Sunday, May 13 2012

Mother's Day Trout...

First of all, I want to wish all the Mom's a happy Mother's Day and thank Mike, Ryan and Darrell for a great day of trout fishing. I met the crew at Pete's Pier Marina this morning and we had a 1/2 day charter scheduled, for a fresh Mother's Day fish fry on order. The trout bite was very good today with the overcast conditions, and a combination of root beer and watermelon colored MirrOlure Lil' John's was the hot ticket. Everyone did a great job catching several keepers and numerous shorts to keep the rods bent and I thank you for the great time... Capt. Dan
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The forecast was right today and the 15 mph east winds, were chopping up the gulf. I was at the Homosassa Fishing Club today with my fellow Homosassa Guides Association friends Captains Rick Spratt, Don Chancey and Jody Johnson. We had the Smith party on board and it was husband and wives teams for a fun day of fishing, shore lunch and swimming at the springs. I had Natalie and Brad on board for the day and my couple did great putting six keeper trout in the box, while fighting the choppy conditions. Having lunch secured, we pulled up to island and all the boats had about the same catch, while Capt. Spratt won the pot today with seven; beating me by one... Our lunch was great and the afternoon was perfect cooling off at the springs, making our full day trip a good one to remember. Thanks to everyone for the great time and here's my crew with a couple of today's trout... Capt. Dan
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I had a very fun couple from Ohio on board today, and Mike and Nancy were ready to experience a 1/2 day charter out of Crystal River. A pleasant coolness in the air, from a slight cool front last night made our initial offshore run refreshing. The weather man was wrong again and the 15 mph winds predicted, were none existent. Using DOA deadly combo rigs and MirrOlure Lil' Johns, we caught several trout, sea bass, lady fish etc... and even a bonus sheepshead. A great time and good laughs, I thank you both very much... Capt. Dan
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We got a jump on the outgoing tide this morning leaving from Pete's Pier Marina just after 7am, and Gene and Linda had a great morning. With just enough water to spend an hour red fishing, we ran back in the Salt River, free lined some live shrimp and hooked up with some lower slot red fish. The mullet activity was very good on the rocky points and if you've been reading my reports, you know that's an excellent indication there's red fish nearby. Catching our three keeper red fish, a couple speckled trout and a silver, our 1/2 day charter was a success. Thank you both for the great morning and look forward to seeing you soon... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, May 05 2012

A "Chazz" Gator...

After such a hot bite yesterday, today's trip reminded me why we call it fishing and not catching. David, Lewis and Chris joined me today out of the Homosassa Fishing Club, along with my good friend Capt. Mark Zorn and his crew for a full day charter. The trout bite was quite slow for us today and we only had a couple keepers to show for our efforts. We had several long distance releases throughout out the morning, but we just couldn't keep the trout buttoned up. Unfortunately, due to several tournaments going on today, it made red fishing quite difficult. We only landed one short red fish for the afternoon, but the highlight of the day was with David catching a true Chassahowitzka gator trout, reaching the 25" mark. Not a banner day with high fish counts, but a great time and the beers went down smooth. Thanks to the entire Glenn party for a great weekend and we'll see you next time... Capt. Dan
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An exceptionally great day at the Homosassa Fishing Club with the Glenn party and myself and fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn and Rick Spratt had a fantastic day. I had Lewis, Ed and Lewis Jr. on board for our full day trip and we spent the morning catching a few trout, noon shore lunch and afternoon red fishing. The trout bite wasn't on fire, but we did put 7 keepers in the cooler and a few sea bass before we ran to the island for lunch. Our lunch was very good today with Capt. Spratt doing an extra special grilling of some trout and pompano to top off our meal. We pulled away from the island dock around 2pm, ran to one of my favorite red fish locations and it was fish on! In just a matter of minutes we had four beautiful red fish in the cooler, released a couple others and kept one more due to swallowing the hook. I can't thank you all enough for such a great time and you all are a fun crew to have on board. Here's Lewis, Ed and Lewis Jr, with their afternoon red fish catch... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, May 02 2012

Riverhaven Trout & Reds...

I had my great annual clients Donna and Toney on board and they brought along their good friend Chris, for a full day out of Homosassa. I picked up the gang at their beautiful home in Riverhaven and we spent the morning catching a few trout, while we waited for the tide to come in and red fish. We have caught several trout in the past, but never any red fish due to the tide conditions. I assured Toney today was a different day. With a 3.5 high tide around noon, it was perfect conditions to locate some red fish. The simple technique of free lining live shrimp in the mullet schools worked well for us today, and we boated 9 beautiful Homosassa red fish. A light breeze on the water and ideal condtions, it was a great day to be on the water. Thank you all for the great time and here's the crew with their fine catch... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, May 01 2012

Homosassa Breezy Trout...

A breezy, but very productive day today out of Homosassa with my fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn, William Toney and Jim Long. We had the Davis party on board and Andy and Ed joined me for the day. Leaving the Homosassa Fishing Club dock just after 8am and a noon shore luch on order, it was time to find some fish. We made a couple very productive drifts just west of St. Martins Keys and we were welcomed with a good catch of trout. MirrOlure Lil' Johns and DOA shrimp were our baits of coice and the morning action was great. I didn't red fish today, but Capts. Zorn and Toney put a couple keepers in the box free lining live shrimp around the outer rocky points. Our lunch was fantastic and I thank the entire group for the great day. Here's my crew with their fine Homosassa trout catch... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Apr 28 2012

Homosassa Flat Calm Trout...

Hardly a ripple on the water out of Homosassa today and the offshore trout bite continues to be very good. Today I was at the Homosassa Fsing Club with my two great friends Capt. Mark Zorn and Capt. William Toney and we had another great trip with the Craft party. We all set up on some long drifts with the DOA deadly combo/MirrOlure Lil' John combinations, and once again these outstanding rigs did their job. My crew of Phil, Tim and Bo had 11 keepers before we had to run in and prepare an afternoon shore lunch. Capt. Z and Toney had some great looking trout as well, along with several sea bass and a few mackerel. I thank you for a great day and always enjoy the time on the water with you all. Here's Phil with a beautiful 22" Homosassa trout... Capt. Dan
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With calm seas, crystal clear water and great clients, today was a beautiful day out of Crystal River. Mark and Dave joined me for a full day charter and these gentlemen just wanted some great fish catching action. Running a little ways offshore to some scattered rocks in 6ft of water, we began the day catching some great trout on the DOA deadly combo/MirrOlure Lil' John combination rigs. Usually when the water depth is 5ft or deeper, I just use a jig with out a cork. However, due to the calm conditions, the clacking cork was calling up the trout from the deeper water. The guys had their limit on a couple drifts and running to another location, I spotted a nice tripletail on a piece of floating debris. Quickly hooking on a live shrimp, the tripletail was on jumping on the end of Daves line. I made another stop on my cobia hot spot for the afteroon and once again we had had a hook up, but quickly broke off around the structure. Thank you both for a great action packed day and look forward to seeing you again soon. Here's Dave with a not to common Crystal River tripletail... Capt. Dan 
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