The cobia did what they can sometimes do best, and that's make an angler go crazy. I had my great friends and clients Bill and Karen on board and they wanted to experience a drag pulling cobia. We left from Pete's Pier Marina this morning, caught a couple dozen pin fish and ran to a near shore wreck to find a cobia. There was another boat in the area and we patiently waited for them to move, before we anchored up and gave it our best. In a short time, we had a couple cobia surfacing next to the boat, but they had lock jaw today. Refusal after refusal was what we experienced, so we pulled anchor and saved the day with a nice catch of trout and a bonus flounder to end the day. Thank you both as always for the wonderful time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Apr 25 2012

Homosassa Trout Warm Up...

A totally different day out of Homosassa and even though it was another chilly morning, the day warmed nicely. It was senior Jamboree day at the Homosassa Fishing Club and I was fortunate to have Dr. Coco and Mr. Maddox on board for the day. These gentlemen have been fishing Homosassa for over 40 years and it's always a great time hearig the old time stories of what this area used to be like. Having an out going tide for the majority of the day, we bounced around and targeted trout for our charter. The warmer conditions put the trout in a feeding mood and the bite was extremely better today. We just kept our angler limit and finished up our afternoon with our famous Homosassa Guides Association shore lunch. Thanks to all the members for a great day and here's my crew with today's catch... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Apr 24 2012

Homosassa in the 40's...

You would have thought it was January by the chilly start to this April day. I had the Neal family on board for this Tuesday morning 1/2 day charter out of Macrae's and when I launched the boat this morning, the air temperature was in the low 40's. We arrived at the mouth of the river to a quite breezy NW wind, so we kept it simple and worked some of the shallow rock bars in Homosassa bay. The trout bite was a little slow, as to be expected due to the drastic 10 degree water temperature change, but we made a series of drifts and caught a few trout. A couple of under slot trout and three keepers was what our DOA deadly combo/MirrOlure Lil' John rigs produced. I thank you both for the fun morning and look forward to fishing again when the conditions are a little better... Capt. Dan
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We knew the rain was on its way before we left the Homosassa Fishing Clubs dock today, but we were able to get a very good 1/2 day of trout fishing and shore lunch in, just in time. I had Iqbaugh, Scott and Jeff on board for this fine day out of Homosassa and we started off where we left them biting yesterday, and the trout bite was fantastic. Using DOA deadly combo oval corks and root beer colored MirrOlure Lil' Johns, my crew had their 15 fish trout limit by 11am. Great action for the morning and just after noon, we pulled up to the island and prepared a tasty shore lunch. It was a quick meal with all the fixings and we safely arrived back at the club dock just before the storm. Thanks to the entire West party for a great couple of days and look forward to your visit next year... Capt. Dan
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The bite was on! Wow, what a day out of the Homosassa Fishing Club and myself and fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn, William Toney, Rick Spratt, Charlie Harris and Fred Lyles had an outstanding day. Trout limits across the board and several nice catches of red fish; it was a trip the West party will not soon forget. I had John, Phil and Tom on board and my crew did great with their 20 fish trout limit and a couple over slot and slot red fish. DOA deadly combos did the job on the trout and free lined live shrimp for the red fish, I can't thank you all enough for a great day. Here's me crew with their great catch... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Apr 18 2012

Homosassa Flood Tide....

It was day three for Mishel and Earl to join me for another full day charter and today we launched out of Homosassa. Leaving the river and arriving at the mouth to breezy south winds, I knew today we would have plenty of water to red fish. The tide was just turning at roughly 9am, so we killed a little time and caught a few Homosssa trout. We made a long drift off St. Martins Keys and the trout were there in good numbers. DOA cal shad tail and MirrOlure Lil' John did the trick and it was great action until it was red fish time. The tide was getting pushed in pretty hard by the wind and by noon, the winds were out of the west and here came the water. We were jumping point to point free lining live shrimp and cut ladyfish, but all we could come up with in one lonely red fish for the afternoon. We gave it our best and we sure covered a lot of ground today. Thank you both for a great time and here's Mishel with her Homosassa red... Capt. Dan
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A wonderful time today with my great friends and clients Mishel and Earl out of Crystal River. Red fish was our top priority today and leaving from Pete's Pier Marina just after 9am to fish the incoming tide, the conditions were just right. We tucked in to the back country creeks, began free lining live shrimp and caught several beautiful lower slot red fish. We didn't have any big bull reds today, but we did catch some hefty trout while targeting red fish and one trout made it over the 4lb mark. A fun day catching fish, taking pictures and watching them swim away. Thank you both for the great time and we'll see you tomorrow... Capt. Dan
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I had a good friend of my family on board today from Maine and Dana, Drew and Wayne were ready to experience some Florida inshore fishing. Dana is a professional snowmobiling champion from Maine and has won the Maine's Quest trophy as a top achievement. Him and his crew met me at Pete's Pier Marina just after 9am and we did some sight seeing and fishing. Trout were first order this morning and the guys put six keepers in the cooler to secure plenty of fish for tonight fish fry. We had a fun ride through the creeks looking for red fish and Drew, even with a arm cast for a handicap, did great catching his first Florida red fish. The winds finally slacked up some and the afternoon was beautiful for a busy Crystal River Sunday. Thank you all for the great time and here's Drew with his red fish... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Apr 13 2012

Team Homosassa....

Myself and fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Mark Zorn, Charlie Harris and Jody Johnson had the pleasure of fishing the Spearman party today out of the Homosassa Fishing Club. This is always a fun group and I had Matt, Brad and Bran on board for the day. My group had a nice catch of trout and a couple sea bass fishing offshore and inshore, while using a combination of DOA deadly combos and MirrOlure Lil' Johns. There was a separate big red fish pot for the day and Capt. Harris was the only one today to score a couple beautiful  Homosassa Reds for his clients. I thank you all for the great time and here's the entire group with their fantastic catch... Capt. Dan
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It was the classic red fishing set up this morning; you pull up to a point, cast out a shrimp and fish on! Mel, Royce and Bill were on board and beginning the day with a couple red fish stretching our lines, it was a great start to the day. We landed a couple and lost a few, but the bite was good surprising the little amount of tide we had. After an hour of red fishing, the outgoing tide was dumping fast, so we ran offshore and had some mixed bag action. The trout bite was not as good as we had hoped and it was actually quite slow throughout the day. We did put five nice keepers in the cooler and released an assortment of sea bass, grouper, lady fish, sharks etc... drifting the spotty bottom areas. I thank you guys for giving it your all and here's Mel with his beautiful Crystal River red fish... Capt. Dan
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