Tuesday, Apr 13 2021

Trout & Snooks....

Pretty much the same pattern as yesterday but Mark and Davis were my guest and another fine day out of Crystal River. Some offshore trout jigging started the trip as we waited for the tide to turn in. A nice limit of quality trout made their way in to the box and we soon enough headed inshore. The snook were there and it took some talking to get them going on live pinfish. They fired up though and the guys had two nice keepers to wrap up the day. I thank you both and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Apr 12 2021

Good Monday Slam...

A great start to the week with Nelson, Bob and John on board and these guys did great. We started the day offshore jigging up some nice trout with MirrOlure Lil' johns in the bourbon color and the action was steady. We had close enough for a limit and caught the tide on the incoming to go inshore. The team did terrific on the snook and a redfish to complete the slam. A busy fish catching day and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Apr 05 2021

Crystal River Slam....

A perfect day for Dan and Jim and the bite was on. We started the day jigging up some trout on MirrOlure Lil' Johns and had a quick limit if less than 30 min. Next up as the tide was coming in, we hit some points and did well on a really nice red fish and several snook. The tide didn't make a big tide, but good enough to get the bite going. I thank you both and great job. I'll be doing my treatment on Tuesday so I'll be back on the water in about a week... Capt. Dan

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A picture perfect day with Curtis and Derrick and this father and son team did terrific. We pretty much did the same plan as yesterdays trip, but we had a lot more sunshine. The trout bite was great as we caught a really nice limit of quality fish on one drift. The tide was coming in, so we changed gears and worked a school of snook and caught a couple nice ones. We called it a day and actually got rained on by a quick chilly storm on the way home.... Capt. Dan

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A good start to the week with the Short family. Our trip began using DOA jerk baits in the skinny water and catching some really nice trout. I had to put the trolling motor down to cover some ground, but once I did we were on the fish. We wrapped up the day with a couple fine snook and I thank you both for the fun day... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Mar 27 2021

Weekend Slam...

I'm starting to really not like fishing weekends these days due to all the traffic on the water, but we fought the crowd and made it happen. I had the pleasure of having the Paff team on board and we did well. The guys stared the day jigging up some trout and as the tide rolled in, we headed East. It was tough finding a spot to fish, but I was able to make it happen on a couple little pockets that had not been hit. Some nice snook and a couple redfish filled out the afternoon and I thank you all for the fun day... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Mar 26 2021


What as awesome bite for the Bryant family. Great snook and redfish action on live pin fish and some trout too. The trout action started our day and the team picked up a couple real nice ones to get our trip going. Next up we hit the points and the snook and reds fell into place and we had quite the day. I thank you all and great job... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Mar 25 2021

Crystal River Slam...

What a beautiful spring day for Rich, Deanna and Jim. The team today did great boating a fine limit of redfish, snook and a couple trout. The trout bite was off a bit from yesterday, as the lady fish invasion did keep us busy though. However, the red fish and snook filled out our afternoon and I thank you all for a really fun day... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Mar 24 2021

South West Wind Happiness...

The wind finally swapped out of the SW this afternoon and like I've said in the past, it always turns the fish on. Well, that's just what we experienced today for Larry, Big Fish Bob and Lauren. Some great trout jigging and inshore snook. The trout bite was awesome as we had three on at a time and caught all we needed. We finished up some terrific snook action on DOA glow jerk baits and you all did terrific... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 23 2021

Solo Trout & Snook....

A fun day with Shane as he was my solo guest and we did great on the trout and snook. We spent the morning offshore in about 8ft of water and jigged up a pretty quick limit of trout. The tide was coming in, so we hit the keys and picked up 9 snook plus finding a nice keeper in the mix. A great day and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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