Another beautiful day here in Citrus County and Frank and Scott had a nice variety. The day began jigging up some trout along the rock bars with MirrOlure Lil John's and the trout cooperated nicely. We put a fine limit on board and our next target, was running down some triple tail. The triple tail were plentiful, and a simple free lined live shrimp up current from them did the trick. The rest of the day we spent tackling the snook and the team and I went 1 for 4, plus a red fish; to wrap up the day. I thank you both for the fun time and I look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Dec 16 2015

Homosassa Late Trip...

A late afternoon trip out of Homosassa today with the Shelton party and the team caught'em quick. We left the dock at 1:30 pm and fished until 4:30pm. I tied on some glow DOA jerk baits and on the very low tide, made a long drift on the flats off the keys. We picked up fourteen nice trout along and along, and we even made a quick stop and caught a couple red fish. A very busy afternoon trip and I thank you all for the great time... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Mar 24 2015

Homosassa Inshore...

A good mix today in Homosassa with Ray and his wife on board and we had a great day. I had a little bit of tide to work with for the morning hours to luck in to some red fish. We did well on the red fish and caught seven on MirrOlure MIrrOdines, but all were on the short side. However though, when the tide turned, the trout bite picked up and the action was pretty good on the rock bars off "Chazz". The team caught some fine trout and all were caught on DOA glow jerk baits. A really fun day and I thank you both for the great day... Capt. Dan

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Follow the birds and you'll find the fish. Well, that's an old saying and it couldn't be more true off Crystal River right now. I had Bill and Karen on board for the day and even tough the grouper didn't want to play today, we had some fun action with jacks, bonito, grunts and mangrove snapper. The inshore grouper locations are tough to fish with the recent "dirty" water and the floating grass is back again; which makes trolling impossible. To make up for the slow grouper bite, we had steady action on the rocks with grunts and mango snapper and for drag screaming fun - the jacks and bonito are hard to beat. Always a great day with you both and look forward to seeing you next time. Here's Bill with a hard fighting Jack crevalle that posed for a quick picture... Capt. Dan

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A fun time with some good friends visiting from Maine. Rich and Mandy were on board with me and we had a great catch and release trip. I get the pleasure to fish with Rich in Maine on his home brook trout and salmon waters and every once in a while, I get to return the favor down here. I was able to do a couple different techniques today, since there wasn't a request for a cooler full of groceries and we did some plugging for snook. I put the trolling motor down and covered some ground. The team caught a couple nice mid sized snook and numerous jacks to start the day. The jacks always are a favorite to bend the rod and a couple snook in one day is definitely a bonus. To end our trip, we fished way in the back country on the flood tide and added a dozen red fish to our total. A really enjoyable day and I thank you both for the great time. I'll see you tomorrow... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Mar 14 2014

"Sharks Football"....

I always like to give back to the community and I donate several charters to local organizations through out the year. Today's charter was for the youth "sharks football" league (which I used to play) and Mike and Adam were the lucky ones to win the charter. I was a bit worried with the late season cold front, but we made a day of it and caught a few fish. The guys started the day with several hard fighting jack crevelle and they for sure, put a bend in the rod. We boated about a dozen with one well over the 10lb mark and it gave up great fight. Our next stop was to find some trout. The sudden drop in temperature took a bit for the trout to turn on, but they eventually did. The team put some fine keepers in the cooler to secure dinner and a great day was in the books. I thank you both for the fun time and for supporting sharks football... Capt. Dan
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A steady SW wind kept me and my crew from heading offshore today, but we definitely kept the rods bent inshore. I had Tony, Roy and Chris on board and double digit red fish began our trip. Red fish after red fish were on the line and all were running in the 16" range, but fun none the same. Next up, schools of jack crevelles were coming through like packs of wolves and we had them on three at a time. With sore arms and for a change in species, we ended the trip with a nice catch of trout. DOA deadly combos and MirrOlure Lil' Johns helped the team put the trout on board and we called it a day. Thanks guys as always for the fun time and look forward to our next Crystal River Charter... Capt. Dan
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