Thursday, Dec 14 2017

Good Weather Gags...

FINALLY!!! A decent weather day and the conditions were much improved. It's been pretty tough to get out lately with the recent fronts, but today it was back on track. Scotty and Tim were on board for the day and we did quite well. The guys bottom fished some real big gags, plus sight fished a beautiful triple tail on a crab buoy. The gulf water temp is still in the 50's, so patience is needed for the grouper, as the bite was much later in the day. Great to be back out there and fine job team... Capt. Dan

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A great day with Cheryl and Megan and the mother and daughter team had a blast. We started the day running and gunning for triple tail and eventually, we found a weed line that had some fish. The team used a combination of live shrimp and glow DOA jerk baits for the triple tail. I looked for tarpon, but no fish to be seen; but a bruiser cobia came by the boat and Megan did a great job bringing it home. A fine day on the water and I thank you both.... Capt. Dan

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Monday, May 08 2017

Trout, Cobia & Tripletail...

A little assortment for today's trip with John, Bud and John on board. We started the day offshore jigging for trout and we caught a couple on MirrOlure provoker jerk baits. Next up, we swapped gears in search of cobia. Well, I found them; but today all the cobia were on the short side. We did have one big fish break us off, and it sure was screaming some drag. John finished up the day with his first triple tail and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, May 03 2017

Snook & Trips...

Jason and Mike were my team today and these guys had a fun one tackling some snook and tripletail. I loaded the rods with DOA glow jerk baits and we hit the back country. The trolling motor went down and we covered some ground. We had 8 snook hooked up, but only 3 made their way to the boat. Jason laded a beast of a one at 38" and his current personal best. We left the inside and ran offshore a bit and found a fine limit of triple tail to wrap up the afternoon. A great day with you both and I thank you.... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Apr 18 2017

Triple tail Perfection....

A blast today with Ann and Michelle from "Setin' The Hook" apparel and these ladies had quite the day. The team and I started the day in the back country catching a couple snook on DOA jerk baits and they are always a treat. I did try for a couple red fish, but it just wasn't happening for us. So, I said hold on were going for a ride! Well, my triple tail plan worked out perfect and it was excellent. We sight cast several fine triple tail with live shrimp and in no time, we had six beautiful fish on ice. A picture perfect day and I thank you all for the wonderful time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Apr 12 2017

Trip's & Reds...

Dave and Danny on board today for some triple tail action and afternoon reds. The day was a good one as the team and I spent most of it running and gunning; sight fishing triple tail. We basically spot the fish and present a free lined live shrimp to them and they usually cooperate nicely. A couple fine triple tail came on board plus lost a few and then we finished the day with some nice reds to top off the day. I thank you both and I'll see you next time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Apr 11 2017

Tripletail and Cobia...

A fantastic day with Joe and Joanne for their monthly Crystal River Charter and we hit it good. Today's order was triple tail and cobia, and I was fortunate to deliver. We found some fine triple tail while running around and a free lined live shrimp did the trick for them. The couple put six nice triple tail on ice, plus sight fished a hefty cobia for a grande finale. A wonderful time and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Mar 29 2017

Seafood Sampler....

We did the old seafood sampler today and caught the quite variety. Today was my last sheepshead trip of the year and we caught a few here and there for the morning hours, plus a triple tail. It sure was a good season and thank you everyone for the great memories. Next up, we ran back inshore, tackled a couple trout and Spanish mackerel while casting jigs. To end the day, a couple red fish but a bend in our rods and it was another beautiful day on the big pond. Thank you both and let's do it again sometime.... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 21 2017

New Record...

What an incredible day with Joe and Joanne on board and it was amazing. The sheepshead bite was fantastic as we ran to a couple different area's and the bite was on. We kept plenty for dinner, plus released numerous others to be caught again. Next up, we made a long run towards Homosassa for triple tail and did very well. The team caught some good one's, plus Joe had a sea monster at 18lbs. He raised the bar for the boat and I thank you both for a wonderful day... Capt. Dan

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Always a fun time with the Worthington family and the guys did fantastic. An offshore run started our day and the sheepshead cooperated nicely. On two stops, we put a nice batch of sheepshead on ice; and then we went triple tail looking. We found three fine triple tail and a free lined live shrimp did the trick. A couple trout were added to the mix and a mack, to finish up the day. A beautiful day and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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