job my man and hope to do it again sometime... Capt. Dan

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Friday, May 28 2021

Corey's Tarpon....

A fun day with Corey on board and he found the tarpon he was looking for. We set up, made a couple long drifts and had our opportunity to make it happen. We used DOA bait busters and the right fish made his day. He fought the fish beautifully and a tarpon is now off his bucket list and a fiberglass replica will be in his home. A great day and I thank you... Capt. Dan


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Friday, May 21 2021

Tarpon Season....

Hello everyone, I just wanted to check in and say I've mostly been fly fishing for tarpon the last couple weeks. Weather has been a huge factor lately with this relentless gusty East wind we've been having. Some days it's fishable, some not so much. There's not a bunch of fish around, but we have been jumping a few and having some shots on the fly. I beleive next week condtions will improve and we'll be able so see whats going on out there. I'll see you on the big pond soon.... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jul 20 2020

In the River....

Some fun in the river for an evening tarpon trip with my buddy Socrates and we did well. There were some thunderstorms in the area and we knew we just had a small window to make it happen. We set up on one of the bends in the river, free lined a live mullet and very quickly hooked up. A fun size tarpon went airborne and soon brought it boat side. The storms chased us in and called it a evening. Great time buddy... Capt. Dan

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