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    Captain Dan Clymer

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    I provide full or half day inshore and offshore fishing charters in the Crystal River and Homosassa areas. I have a lifetime of knowledge on Citrus County's waters and look forward to a memorable day on the water with you.
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    24 Custom Proline Bay

    My boat is a custom one of a kind Proline 24 Bay

    I designed it and specially it built for my chartering business right here in Homosassa. It handels the shallow flats and offshore seas with ease and it's an extremely comfortable dry ride. It's powered by the finest; a 225 Mercury Optimax Saltwater series engine.
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    Silver King 16 Signature

    A legendary skiff and "THE" tarpon skiff for fishing the Crystal River & Homosassa River area.

    I have it custom rigged with dual 109 lb thrust 36 volt trolling motors, elevated casting platform and powered by the finest - a 115 Pro XS Mercury Optimax.
Saturday, Jan 16 2021

Birthday on the Rainbow...

What a fun day to spend my birthday with my good friend Hunter as we fished one of my favorite places, the Rainbow River. I love that crystal clear water and we did very well. We totaled over 20 bass for the day - no giants but several couple pounders on a variety of lures. From whacky worms to top water pugs; all produced very well. A great dat buddy and I thank you.... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Feb 25 2020

The Rainbow...

Well, we got blown off the big pond for today's offshore charter, so for plan B; my friend hunter and I spent the day on the Rainbow River tackling some bass. It's been just about 20 years since I've been on the Rainbow and it sure brought back some good memories. The bass fishing is still great and we totaled around 25 for the day using a combination of top-water plugs and soft plastics. Gin clear water and light line makes it a bit challenging, but that's half the fun. We saw some whoppers in the 10lb range, but our largest to the boat was around 5lbs. A super great time and I can't wait to do it again... Capt. Dan

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Sunday, Feb 02 2020

Sunday Bassin'.....

A treat for me this Sunday morning and I was able to spend it with my neighbor Dennis, the bass fishing guru. He and I headed over to the east side of the county and did well. It was cold and really windy " not a good day to be in the gulf" but we had a fun time. He and I boated half a dozen bass up to 5lbs and a mud fish. I'm actually hoping to do some more of this in the coming months on my days off or cancelled weather days, as big bass time is quickly approaching. It looks like a couple good weather days for the start of the week and another front around Thursday. I'll see you all on the big pond tomorrow... Capt. Dan

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Wednesday, Jan 23 2019

Freshwater Side of the County...

Not to much to report in the saltwater world lately as the weather hasn't been to great to make it out, other than river fishing. However, my good friend and neighbor Dennis is a bass fishing guru and he and I set out today to fish the East side of the county lakes. The wind was howling, but we made it happen. He and I caught 1/2 a dozen quality bass with the largest being 7.12lbs. We targeted lily pad points and it sure was a fun time. I thank you buddy and here's the big one of the day... Capt. Dan

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I've had to take some time off recently in preparation for an upcoming surgery I'm having done on Tuesday. I'll be off the water for at least a week and I hoping everything goes smoothly. I'll try to keep you all updated on my progress. I was able to have "my last fun day" for a while yesterday with my long time friend Wes, as we caught some nice bass in the farm ponds. Good fishing out there everyone and hope to be on the water soon... Capt. Dan

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Friday, Jan 05 2018

Icy Snook....

A quick update before today's report.. Well folks, it looks like a major snook kill for our area from the Withlacoochee area to Chassahowitzka. I've seen lots of pictures of dead snook of all sizes and even though we still have several thousand that are safe in the rivers, the "outside" population took the hit. We'll still have fish to catch, but like the 2010 freeze; it will take some time to recuperate... However though, I did have a great first charter to start 2018 with the Beeson party in Homosassa. Myself and Capt's. Mark Zorn, William Toney, Rick Spratt and John Hamilton all had ice on board our boats and we made something happen in the cold conditions. The gang and I stayed in the river and had some luck with a mixed bag around the springs. Snook, red fish, jacks, large mouth bass, trout and we even jumped a tarpon, filled out our day. It's a small area, but we did OK, as the gulf will be slow for quite a few days. Here's Phil with one of the larger snook of the day... Capt. Dan

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All the family is back safe and sound from the quick trip to North Carolina and my cousins wedding. We stayed in the Mooresville area and had a beautiful house right on lake Norman. Our schedules were filled with non stop family visits, dinners, etc... BUT, when there's a chance to fish I always do. My brother and I did sneak down to the lake for 20 minutes, tied on a watermelon zoom trick worm and caught a couple bass. Jeff caught one decent fish, we gave a high five and went back to the family events. A fun trip, great wedding service and a beautiful area... Capt. Dan

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Thursday, Jun 12 2014

Tarpon Eats....

The wind and rain has had the best of us the last couple of days and has not allowed me to get to the outside tarpon grounds. However, there are always some juvenile tarpon in the river and we have been targeting them. Rick and Joe joined me the last couple of days and we gave it our best to run to the flats, but mother nature wouldn't let us do so. So, for plan B, we worked some areas in the river and had some great fun throwing the fly at some smaller tarpon. Bob had several tarpon eat the fly, but these little guys are sure tough to get a hook to stick in. It's neat to watch them, as they act like their larger family members and it's great practice in presenting a fly properly. Eventually, the wind got so strong we fished the creeks in the bay and found a large mouth bass and some jacks to bend the rod. A fun couple of days and I thoroughly enjoyed the days with you both... Capt. Dan

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Tuesday, Oct 23 2012

NE Blues....

Yes folks, it was a tough one today. I had my good client Mike on board in hopes of finding a couple grouper, but due to the lousy conditions; it just wasn't meant to be. We began today's trip fishing the river and caught a nice snook and missed a few other to get the day going. We also picked up a healthy large mouth bass on a jerk bait in the brackish water as a pleasant bonus. The NE wind was howling, but we did give grouper trolling a try and not even one taker to show for our efforts. The water was extremely dirty and trolling in the white caps wasn't any fun. On the way back inshore, we caught a couple trout to end the day and we'll have to give those grouper a try again some time. Thanks again Mike for a good day and look forward to fishing again soon... Capt. Dan
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