Friday, May 25 2012

Crystal River Mixed Bag...

Great trout action today on the DOA deadly combo rigs out of Crystal River and Mike and Tom had a really good catch. I met the guys at Pete's Pier Marina at 8am and we ran a ways south and set up our drifts in the 4ft to 6ft depth range. The bite was steady on the out going tide, but when the tide turned for the afternoon incoming, it was quite slow for us. Before we called it a day, we hit a couple points for red fish and only found one lonely keeper to end out trip. Thanks guys for the fun time and congratulations on the fine catch... Capt. Dan
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Monday, Jan 30 2012

Fresh Water Cat Surprise

A fun 1/2 day charter with my good friend and client Bill, out of Crystal River today. We had gusty NW winds, so we stayed in the safety of the river and caught a little variety. Free lining live shrimp in the spring holes produced mangrove snapper, red fish, and trout. We kept eight mangrove snapper and unfortunately the red fish and trout were a little short on one end. A pleasant surprise was when Bill caught a chunky fresh water catfish that put up a great fight. I haven't seen one of these in a while, so we took a quick picture and released it to fight another day - you never know what the next cast can bring. Thanks as always for the fun time and enjoy the fresh fish... Capt. Dan
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Saturday, Dec 31 2011

Year End Fun

What a great way to end the year by taking some fantastic young anglers fishing. I had Robert, Mack and Will on board from California today out of Crystal River, for a half day charter and just some fishing fun. It was a catch and release day and we caught an awesome variety of species. While fishing the river, the guys caught mangrove snapper, trout, red fish and lady fish. It was an extremely foggy morning and it took most of the morning for the fog to burn off, but when it cleared, we made a quick run to a couple rock piles for some steady action. The sea bass and grouper gave a good pull on the lines for several stops, but the highlight of the day was seeing a 200lb Goliath grouper swim under the boat in 6ft of water for an unbelievable surprise. The boys counted over 30 fish and it was the best fishing day they have experienced. I thank you all for a great time and ending the year on a perfect day. Here's Mack and Will with a double header sea bass catch... Capt. Dan
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