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Wednesday, Jul 27 2016

Wrapping up Wyoming...

Well it's sad to say, but it's just about time to wrap up our 2016 Wyoming trip. Another spectacular year and the fishing was truly great. This year we did a great deal more hiking up stream to get off the beaten path of many places and the extra effort was very rewarding. Hiking some close to 2 miles at 9,000ft  takes the wind out of you, but 18" cutthroat trout make it all worth while. All but two trout were caught on dry fly's and our best day was a 100 plus fish day. The Rockin' M Ranch accommodations were outstanding and my wife and friends Matt, Gail, Dana and Jim made the trip that much more great. I'll see you all in Florida soon... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jul 22 2016

Yellowstone Cutt's...

As of today, we completed the Wyoming cutthroat slam. My wife and I this year have caught the Snake River fine spotted, Bonneville, Colorado and now the Yellowstone cutthroats. We took a trip up North to the edge of Yellowstone National park area and found a stream loaded with aggressive, hungry trout. To be honest, this stream was without a doubt the best trout stream I've ever fished, but there was major signs of bear activity with numerous fresh tracks on the stream bank. We made plenty of noise and had over a hundred fish day. On one particular pool, we caught 11 trout as we all took turns. It was a great day and with a week to go, I hope the great weather and fishing continues... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jul 17 2016

Going Upstream...

My good friend Jim from Oregon just came into town and he joined us for a couple days out here in Wyoming. He met us at "my new favorite" stream and we explored the upper reaches. We encountered our first signs of bears in the area and saw fresh tracks and skat; but no visual sightings of one - that's a good thing. Anyway, the fishing was decent in the upper reaches with several brook trout and a couple cutt's, with two being real nice. The ever reliable elk hair caddis is working fantastic and I'll check in soon... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jul 15 2016

Colorado Cutt's...

This year out West maybe the best yet! The weather is absolutely fantastic and the fishing is really outstanding. We've ventured out and done some exploring and found a few new streams and viewed some spectacular scenery. Yesterday, we ventured up to the 9,000ft range and caught some beautiful Colorado River cutthroat trout, brook trout and a couple fine spotted cutt's. The Colorado cutthroats are my favorite in color, and the high elevation you have to catch them makes it even more special. I'll check in soon and thank you all for following my reports... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jul 11 2016

Wyoming Opener

Hello everyone, well the first couple days out West have been spectacular. Our accommodations at the Rockin’ M Ranch are fantastic and the weather is even a little on the cool side. All surrounding streams are running clear and the water levels are ideal. The trout are eagerly taking dry fly’s and are not to picky about any particular patterns. Just a drag free drift over a likely location will get a rise. I’ll continue to keep some updates every couple of days and here’s my wife Becky with a beauty Snake River fine spotted cutthroat… Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jun 04 2016

Big Poon...

What a great day with Tim and his wife Jeanne and Tim set the record for big fish on my boat. Tim was loaded with my G-Loomis 12wt crosscurrent fly rod and presented the fly to a string of cruising tarpon and the big fish of the school, took the fly. Tim set the hook and an absolute monster tarpon fight was on. The fish put on a great show and we had the leader in the rod guides several times throughout the over hour and a half fight. Unfortunately, the fish got tail wrapped and wore through the tippet. We may have not put our hands on her, but a great achievement and congratulations on a spectacular fish... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, May 26 2016

Tarpon Boatside...

It's been pretty good out there in tarpon land this week and we've been jumping fish just about every day. Today I had JC on board and we brought a beautiful tarpon boat side. We saw several schools of fish and after several refusals; we presented the right fly to the right fish and connected. A fine tarpon around 90lbs came to the boat, took some great pictures and set her free. A great day and great job JC... Capt. Dan

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Monday, May 23 2016

In The Air...

The tarpon action continues to be quite good for the morning hours, but slowing a bit during the day. The last couple of trips we've seen some good fish, had some eaters and jumped a few. Dark colored flies are still whats working best and here's a recent shot of a big tarpon giving us a dance.... Capt. Dan

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Friday, May 20 2016

Tarpon Fever...

Another great morning on the tarpon flats and we were able to hook up two fine tarpon on the fly. We left at sun up this morning and worked a channel to some rising fish. The black/orange color combination was the flavor of the day and both fish put on a spectacular show. The season is looking quite good and lets hope it continues... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, May 18 2016

Tarpon on Fly!!!

A bus-mans holiday with my great friend Capt. Clay Shidler and I was able to coach him to his first tarpon on the fly. We left the dock before day light and we were in fish right away. Clay's second cast he had one eat, and the next he connected. It was a perfect size fish, close to fifty pounds and what a great acrobatic one too. A fun morning and congratulations my man... Capt. Dan

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