Thursday, Sep 21 2017

Reds & Gags...

We went deep today folks and with flat calms sea's, we went all the way to 40ft. Jason was on board today and I generally do not venture quite that far offshore, but with the conditions as they were; we went for it. Grouper were on our menus and the bite was good with mostly short gags keeping us busy, but we eventually locked into some nice keepers. While offshore, the bonito were busting bait and we caught a couple of them as they screamed our drags. To finish up our day, we hit the keys for 1/2 a dozen red fish and it sure was a fun day. I thank you Jason and always look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Sep 09 2016

Crystal River Variety...

What a mix of species today for the Surber family. Gene, Darlene and Hannah were my guest and we covered the entire basis. The inshore red fish action was good, plus the trout and it was a great start to the day. Just before 10:30am, we made our way offshore and added some more goodies to the day. Grouper, snapper, mackerel, cobia, bonito, etc... It was a fun one. The grouper bite was a bit slow, but in between grouper drops the other species kept us entertained. I thank you all for the fun time and here's Gene with the first Bonito of the upcoming fall season... Capt. Dan

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Follow the birds and you'll find the fish. Well, that's an old saying and it couldn't be more true off Crystal River right now. I had Bill and Karen on board for the day and even tough the grouper didn't want to play today, we had some fun action with jacks, bonito, grunts and mangrove snapper. The inshore grouper locations are tough to fish with the recent "dirty" water and the floating grass is back again; which makes trolling impossible. To make up for the slow grouper bite, we had steady action on the rocks with grunts and mango snapper and for drag screaming fun - the jacks and bonito are hard to beat. Always a great day with you both and look forward to seeing you next time. Here's Bill with a hard fighting Jack crevalle that posed for a quick picture... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Apr 12 2014

Bonito Surprise....

Kind of a slow one for keepers today, but we had a bit of action with a little variety. Myself and Capt. Randy Hodges had the pleasure of having the Norton family for a fun day out of Crystal River. We ran offshore to the 8ft depth range and jigged up an assortment of species. Trout, sea bass, lady fish, Spanish mackerel and a bonus bonito filled out our day. Only a couple keepers though, while most of the trout were on the short side. Still, we had a fun time and I thank you all for the great day. Here's Steve with a drag screaming Crystal River Bonito... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Dec 21 2013

Pretty Day Offshore....

We're so blessed to have this great weather in December and the fishing is fantastic. Lee and Clell were my guests today and we continued with the winter pattern and tackled the sheepshead. The sheepshead bite was good, but the grunts were beating the sheepshead to the shrimp the majority of the time. Eventually, the grunts calmed down and more and more sheepshead came aboard. The bonito were around as well and we had some give our drags a work out again. With box full of fish, we ran inshore stopped on a rocky point, and finished the day with several red fish. Most of the reds were shorts, but one made its way home for a fresh red fish dinner. I thank you both for a great day and I look forward to our next charter. Here's Clell with a big catch, a 9lb sheepshead... Capt. Dan
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You couldn't have ordered any better weather for us today and my good client Chuck had a great day. We shoved off from Pete's Pier Marina just before 8am and made our way out. On the way to sheepshead grounds, we made a few cast on a bar and caught a couple trout to get the day started. We left the trout and made our way offshore to the 20ft range, anchored up and began bringing in sheepshead and some short lived grouper battles. Good quality sized sheepshead were coming on board and a grouper break offs here and there, but Chuck turned a beautiful gag on 10lb test for a quick photo. The bonito were around as well and we caught a couple to give the drags on the shimano 2500 saros a work out. A picture perfect day and plenty of action - I thank you for the great time... Capt. Dan
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Unfortunately, yesterday's trip was a blow out with the cold front coming through. We toughed it out for a couple hours before we surrendered to the gusty NE winds. However, today was the turn around day and the grouper were ready to eat. Rick, Pete and Larry were my guests for today's Crystal River grouper charter and they did great. The NE wind blew the floating grass offshore and made it possible to troll again and that's just what we did. Hot head Rapala x-raps did their job and the grouper were definitely wanting the bright colors. We trolled up a limit of quality gags and spent the last hour or so chasing down some bonito. A beautiful fall day and I even put my jeans on for the first time in quite a while. Here's the guys with today's catch and I thank you all for the great day... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Sep 30 2013

Bonito are Back...

A bit of a slow one, but we caught some grouper and bonito to save the day. I had Mishel on board and our plan was to catch a few more grouper for her final day of her three day Crystal River charter. The bite has been excellent the last few days for the gags, but today it just wasn't so. We trolled various rocks and ledges and were only able to come up with one keeper. The bonito are back on the scene harassing bait fish schools just offshore and we caught one just for fun. Bonito may not be good table fair, but they will definitely give your drag a work out. They are constantly on the move, so try to find out there direction and lead them accordingly if you would like to run one down. I can't thank you enough for these last few days of great fishing and I always look forward to fishing with you. Here's Mishel with a "poor man's tuna" a Crystal River Bonito... Capt. Dan
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A fine mixed bag today out of Crystal River and Jeremy and Bonnie had a wonderful time. Today's charter began leaving from Pete's Pier Marina and starting the day jerk baiting some trout. The trout bite was good considering the 60 degree gulf water temperature and with the tide coming in; the conditions were perfect. With a nice catch of trout, stop number two was to add some sheepshead to the mix. On the way offshore, we saw several school of bonito and we were lucky enough to hook into one for a great hard fighting battle. We took a couple pictures and finished up our day landing some beautiful Crystal River sheepshead, grouper and grunts. I thank you both for a fun time and congratulations on your catch... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Nov 27 2012

Crystal River Calm Seas...

You could have taken a canoe offshore Crystal River today. Rob and Keith we on board and these gentlemen had a great Crystal River fishing charter. We began the day jigging up some trout on the bars with new penny MirrOlure Lil' Johns and the trout bite was pretty good. As a pleasant surprise, we caught a hard fighting bonito to add some excitement to the mix. The gulf calmed to a mirror flat surface around noon, so we made our run offshore and caught the usual mixed bag of goodies. it was a picture perfect day and I thank you both for the fun time. Here's the guys with a fine mixed bag... Capt. Dan
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