Friday, Jul 27 2012

Homosassa Two for One...

A different kind of charter today out of Homosassa and I ran a double. I picked up David, Brian and Kyle for my first part of the day charter and Tanner, Kyle and Austin for the afternoon. Targeting trout was our plan for the day and during the morning we did well inshore off St. Martins Key's on DOA deadly combos, while in the afternoon was great dragging MirrOlure Lil' Johns in the 10ft range offshore. The water is exceptionally clear in both locations and the only negative part of today's trip is the unbelievable amount of floating grass making a clean presentation to the fish a bit of a challenge. I thank both groups for the fun time, good laughs and look forward to seeing you all again in the future... Capt. Dan
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A tough one today for keepers out of Crystal River, but Gene, Linda and Michael had some good action for their 1/2 day trip. We left from Pete's Pier Marina just before 8am and made our way offshore in hopes of some trout. Arriving at our first stop around 8 miles offshore, we were welcomed to absolute slick calm conditions and no breeze what so ever. If your familiar with trout fishing you know a good drift is needed to cover some ground and with these conditions, it makes it tough. With no breeze, we targeted a variety of grass patches on the outgoing tide and caught several trout, sea bass and lady fish, but only a couple keeper trout made their way in to the cooler. I thank you for giving it your all and here's Michael with a couple of today's trout ready for dinner... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Jul 09 2012

Homosassa Mixed Bag...

Another trip to the grouper grounds with Skip and Steven on board out of Homosassa and we caught a little variety. We began the day trying to make our run offshore, but it was quite rough for the first couple hours. We killed a little time drifting for trout and picked up a couple keepers and a few good sized sea bass. Finally, around 11am, the seas calmed and we made our run out to 25ft of water. The guys sent down some live pin fish and the rest was history. A couple keeper grouper and a nice catch to end the day. Thank you both for the fun time and enjoy the good eats... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Jul 07 2012

Going Deep...

We made the run offshore again today and we found some nice gags in the 30ft range. Donna and George joined me today for a full day out of Crystal River and to be honest, it was pretty much a mirror image to yesterdays charter. Loading the live well with palm sized pin fish and anchoring up on the ledges, was a winning combination for the grouper. On the way in, we set up a couple drifts on the spotty bottom areas with root beer colored Lil' Johns and added a few trout to the mix. Another fine day offshore and I thank you both for the outstanding time. Here's the crew with their great catch... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Jul 06 2012

One of Those Days...

It was one of those magical days today in the gulf where everything comes together. We were able to turn the grouper away from their homes and the keeper trout cooperated in the same location where there were mostly shorts yesterday. Alan, Ron and Zack joined me out of Crystal River for a full day of grouper and trout fishing and we filled up the gas tank and made long run offshore. With ideal conditions, we ran almost 27 miles offshore to the 38ft range and we found some hefty gags. Live pin fish was the bait of choice and the guys did great catching some beautiful grouper. On the way in, we made several drifts over the spotty bottom areas and the keeper trout came alive today. You just never know what each day will bring. Thank you all for the great day and here's the crew with their catch... Capt. Dan
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Today was the busiest day on the waters here in Citrus County, with the opening of scallop season and also gag grouper season. To say the river was crowded is an understatement, but that didn't slow our group down at all. I had Darren and Richard on board today from the Homosassa Fishing Club and the trout bite was just as good as when we left them yesterday. Using DOA holographic watermelon shrimp and root beer colored MirrOlure Lil' Johns, we had very steady action all morning until we called it a day and ran to the club island for shore lunch. Lunch was great and I thank the entire group and my good friends Capt. William Toney and Capt. Mark Zorn for the good times as always. Here's Richard with a trout to be proud of, a true Homosassa gator trout... Capt. Dan
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The red fish bite was tough today on the points out of Homosassa, but the inshore trout bite was fantastic. I was at the Homosassa Fishing Club today with Captains Mark Zorn and William Toney and today's group was great. I had Doug and Darren on board and we put our time in looking for red fish, but only came up with one keeper and a under slot to show for our efforts. For a change of pace we surrendered to the uncooperative red fish, and found some great trout action off St. Martin's Keys. Using DOA holographic watermelon shrimp, my crew had their limit of trout and released a few others. It was a picture perfect day day and I thank you guys for the fun time. Here's Darren and Doug with their catch... Capt. Dan
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It was day two at the Homosassa Fishing Club and Bob. Jim and Rob requested me again for another great day on the water. We had an afternoon shore lunch on order, so we hit flats until noon and fixed a great lunch to end the day. The the trout action was quite good with a lot of under slot trout keeping the rods bent, but a few nice keepers also made their way on board. Using primarily root beer colored MirrOlure Lil' Johns, under a DOA deadly combo oval cork was the top producer. Our afternoon lunch was great and we beat the rain in with plenty of time. Thanks to the entire group for a fun two days and look forward to seeing you again next time... Capt. Dan
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Back to the Hommosassa Fishing Club today with fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn and William Toney and we had a very fun group today. I had on board Bob, Jim and Rob and these gentlemen were from Alabama and ready to experience some fine Homosassa fishing. We targeted trout for the majority of the day, and we caught a bunch of trout. The only problem was, I was cursed with under slot trout; and we only had a hand full of keepers to show for our efforts. The action was great but for a change of plans,  I suggested giving red fishing a try and it was a great decision. We fished a couple of points and caught half a dozen beautiful red fish, but the rain got us on the way in. Thank you guys for the great day and here's my crew with some of today's red fish... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Jun 20 2012

Trouting in the Wind...

Another breezy day on the flats out of Crystal River and Mark Sr. and Mark Jr. were ready to give it a try. I picked the guys up from their home on the Crystal River and we were off to find some trout. The wind was howling out of the East and made the conditions challenging once again. We toughed it out and had a decent catch of trout for the day with seven nice keepers and a mixed catch of cobia, Spanish mackerel, blue fish, lady fish etc... to fill out our day. I'll be glad when the weather straightens out and allows us to get back offshore to where the majority of the fish are. Thank you both for the great time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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