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Saturday, Jul 11 2015

Wyoming First Couple Of Days...

A really fantastic start to this years Wyoming trip, other than loosing a day to Wednesdays United airlines computer mess. All is good though and the fishing and weather has been great. Low morning temperature in the 40"s make for a pleasant change from the back home 90 degree heat. The cutthroat trout have been cooperating nicely to elk hair caddis dry flies, as well as #10 madam X's. We've had a bit of on and off rain, but not enough to muddy the streams so they are not fish-able. I'll keep you posted on the coming days and thank you as always for checking in. Here's a close up of my wife Becky's first Snake River fine spotted cutthroat trout of the trip... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Feb 19 2015

Making the Best of It...

Well..... Old man winter is hanging around for sure and it's been pretty cold for us. Lows in the 30's and 20's and gusty 20 plus mph winds the last couple of days have made it impossible to get the charters in. I apologize to you all that I've had to cancel, but it's just worth going out. I've been making the best of it though; tying flies and filling my fly box for the upcoming tarpon season. May will be here before we know it and I'll be ready for hopefully a very successful tarpon season. Let's hope for some more favorable weather and I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Jan 27 2015

Red on the Fly...

Kind of a last minute outing today with my good friend Capt. Jonathan Hamilton and he took me in the Homosassa backcoutry for a couple hours. It's just been to windy to take my clients out to the winter sheepshead grounds and unfortunately, I've been off the water because of the conditions. Today though, Jonathan and I were going stir crazy to say the least and we had to go for a boat ride. We ran his Maverick skiff though the Mason creek area and we're able to pole down a shore line out of the wind. I was lucky enough to put the fly in front of a couple red fish and one of them cooperated nicely. It's actually been quite a while for me to connect with a red fish on the long rod and thanks bud for a fun couple hours. Next time, you're on the front of the boat... Capt. Dan

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Saturday, Jul 19 2014

Float Trip down the Salt..

As our trip winds down and I'll be back in Florida in a couple days, this vacation has been a great one. Most of the days we just wade many of the local streams and rivers, but this year I had the opportunity to do a float trip down the Salt River through Star Valley Wyoming. Joe Harris was our guide and this young man was fantastic. Joe is based out of the Rockin' M Ranch and if any one ever needs his contact information, please let me know. As fishing with a local guide, he showed me some other types of water to look for that hold fish and his knowledge was invaluable. Very large cutthroat trout nearing 20" and a couple fine brown trout filled out our afternoon. My wife Becky took the bow and her fly fishing skills have really excelled. I'll definitely make a float trip a tradition in the future years and thank you again Joe for a memorable day... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jul 17 2014

Wyoming Update....

A couple days difference and the higher mountain streams are clearing. The upper elevation streams started out a bit cloudy and running hard, but over the last couple days they have improved considerably. Snake river fine spotted cutthroats and brook trout have been coming to the surface and hitting dry flies and cone head woolly buggers have been working in the deeper pools. Only a couple days left for us out here in the great West and we have been having a fantastic trip. Here's a fine cutthroat caught in the Grey's River to end our afternoon... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Jul 13 2014

Wyoming Report....

A great start to our yearly trip out to Wyoming. The fishing has been excellent, but there's still quite a bit of run off on many of the mountain streams. We've found if you find the clear water, you'll find the trout. Hopper patterns and typical attractor dry fly's are working very well. The first three days have brought snake river fine spotted, Colorado and Bonneville cutthroats to the net; as well as some fine brown trout. Beautiful weather and a nice little chill in the mornings and evenings have made the days very enjoyable. Here's Becky with her first Brown trout that came on the Wyoming/Idaho border... Capt. Dan

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Monday, Jul 07 2014

Heading West....

A nice couple days off in preparation for my yearly trip out West to Wyoming. I'll be calling the Alpine area home for a couple weeks and I'll do my best to post pictures and reports. I generally don't fish on the July 4th weekend, but I heard some reports of good scalloping and steady grouper action offshore. Also, the shallow rocks continue to produce nice sized mangrove snapper, grunts, flounder and mackerel. I hope this trip is a great success and I'll check in soon. Good Fishing!!! Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jun 19 2014

Tarpon on the Sand...

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Capt. Jonathan Hamilton we made a trek south in search of tarpon. I'm always trying to learn new water and he took me down towards Pine Island and we fished the famed Oklahoma flats or "The Sand". The afternoon tide was absolutely perfect and we encountered several schools of tarpon. I was able to put one in the air with the fly rod, but one jump and she spit the fly. This area is the closest to fishing the keys as we have to offer and it was a great day. Here's a picture I took and any tarpon fisherman dreams about; a head on shot with a school of approaching silver kings... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jun 04 2014

Tarpon on the Fly....

Well, the winds have finally calmed since Saturday and we were able to make it back on the tarpon flats. I had Jonathan along as my guest today and he caught and released his first tarpon of the year on the fly rod. There were a couple schools of "happy" tarpon around and he presented a cockroach pattern beautifully. He led the fish by a couple feet, twitch, twitch and WHAM..... A great fight and some spectacular jumps - I was glad to be a part of a great day. Here's Jonathan with a fine tarpon on the fly... Capt. Dan

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A great couple days with a true master of the fly rod on board - Jim Atkins from Oregon and we did great. Jim made his way down for tarpon season and over the last three days, we had some very good success. Jim had several good shots, jumped four fish, but the hooked ones either broke the tippet or spit the fly. It's always fun to put your hands on one and especially just hooking a tarpon on the fly rod is excellent. I thank you for the last couple of days and I really enjoyed seeing those fish go in the air. Here's Jim with a fine tarpon that was jumped on one of my "black magic" fly patterns... Capt. Dan

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