• Captain Dan Clymer
    Captain Dan Clymer

    Crystal River Fishing Charters & Homosassa Charters

    I provide full or half day inshore and offshore fishing charters in the Crystal River and Homosassa areas. I have a lifetime of knowledge on Citrus County's waters and look forward to a memorable day on the water with you.
  • 24 Custom Proline Bay
    24 Custom Proline Bay

    My boat is a custom one of a kind Proline 24 Bay

    I designed it and specially it built for my chartering business right here in Homosassa. It handels the shallow flats and offshore seas with ease and it's an extremely comfortable dry ride. It's powered by the finest; a 225 Mercury Optimax Saltwater series engine.
  • Silver King 16 Signature
    Silver King 16 Signature

    A legendary skiff and "THE" tarpon skiff for fishing the Crystal River & Homosassa River area.

    I have it custom rigged with dual 109 lb thrust 36 volt trolling motors, elevated casting platform and powered by the finest - a 115 Pro XS Mercury Optimax.

Today was our annual Homosassa Guides Association trip where we have the pleasure of taking out the 5th grade class from Homosassa Elementary. Myself and all the captains look forward to this day and having all these young anglers on board. From seeing dolphins, manatees and various birds, plus the fishing - it's a special day for them and us. Today was great as my crew caught several mangrove snapper, plus we found a huge school of giant black drum. This was a real bonus and we brought one to the boat well over 30lbs. A fun time for sure and I thank you all... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jan 29 2017

Sunday Sheep's...

It sure felt good to come out of retirement!!! I had Joe and Casey scheduled today and I was on the fence about going with the rain we were having this morning. I'm glad we gave it a try though, as the skies cleared after 9am and we had a fine mid day trip. I made the trip to some sheepshead bottom in 22ft of water and did well. The gulf is still extremely dirty, but small pieces of shrimp put some scent in the water and the bite was good. The team had a fine catch and they are so looking forward to some good eating. I thank you both and I'm ready for next time... Capt. Dan

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One of those special days on the big pond with my great clients Mishel and Earl and the bite was on. I trolled some offshore rock piles in the 22ft range and with Rapala x-rap 20's, the grouper were thumping. Bunker was the hot ticket and the couple brought in a limit of grouper in short order. I did a little exploring and we caught and released several grouper over 10lbs while finding some new "goodies". On the way home, I drove over the massive school of black drum I saw the other day and I called my great friend Capt. Clay Shidler over and we had a ball. All our clients hooked up and we had a couple hours of non stop action. An incredible day and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Nov 04 2015

Crystal River Inside & Out...

What a perfect day with the Steele team out of the Plantation on Crystal River and we had a awesome day. Today's trip began targeting red fish on the outer keys, and we caught several reds to get the day going. We boated close to twenty with a couple keepers before we made our run offshore. The sea's were absolutely perfect and I made the trek to 28ft of water. The grouper were feeding well and in just a couple drops, we had our six keepers. We made our way back inshore and I crossed a "GIANT" school of black drum. There was close to a thousand fish and truthfully, maybe more. I made a quick cast with a jig and we hooked up to a 30lb monster to give Andy a great tug of war. We landed the fish, added a couple trout to the mix and what a great day in the books. I thank you all for the fun time and look forward to next time... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Dec 07 2014

Fun in the River...

I had hopes to go offshore today and do some catch and release grouper fishing, but mother nature had other plans. It was quite bumpy for the morning hours and with Mishel, Earl and Jason on board; we stayed in the comfort of the river. I'm not a huge fan of fishing the river, but whens there's no water and a hard NE wind; it can save the day. We fished a couple rock piles and did quite well. Lots of under slot red fish kept us busy with a keeper mixed in here and there and the same with the trout as well. Some black drum also kept the rods bent and it was a good time. I hit a spot or two in the salt river with the same results and with the tide coming in; I mad a run for the creeks. Unfortunately, I had a bit of engine trouble and had to wrap up the trip. I thank you all for the good time and I always enjoy having you on board... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Nov 18 2012

Crystal River Family Fun...

A mixed bag day for our Crystal River 1/2 day charter and I had the pleasure of having the Hamrick family on board. We met at Pete's Pier this morning to cloudy, chilly conditions and began the morning targeting trout in the shallow kelp beds in Salt River. The trout action was pretty good, but we had to catch them quick, due to the rapid out going tide and avoid getting "stuck"!  We put a couple keepers in the cooler and released several others before we returned to the river. The skies finally cleared, the sun was shining and some more fish were brought aboard. Mangrove snapper, red fish and black drum filled out the rest our charter and I thank you all for the great day. Here's Tommy with a Crystal River red fish... Capt. Dan
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A perfect morning red fish tide and Bill, Joe and Mel experienced some fine red fishing. I picked the guys up from Pete's Pier Marina at 8am and we made our run North to get an early jump on the incoming tide. We targeted the rocky points with mullet activity and presented live shrimp to find our red fish. We caught several under slot red fish throughout the charter and I always enjoy seeing a good crop of upcoming red fish for the coming years; to go along with the keepers. Following the tide South, we caught a couple more nice red fish until the tide topped out. The trout bite was slow once again, but once the sea breeze kicked in and the tide turned, we had some action. Only one keeper made its way to the cooler, but several shorts kept us busy to end our afternoon. A couple mixed catches of mackerel, snapper and black drum were added to the cooler and I thank you all for the fun time... Capt. Dan
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Wow! What an action packed day out of Crystal River and Juan and Dennis had their hands full. Running down the river this morning to foggy conditions, we took our time until we reached the mouth of the river at Shell Island. The skies cleared and we were offshore bound to find some early arrival offshore trout. We reached our destination and on the second cast, Dennis hooked into a 100 plus pound bull shark and we were off to the races. We ran him down with the boat, so we could get a good look at him and it was quite a fish. After close to a 25 minute battle, we finally broke him off and began drifting and catching some beautiful upper slot trout. Today, my favorite spring time bait, the DOA glow shad tail jigs were the hot ticket. The trout averaged 16 to 24" and a few Spanish macks and blue fish were also keeping us busy. To end the day with a bang, we sight fished a hefty black drum that bottomed out my 30lb boga grip. We took a couple pictures, had some high fives and called it a day. Thank you guys for the awesome time and here is Juan with today's big drum... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Feb 21 2012

Drums, Sheeps and Macks...

An interesting variety today out of Crystal River and even though the gulf water clarity is quite dirty, the fish cooperated nicely. Robert and Peggy were on board from Texas and they caught some beautiful Spanish mackerel, sheepshead, grunts, red fish and a hefty black drum. The Spanish mackerel and sheepshead bite was fair due to the water conditions, but we had steady action and live shrimp was the bait of choice. We picked up the big black drum while targeting the macks and it was a bonus, plus, a welcomed surprise. Just afternoon with the tide running in hard, we hit the creeks and landed a couple back country red fish. Robert had the big one reaching the 26" mark. I thank you all for the great time and look forward to seeing you on your next visit to Florida... Capt. Dan
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