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Saturday, Jul 22 2017

The One!!!

As we just about wrap up our Wyoming vacation, yesterday I was fortunate to catch the one I've been looking for. My wife and I made a several hour drive to a beautiful meadow stream and met my good friend Jim and Dana at the spot. Jim and I headed upstream and the girls took the day off. Jim and I began jumping pool to pool and when it was my turn, I was blessed to hook in to the largest Fine Spotted Cutthroat to date. She ate a madam x dry fly and on my 4wt fly rod, it was a great tug of war. I brought the fish down stream and Jim netted her for me - "it barely fit in the net". I've caught several close to this size and lost a couple larger ones, but this my personal best to date to hand. We took some pictures, revived her and watched her swim away. A fish to remember and a spectacular vacation too... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jul 17 2017

Streamside Visitor!!!

A surprise guest today as we fished the southern edge of Yellowstone National Park. We made our way North to one of the streams on the parks edge that is loaded with Yellowstone cutthroats and we had a really good couple hours of fishing. There was a caddis and mayfly hatch going on and every pool brought the trout to the top. We all tied on a matching fly and had some really good action. The big excitement though, was encountering a couple grizzly bears just a couple hundred yards away, which we soon quickly exited the stream. Soon enough, we reached our truck and were able to get a "close up" of one of the bears for some great pictures and video. It's always exciting out here and today was no exception... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jul 15 2017

6 Miles...

A big hike today in the high country and we did a six mile round trip. It took the breath out of me for a bit, but it sure was worth it. We eventually hit a section of stream with some really nice pools and caught some real outstanding cutthroat's. The trout were eager to come to the top for our dry flies and we had some spectacular eats on our fly. A very memorable day and we have about a week left for our trip.... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jul 12 2017

Idaho Cutt's...

Yesterday was spot on and we spent the day on the Idaho side. My good friend Jim came in to town and we all trekked up one of the streams, we did so well in last year. Once again, Idaho didn't disappoint us and we had 6 hours of fantastic dry fly action. We estimated over 75 trout with most of them in the 10 - 16" range, with a couple hovering around the 20" mark. Becky had big fish honors and a combination of Adams, hoppers and Madam x fly patterns were our fly's of the day... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jul 09 2017

High Country Trout...

The high country road trip turned out to be good and a bit disappointing. Some of my favorite streams I've fished in the past are just running to hard, or are muddy. The one's that are running hard are very clear which is nice, but a couple days away from being fish-able. At about 9,000ft on some of the high peaks; we encountered snow packs which being a Florida boy, is pretty cool. We did find one stream just about right and my wife and I caught double digit Bonneville cutthroats in just over an hour to end the road trip... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jul 08 2017

Wyoming Cutt's...

A fantastic start to our 2017 trip to Wyoming and the streams are shaping up nicely. The first couple of days we've stayed in the lower country and had really good dry fly action. The high elevation streams are still in full runoff, but we're going to give them a look today and do some exploring. Morning temperatures are in the mid 40's and nice warm afternoons. All the trout so far have been Snake River fine spotted cutthroats and Becky hooked a beauty yesterday that unfortunately got wrapped around a root ball and straightened the hook. I'll keep everyone posted on the trip and good fishing where ever you may be!!! Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 25 2017

At the Vise...

A couple days of much needed catch up and I've been busy at the fly tying vise in preparation for my yearly Wyoming trip. I'm less than 2 weeks away and I needed to begin filling up the fly boxes. The prediction this year is a later run off due to the high snow pack, so I'm tying more streamer style flies to cover the current conditions. The weeks forecast looks pretty good and I'll see you all on the water.... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jun 11 2017

Tom's Tarpon on Fly...

A very fun couple of days with Tom on board and he reached the ultimate in fly-fishing - landing a tarpon on the fly. Tom was using one of my personal flies and presented it beautifully to a string of fish. The fourth fish back ate the fly and the fight was on. We got her to the boat with several leader touches and also with a broken rod, which I eventually just popped the leader by hand and let the fish swim away. A great achievement and congratulations Mr. Tom... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, May 28 2017

Tarpon Update....

Hello everyone, well with this passing cold front on Wednesday and Thursday, it brought rain, very high winds and dropping temperatures. Unfortunately, all these conditions are a disaster for tarpon fishing. Fridays trip was pretty much a ghost town with very, very few fish being seen. Yesterday however, was a bit better as we saw a more fish and my good luck Tarpon charm Mishel sent one in the air. Stable weather is what's on the forecast and I believe this will be a much better week. Stay tuned and good fishing everyone... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jul 28 2016

Last Cast of the West..

This sums our fabulous vacation out West and this particular trout, was my last cast of the last day. I for the most part concluded how our Wyoming adventure was in my previous post, but I truly can't say enough how fantastic the fishing is. I generally do not do the float boats down the major rivers, as they are very productive; but I like the solitude of the high mountain streams and wading. The hoppers were just really starting to get going and we were noticing more and more everyday towards the end - August/September should be quite good. Once again, thank you all for following my adventure and I'll see you on the Crystal River/Homomsassa saltwater soon... Capt. Dan

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