Monday, May 11 2020

Crystal River Snookin'....

A fun day with some new clients on board and Bill and Kim had a super day. They both requested snook and a species they haven't caught and I delivered. We had to wait a bit for the tide to get right, so we jigged up some trout while we waited for the tide to come in. Around 1pm it was getting good, so we headed East and set up on a point and had some awesome snook action. We totaled over a dozen snook for the afternoon and they sure had a great trip. I thank you both and great job... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, May 09 2020

Crystal River Trout & Snook...

A really fun couple on board today and very good fisherman - Keith and Tiffany were the crew. We started off the day and it was breezy once again, trout fishing and jigged up 8 real nice fish for the first couple hours of the day. The bite was a little slower than yesterday, but still a good mix on action. We changed gears, hit the points and totaled 10 fine snook to bend the rod for the afternoon. You both were great and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Friday, May 08 2020

Trout Jigging...

A windy one again for us on the big pond, but some really good action jigging up some trout. Chris, Scotty and Kenny were the team and we kept it simple and just made a series of long drifts for or trout. Rootbeer colored Lil' Johns were our flavor of the day and the bite was steady. The usual mix of grouper, sea bass, ladyfish, etc... kept us busy and great job fellas... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Apr 29 2020

Crystal River Trout & Snook....

Snook and trout today with Jason and Corey on board and we had a pretty day. We mixed it up targeting some trout on cork rigs and snook in the mangroves. The snook were on the short side today, but fun all the same. The trout were all quality fish and we kept a few for dinner. Bourbon colored Lil' Jon's were the flavor of the day and I thank you both... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Apr 28 2020

Trout Jigging...

Some great offshore trout jigging with the Pearl team today and they did great. I did fish yesterday, but it was a tough one with seven hard earned trout as the windy cold front the night before made it tough and very dirty water. Today was really good though, and we fished in the 8ft of water range using Lil' Jons to catch our trout. Lots of action and a nice red ended the day. I thank you guys and great job... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Apr 22 2020

Homosassa Slam....

A terrific day out of Homosassa with Ott and Steve and they had a blast. We started the day with cork rigs catching some really fine trout off the keys. Root beer colored Lil' Jons were the ticket and we put a limit of ten fish on ice. We waited for the tide a bit and rounded up the afternoon tackling some snook and red fish to have the Homosassa slam. I thank you both and awesome job... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Apr 09 2020

Pat's Slam....

My man Pat got the slam today and we did well. The day began jerk baiting some trout on the shallow flats as they bit much better today and we secured a quick limit. The tide was coming fast again, due to the condition's, so we got a jump on the snook and got our keeper. We ended the day with some red fish and our Crystal River slam was completed. Fun day buddy and I thank you... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Apr 08 2020

Crystal River Slam...

Always fun when you can accomplish a slam and with the Stephens family on board they did fine. We had to contend with a West wind and full moon tides which really brought in a lot of water, which made the bite a little slow. We hung in there though, and jerk baited some trout, snook and a couple reds on live shrimp. I thank you both and a really fun day.... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Apr 06 2020

Crystal River Fun Day...

A really fun day and the Sans team and Tony the tree guy. We had the young guns on board and Brock and Brendan did a great job. We spent the morning jigging up some really nice trout using root beer colored lil' jons and finishing strong with a great catch of snook. I thank you all and great job... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Apr 03 2020

Trout and Snooks.....

Hello everyone, well today's trip was just about identical to yesterdays trip. The Millennium Metals team was with me out of Crystal River and they jigged up some really nice trout and tackled some snook in the afternoon. Root beer colored Lil' Jons are definitely the hot color right now and there's plenty of mixed action with grouper, sea bass, lady fish etc... while using them. A real beautiful day and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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