Wednesday, Apr 11 2012

Crystal River 1/2 Day...

A very nice group on board today out of Crystal River for a 1/2 day charter and Stan, Harry and Sherry requested a couple fish for tonight's dinner. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina, we spent the morning working MirrOlure Lil' John jigs in 6ft of water over scattered spotty bottom areas and caught a few trout. The bite was very sporadic and the the old saying "the big one got away" well, it happened to us today. Unfortunately, we did lose a couple hefty trout boat side, but we did get a good look at them to savor the moment. Stan picked up a nice bonus flounder to finish up our morning and the trip was a success. Thank you all for the fun time and enjoy the fresh fish... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Apr 07 2012

Homosassa 1st time Reds....

The winds continued for us today and swapped out of the NE to push the water out. It was day two for the Craft part out of the Homosassa Fishing Club and a full day of fishing was on tap. I had Stewart, James and young Kate on board and we gave it our best in the choppy, white capping conditions. Starting the morning targeting trout, we put a couple keepers in the cooler on DOA deadly combo rigs, but once again, it was a slow bite for the majority of the day. The full moon tides were in our favor for the afternoon and the incoming high water over ruled the wind and we had a decent afternoon red fishing tide. Staking out on an outer key, we free lined some live shrimp and immediately landed a couple lower slot red fish. The reds saved the day for the slow conditions and I thank the entire group for the fun couple of days. Here's Kate with her first Homosassa red fish... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Apr 06 2012

Homosassa Tough & Windy....

It was about as tough as it could be out of Homosassa today and with 20 plus mph winds out of the West, we had to get creative in our fishing locations. I was at the Homosassa Fishing Club today with my good friend Capt. William Toney and we had the pleasure of fishing the Craft party. Having a shore lunch on order, the pressure was on to find some fish for lunch. The bites were few and far between for both boats, but we managed 1/2 a dozen keeper trout and a bonus sheepshead to have lunch covered. Lunch was exceptional and with an hour of the day left, we tucked inside the islands and picked up a last minute red fish to end our day. Not the best conditions and the fishing was extremely difficult, but we came through and we made the best of the day. Here's Marry Anne with her afternoon red fish... Capt. Dan
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Absolutely perfect tides for targeting trout and red fish today out of Crystal River and Ed and Marty had a wonderful time. I met the guys at Pete's Pier Marina just before 8am and started the day jigging our way to a great catch of trout. With MirrOlure Lil' Johns on hand and a good incoming tide, we fished several locations and found some beautiful keeper trout at every stop. Using the root beer and watermelon colored jigs, the trout, sea bass, lady fish, grouper, mackerel etc... kept us busy through out the morning. Just before noon we had our limit of trout and hit the creeks to find some red fish. The red fish were very cooperative today and we totaled 11 reds with 9 making it to the keeper size to end our Crystal River charter. Thank you both for the great day and enjoy all the fresh fish dinners... Capt. Dan
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All I can say is I wish you all could have been here for today's charter. Beautiful weather, fantastic trout and red fish action and wonderful clients; it was a great day to be a fishing guide. Clell and Lee were on board today out of Pete's Pier Marina and we started the day drifting over some spotty bottom in 8ft of water and the trout were chewing. Once again, the ever reliable MirrOlure Lil' Johns did the trick for the trout and a bonus pompano also came aboard for the day. The trout bite was great and by 11am, we had our limit. The west wind was pushing in the tide perfect, so we tried our luck for some afternoon red fish. Free lining live shrimp in the mullet schools in the back country of Ozello, we caught 1/2 a dozen healthy red fish and called it a day. Thank you guys as always for the great time and look forward to seeing you again soon... Capt. Dan
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Yes, today's that funny day April 1st and we all enjoy a good laugh for April fools day. However, it was all business today out of Homosassa with Butch and Paul on board and we were on a mission to keep on the hot trout bite. Leaving from Macrae's just before 8am, we ran out the Little Homosassa and began the day jigging our way to a cooler full of trout. It was a bit of a slow start for the first part of the day with only a couple short trout and several lady fish on the end of our lines. Not to worry though, the guys got in the rhythm and the keeper trout soon followed. Using primarily MirrOlure Lil' Johns in the root beer color, we put a great catch of trout in the boat and also had a busy day with an assortment of other species. I thank you both for the fun time and look forward to seeing you again in the future... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Mar 30 2012

Homosassa Trout...

A fine day at the Homosassa Fishing Club with my good friend and fellow Homosassa Guides Association member Capt. Mark Zorn, and we had a wonderful day fishing the Turman party. John, Richard and Lewis were on board with me and we spent the day jigging up some beautiful Homosassa trout. It was the same pattern as the last couple charters, using root beer colored MirrOlure Lil" Johns and DOA shrimp around the spotty bottom areas. A very pleasant South wind made great long drifts and the usual mixed bag of sea bass, lady fish, mackerel, blue fish, grouper, etc... makes the day fun. It's always a great time when this group is in town and look forward to your future visits... Capt. Dan 
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Wednesday, Mar 28 2012

Homosassa Great Trout Bite!!!

As the perfect weather continues, the fishing remains to be outstanding. Bill, Jerry and Joe were on board today out of Macrae's on the Homosassa River and we were all set to target the hot trout bite. Leaving the river, we checked out some of my southern locations and the bite was on. Just like the Crystal River trout, the Homosassa fish preferred the root beer colored jigs as well. Making long drfits over the scattered rocks and spotty bottom areas produced numerous beautiful upper slot trout and more lady fish than one could wish for. A great time with good clients/friends and a special happy birthday to Jerry. Here's today's crew with their fantastic catch... Capt. Dan
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Another outstanding day out of Crystal River and my good friend and fellow Homosassa Guides Association member, Captain Rick Spratt joined me for a full day charter fishing the Killebrew party. I had Bob, Brad and Greg on board and both our boats teamed up and had an excellent trout catch along with some Spanish mackerel and sea bass for a mix. Making long drifts over various spotty bottom areas and using root beer colored DOA shrimp and MirrOLure Lil' Johns, the trout once again couldn't resist these go to baits. We had a little bit of down time between tide changes and the slick calm conditions, but when the sea breeze kicked in, so did the trout. I want to thank everyone for a great time and job well done on the impressive catch... Capt. Dan
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If you could pick a perfect day for targeting trout, today would have been the day. Mike, Vickie, Page and Lori were on board for a full day out of Crystal River and with specific orders for fish for a big family fish fry, I was on a mission to find them. We ran a little ways offshore and using a combination of DOA deadly combos when the wind was calm and MirrOLure Lil' John jigs with a chop on the water, the trout were definitely on the feed. The root beer color was the color of the day and if I remember right, we didn't catch a fish on any other color but root beer.  We had some beautiful gator trout mixed in as well, with a couple in the 22" to 24" class to really set the bar high for the day. It was some great action between the hundreds of lady fish, trout, sea bass, and a couple gag grouper; I can't thank you all enough. Here's today's crew with their awesome catch and look forward to seeing you next time your here in Florida... Capt. Dan
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