Just about as tough as it gets today out of Homosassa with 25mph east winds with extreme, and I mean extreme low tides. Myself and fellow Homosassa Guides Association Captains Rick Spratt and Jody Johnson were at the Homosassa Fishing Club and we made the best of what mother nature gave us. I had the young group on board and Emily, Ellie, Elizabeth and Francis did great. We kept it simple using live shrimp under a D.O.A. deadly combo cork and targeted the shallow depressions around the rock bars. The young ladies caught a total of 17 trout with a mackerel mixed in to fill out our morning. I thank you all for the fun time and look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Homosassa... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Mar 02 2012

Trout and Macks...

On today's trip, we ran back offshore and targeted Spanish mackerel and the deeper offshore trout. Clell, Lee and Bob were on board out of Pete's Pier Marina and with D.O.A. glow shad tails in hand, we caught a nice variety of trout, macks, blue fish, lady fish, porgy's and even a couple keeper sized grouper. The bite was great was long as we had a little breeze blowing, but when the wind quit, so did the bite. We had a hour or so of down time with not much happening and when the sea breeze kicked in, the trout fired right back up. The gulf is offering a variety of options right now and I've seen a lot of bait fish and surface activity in the recent days. Thanks guys as always for the fun time and look forward to seeing you soon. Here's Clell with the big trout of the day, a 4 1/2 lb gator... Capt. Dan
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Wow! What an action packed day out of Crystal River and Juan and Dennis had their hands full. Running down the river this morning to foggy conditions, we took our time until we reached the mouth of the river at Shell Island. The skies cleared and we were offshore bound to find some early arrival offshore trout. We reached our destination and on the second cast, Dennis hooked into a 100 plus pound bull shark and we were off to the races. We ran him down with the boat, so we could get a good look at him and it was quite a fish. After close to a 25 minute battle, we finally broke him off and began drifting and catching some beautiful upper slot trout. Today, my favorite spring time bait, the DOA glow shad tail jigs were the hot ticket. The trout averaged 16 to 24" and a few Spanish macks and blue fish were also keeping us busy. To end the day with a bang, we sight fished a hefty black drum that bottomed out my 30lb boga grip. We took a couple pictures, had some high fives and called it a day. Thank you guys for the awesome time and here is Juan with today's big drum... Capt. Dan
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Tony and Dean were on board today for a full day out of Crystal River and these anglers caught some beautiful gator trout. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina at 8am to rain showers, we put on the rain gear and started the day jigging trout. Using MirrOlure Lil' Johns, the guys caught some hefty trout, with the largest touching 25". The trout bite was really on for the last of the outgoing tide and then we switched gears, anchored up on some ledges and found a couple late season sheepshead. Live shrimp on a knocker rig produced for the sheepshead and a mixed catch of grouper, porgys, grunts and sheepshead filled out the mid afternoon. We made a quick stop in the creeks on the way in for a red fish and Tony caught a nice keeper to end the day. Thanks guys for the outstanding trip and look forward to seeing you next time your in town... Capt. Dan
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Thursday, Feb 23 2012

Windy, Windy Reds...

Yesterday was about as picture perfect of a day as one could hope for and today, gusty SW winds to 20 mph. Malcom and Brian were on board and we braved the elements and found some red fish deep in the back country of Ozello. With the tide rushing in and the added wind giving it some momentum, we had plenty of high water and the red fish bit very well. Keeping it simple and just free lining live shrimp around the rocky points, the guys did great and they had their dinner covered. It was definitely a challenging day with the conditions and I thank you all for toughing it out... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Feb 22 2012

Crystal River Double Limit...

Bill and Karen experienced fishing about as good as it gets inshore Crystal River today and the conditions couldn't have been any better. Leaving from Pete's Pier Marina at 9am to catch the mid morning tide, we began using MirrOlure Lil' Johns and gulp shrimp on the outer bars. The trout were schooled up tight and it was two and three on at a time, on several occasions and my crew had their limit quickly. We caught and released several other trout while we waited for the tide to get right for red fishing. Just after noon, we hit the creeks, staked out in a rocky cove and boated 9 beautiful back country red fish. Free lined live shrimp was what the red fish ordered and Karen caught and released the big one measuring almost 28". A very memorable day on the water and I thank you both very much for the great time. Here's Bill and Karren with their fantastic catch... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, Feb 15 2012

D.O.A. Trout!

The D.O.A. jerk baits did their job today out of Crystal River and I had Bob on board to experience some skinny water trout. We left from Pete's Pier Marina at 8:30am and with the top of the incoming tide approaching, we targeted some shallow rock flats and oyster bars. The trout were schooling today and when one fish was caught, we power poled down and caught several others. We had our limit in short order, released a couple and a 1/0 nose hooked D.O.A. glow 5.5" jerk bait was all we needed for success. The rest of our 1/2 day trip was pretty slow and once the tide turned to go out, the bite turned off. It was a fun morning and I thank you for the great time. Here's Bob with the first fish of the morning, a beautiful Crystal River speckled trout... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Feb 06 2012

Crystal River 1/2 Day...

A very good 1/2 day Crystal River charter with Tyler, Tim and Seth and the trout bite was on.  Leaving out of Pete's Pier Marina, we pulled up to the bars again and using MirrOlure Lil' John's, the guys had their 15 fish limit. A few short trout were mixed in, but the majority were beautiful mid slot keepers, with the largest being almost 22". For a change of pace, we tried a couple sheepshead locations and found a few hefty sheepshead. The fish are still on location, but there is currently a heavy algae bloom occurring making bottom fishing very difficult.  We called it a day just afternoon and I thank you all for the fun time. Here's today's crew with their great catch... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Feb 04 2012

Early Arrival Macks...

It was day two today with the Faulk party and myself and Capt. Rick Spratt had a fun time with this group. I had Mark and Scott on board for the day and we did great jigging some trout in the morning and finishing the afternoon, with a dozen sheepshead. The trout were picky today and had to go to the gulp shrimp to get our bites, while live shrimp on a knocker rig was our tackle of choice for the sheepshead. Capt. Spratt found some early arrival Spanish Mackerel and free lining live shrimp was the ticket for the macks. It was a great couple days with you all and look forward to your future visits... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Feb 03 2012


A late afternoon 1/2 day trip with my good friend Capt. Mark Zorn and we fished the Faulk party, out of the Best Western on the Crystal River. I had Woody and Scott on board and targeting trout was our afternoon plan. We arrived at our destination, started jigging with MirrOlure Lil' Johns and caught some beautiful trout. We had nine keepers for the afternoon, released several under slot trout and then the big snook surprise. While we were catching our trout, a monster snook took the jig and the fight was on. It was close to a 15 minute battle and into the net was the biggest snook I've had on board to date. A couple quick pictures and we safely released her back into the water and watched her swim away. Capt. Z did great as well and he had eleven trout for his crew to make our afternoon trip a success. Thanks guys for the great time and enjoy tonight's fish being preparred at Oysters in Crystal River... Capt. Dan
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