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Wednesday, Aug 21 2013

Crystal River Scallops & Gags...

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Crystal River scallops and grouper were on the menue today and Jason sr. & jr. did great. I picked up the father and son team at the Plantation on Crystal river and we made our way to the scallop grounds. A low morning outgoing tide were the conditions, so I suggested scalloping on the low tide and it worked out great. The guys had a good bag of scallops by 11am and while they were scalloping, I was filling the live well with pin fish. We iced down the scallops and made our way to the shallow ledges and found a couple grouper. A few shorts, a keeper and a couple big dog break offs got the best of us while we finished out the afternoon and the approching storms encouraged us to call it a day. Thank you both for a fun time and I'll look forward to seeing you next time. Here's Jason jr. with his first keeper grouper... Capt. Dan
Captain Dan

I'm captain Dan Clymer and I've lived and fished the Crystal River & Homosassa rivers my entire life. Give me a call at (352) 418-2160 to schedule a charter and go fishing!