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Wednesday, May 21 2014

Tarpon on Fly.....

I must say, the last three days have been wonderful with my clients Oscar and Arno for their annual tarpon trip. These guys come every year and Arno comes all the way from South Africa to take the challenge of catching a tarpon on the fly. As you all know from my previous reports, the tarpon season has started off a bit slow, but is improving daily. From this past Monday to Wednesday we saw some tarpon, but not in any large numbers. Luckily, today we found a tarpon that was laid up just below the surface in between the tide change and we were able to present a fly beautifully. Oscar did an outstanding job playing the fish and we got her boat side for photos and release. Some great memories and company -  and I was glad to be apart of your great achievement. Here's Oscar with a  tarpon that taped out at 74" on was caught on a cockroach pattern fly.... Capt. Dan

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A perfect trip this year out West and the fly fishing was absolutly fantastic. The weather couldn't have been better and especially the dry fly action was superb. We spent the last couple days fishing my favorite piece of water, the Grey's River and it didn't disappoint us at all. The Grey's is a 60 mile long river that you can drive its entire length and actully watch it grow from a couple inch wide stream to a roaring river. I focused on the upper water sections and fished the deeper riffle runs instead of the pools and the trout were eager to rise to a fly. With the warmer summer conditions the larger trout were definitly holding in the more oxiginated types of water and this is why the riffles excelled. A size 10 madam X style dry fly in a purple or black was the fly. (I learned from the locals, cutthroat trout love purple). However, the other patterns I mention earlier worked very well, but I did notice a big jump in the size and quality of fish when we changed to the "x". It's tough to say good bye to this beautiful country, but I'll be back next year. I'm looking forward to getting back on the gulf making great memeories with all of you and I'll see you back on the water in a couple days. Here's one of last Snake River cutthroats to end the trip... Capt. Dan
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Friday, Jul 19 2013

Cutthroat Slam....

Two years in the making folks, but I completed the Wyoming cutthroat slam challenge. The Wyoming cutthroat slam is a program the Wyoming Game and Fish offers to anglers who want to pursue all four species of native cutthroat trout. Yellowstone, Snake River, Colorado and Bonneville are the trout species and it requires some research and dedication. There's no time limit, you just have to provide documented pictures and locations. I caught my Yellowstone last year in the park and several Snake River cutthroats, but yesterday we drove 200 miles for just two trout - "yes my wife says I'm nuts"... The Colorado and Bonnelville take a little hunting and are found within close proximity to each other, but there home streams are a bit of a drive from Alpine. The hard work and efforts paid off and I'm proud to say it is completed. A couple days left on this vacation and hopefully a few more days of great fishing. Here's the toughest of the four trout species, the Bonneville and it was a beautiful fish. I'll see you soon... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Jul 16 2013

9,100 ft and Big Trout!!!

We hit the high country and we found the big ones. With just a week to go in Wyoming, we've been doing some exploring. On yesterday's trip, we made a 2 hour ride East to the Piney area and it just may have been the most beautiful country yet. High mountian streams and hungry brook and cutthroat trout - it was fantastic. We encountered moose, deer, prong horn antelop and beavers to add to the wildlife mix. There's still a litttle snow on the high elevation mountains and the wild flowers are in full bloom. The fishing has been great all over, but this area produced some really large trout. My wife landed her biggest cutthroat, a beauty over20" and some quality sized brook trout. All the trout were on dry flies, except one "monster" that pulled the hook on a purple and black streamer I had on for a minute. A great new area and here's Becky with her big cutthroat. I'll check in soon...Capt. Dan
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Friday, Jul 12 2013

Wyoming Report!!!

Hello everyone, I wanted to check in and let you know how the Wyoming trip is going. The weather has been fantastic with lows in the upper 40's and highs in the mid 80's. The water is a little low from the lower than normal snow fall amounts the area experienced from the winter, but there's still enough water to keep us busy. The cutthroat and brook trout action has been great and I've been using a variety of streamers and dry flies including yellow sallies, deer hair caddis and Letort hoppers. We're trying new streams on a regular basis and every area is producing fish. I'll check back in when I can and here's a beautiful Snake River cutthroat that took a purple and black cone head bugger... Capt. Dan
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Friday, May 24 2013

No Signs...

Here one day, gone the next. Yes folks that's tarpon fishing and on today's charter, they disappeared. I had Oscar and Arno on board for their final day with hopes on bringing another tarpon boat side, but today was not the day. We ran North, South, East and West, but no visible fish for us. I can only attribute this to a change in the wind pattern and the group of tarpon I was fishing continued migrating up the coast. We did have a couple fun days and took some great pictures to last a lifetime. I look forward to your next visit and travel back to South Africa safely...Capt. Dan
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Thursday, May 23 2013

First on Fly!!!

Today was a very special day for me and I finally caught and landed my first tarpon on the fly. I was with my good friend Ted Johnston, owner of Leisure Time Travel, and he said "Captain, you're up first". I wasn't going to argue and after seeing a tarpon just roll, my line was in the water. I've hooked, jumped, and had the line break over the years, but today was my lucky day. After several casts and a little frustration, we had a tarpon cooperate. I hooked up and the battle was on. Several jumps and line screams runs on the Billy Pate fly reel, she finally came boat side for a leader touch and release. It was a very memorable day and I thank you Ted for being there and all your help. Here's your truly with a day to remember... Capt. Dan
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Wednesday, May 22 2013

In the Air!!!

Sorry for the delay in reports everyone, but I'm having some technical issues on the computer.... On Wednesdays charter, I had Oscar and Arno back on board for day two of their tarpon fly fishing charter. We didn't see as many numbers of fish as yesterday, but we did put a couple in the air. The guys each jumped a tarpon and we got some great shots. Dark colored flies have been the pattern color and here's Arno with a great shot of tarpon putting on a show... Capt. Dan
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Tuesday, Jan 22 2013

Organized for Tarpon!!!

No fishing report to deliver today. Another cold front has came through the area and along with it were gusty winds and unfortunately, it looks like a couple days off the water. However, I made the best of the day and organized my fly boxes for the upcoming tarpon season. I know it's a couple months away yet, but there's nothing wrong with a little winter tarpon fever.... Capt. Dan
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Wyoming! I just can't say enough about how excellent the fly fishing, landscape and experiences this beautiful part of the country has to offer. I was invited to spend another week with some great friends, Matt and Gail for a busy week of fishing the streams. I couldn't resist, so I made a couple arrangements and was on my way to Jackson. For nine days, we fished a new river or stream and the results were the same; "outstanding". From hopper dry fly patterns, nymphs and lobbing heavy streamers, all the above methods produced very well. The excitement of dry fly fishing is so rewarding watching the fly drift down stream, make a precision cast and a hungry cutthroat trout rises on cue. For numbers of fish, the dry flies won the prize, but for the lunkers in the deeper sections; swinging a dark colored cone head bugger will lure out the larger fish. We caught a multitude of species including Snake River, Bonneville and Colorado cutthroats, brook and rainbow trout, white fish and a beautiful bonus Kokanee salmon. Perfect weather, unbelievable fishing, good laughs and new friends - this was another memorable trip. Thanks so much to Matt and Gail for their hospitality and my wife for obvious reasons. Please view the additional pictures on the Crystal River Fishing facebook page, on the left of the home page for some more great photos. Here's my first Kokanee salmon in full spawning colors... Capt. Dan
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